January 22, 2002

CALL TO ORDERMr. Moskal called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. in the Conference Room at the FindlayTownship Municipal Building, Route 30, Clinton, Pennsylvania.
Dan Moskal, Vice-ChairmanSean Sawford, SecretaryJohn ThomasMichelle McLaughlin MINUTES: After review of the June 23, 2009 regular meeting minutes, Mr. Sawford made a Motion to approvethe minutes as presented. Seconded by Mr. Thomas. All ayes. Motion carried. CORRESPONDENCE SENTRecommendation to Board of Supervisors for Buncher Phase II, FedEx Addition Parking Lot Mr. Ken Doyno from Rothschild Doyno, representing Villages at Clinton Lake, presented a pre-application proposing 117 townhome units. Mr. Doyno presented three proposals that differ in thesize of the units, the amount of green space and the length of the road. After reviewing the proposallast month, the road at that time was proposed at 1700 feet. The second proposal, for 22 foot unitsaround the lake and 26 foot units around the exterior would provide for a 2300 foot road. The thirdproposal for all units being 28 foot in width would necessitate the extension of the road to 2400 feet.
The Board questioned if Mr. Doyno had planned for any type of emergency route other than the mainroad. Mr. Doyno indicated he would review the capacity and grade with the engineer. Mr. Doynosuggested one possible solution would be to extend the width of the walking trail around the laketo include asphalt in the center and gravel on the side for possible use by an emergency vehicle,dependent upon the grade of the property in that area. The Board and Mr. Doyno discussed thecapture of stormwater and returning it back to the lake to keep the environmental focus of theproperty. The Board questioned if there were any plans to put up a barrier around the lake. Mr.
Doyno indicated there were none that he was aware of, most Board members agreed that it may not be a necessity however, the Board did question how the owner was planning to keep the lake frombeing a hazard. Mr. Doyno noted that he would take that question to the owner and potentially, itwill be an issue for the Homeowner’s Association to address. There was a discussion if the lakewould be open to the public and if public parking would be made available. Mr. Doyno indicated thatdecision has not been made yet, but parallel parking could be installed at the entrance toaccommodate public parking. Mr. Doyno will address that issue with the owner. The Boardquestioned if the plan was proposed to be completed in phases and if temporary cul-de-sacs wouldbe created. Mr. Doyno did not anticipate there to be phasing, however, he will address that issue withthe owner. The Board agreed that the 28 foot wide units were now more in line with the ZoningOrdinance however, they did suggest that Mr. Doyno discuss with the owner the emergency route,any hazard the lake would pose and if the lake is going to be made public.
ADJOURNMENTMr. Sawford made a Motion to adjourn the meeting. Seconded by Mrs. McLaughlin. The Motioncarried. The meeting was adjourned at 7:38 p.m.
Submitted byCynthia D. HarrisRecording Secretary

Source: http://www.findlay.pa.us/Portals/0/PC072809.pdf

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