OTHER INGREDIENTS: Dicalcium phosphate, whey protein concentrate (milk),
Supplement Facts
glucose polymers, microcrystalline cellulose, arginine a-ketoglutarate, dessicatedArgentine liver (bovine), stearic acid, magnesium stearate, choline bitartrate, calcium carbonate, silicon dioxide, d-calcium pantothenate, lecithin (soy), Amount Per Serving
carnitine fumarate, calcium citrate, alfalfa, rose hips, rice bran, parsley, burdock, pharmaceutical glaze. Made in a GMP facility that uses milk, soy, egg, peanuts.
INGREDIENT NOTES: VegPeptase 2000™ is an acid stable protease enzyme
blend derived from the fermentation of non-GMO, nature-identical strains of Aspergillus niger and Bacillus subtilis.
DOSAGE: Take a single pack with breakfast or any other meal, with plenty of
water. For those who compete or are training with higher intensity, take two Vitamin E (as d-α, d-β, d-γ, 300IU 1000% Threonine (EAA) packs daily, separated by 4-12 hours.
FEEDBACK: Wanna hear what others have to say about Animal Pak?
410% Performance Complex
“I left my old daily vitamins behind after trying Animal Pak. I couldn't believe the difference in how I felt. I haven't missed a Pak since that day.” “I have used Animal Pak for the past 22 years. There is none better.” “I have used Animal Paks since 1986 and I have had many benefits outside of lifting. I absolutely never get sick, so much so that I have not had a primary 100% Antioxidant Complex
“I've used other supplements with a lot of hype behind them only to find it was all bullshit. I use Animal Paks for one reason. They work.” Digestive Enzyme Complex
“I have just started using Animal Pak and I couldn't believe the difference Amino Acid Complex
would be this huge. I thought, 'OK, so this is a multipack with slightly higher dosages and a few extras. Sure it's good for me but I won't probably notice any immediate results.' But the fact is, that almost immediately, I noticed a dramatic decrease in recovery time. Like leg day, I used to be really exhausted after doing legs and also sore for like three days. When taking the Animal Pak,I actually have energy to spare. and I am also less sore.” * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. ** Daily Value (DV) not established.
Eventually, your body will stop functioning at its optimum level. In other words, you important vitamins. If you use drugs of any kind, this is another reason to supplement REQUIRED FOR:
hit the wall, your development reaches a plateau. In fact, even if only one key nutrient with Animal Pak. Listen, when it comes to taking care of the machine, taking care of • All competitive strength & power athletes I have been lifting weights for almost 15
is missing from your diet, your body could shut down the anabolic drive needed to the only body you got in this world, do it right. Make sure you got Animal Pak as your years and most of that time was spent training as a powerlifter. I experimented with hundreds build muscle so that it can support more critical metabolic processes. When this basic, fundamental nutritional “insurance”. of supplements, some good, some worthless.
happens, you stop growing. Can you afford to let this happen? • Athletes who want maximum performance The biggest staple for me was Animal Pak; it With Animal Pak, you get plenty of everything you need, like the vitamins, minerals, was the foundation that I built my regimen on.
Research and real world results have proven time and time again that serious antioxidants, electrolytes, aminos. Yeah, and a few extras. Animal Pak features a full Even though I've retired from powerlifting, I RECOMMENDED STACKS
still hit the gym regularly, and I still have a need strength athletes, such as bodybuilders and powerlifters, due to the intensity and complement of digestive enzymes for the higher protein diets followed by many Animal products have been designed to work alone, or in combinations (“stacks”).
for supplements. Animal Pak is still the base frequency of their training programs, have higher nutritional requirements than bodybuilders, performance optimizers such as CoQ10, carnitine, lipotropics, L- When stacking, the benefits can increase exponentially. Always start with Animal Pak for me. Fancy supplements and regimens can regular athletes. Studies have shown that these unique needs are also greatly arginine, milk thistle, eleuthero, and the like. In every pack, you’re blasted with a come and go, but the basics stay the same.
as the basic foundation. Animal Pak can make the other supplements you take increased for bodybuilders who regularly compete and need to diet down. During dizzying array of over 60 key ingredients which are delivered in the right amounts at actually work better and more efficiently. Then work in the other Animal products calorie-restricted diets (diets which tend to be repetitive and monotonous, e.g., rice the right time, every time. Each of the 11 tablets included in each pack has been M. Palmieri, Las Vegas, NV
and chicken), the potential for nutritional deficiencies increase dramatically. If this specifically formulated to deliver the goods. See, with Animal Pak there is no happens, you’ll never be at the top of your game.
guesswork. You get what you need. You also get convenience. Drop a pack in your For a basic, all year round stack, consider including Animal Pak, Animal Flex, and Animal Pak. The true original since 1983. For nearly three decades, Pak has been Animal Omega. This stack should address some important concerns training and diet the choice for hard-nosed, uncompromising lifters and strength athletes all over More alarming is the fact that championship-caliber bodybuilders, even when the world. A complete and potent training pack, it is specifically designed and supplementing with a regular multivitamin, were still experiencing significant Bottom line, is Animal Pak, by itself, gonna make you huge? No. Getting huge is formulated for competitive and world-class bodybuilders and powerlifters. Animal nutritional deficiencies. In other words, your daily, basic multivitamin supplement dependent on your diet and your training. Simple as that. If you half ass either, you Here’s a specific stack, the “Basic Mass Stack”: Pak, Pump, and Nitro. The general Pak is foundational supplementation, “core” nutrition that provides the basic and won’t be enough--not at this level. Competitive bodybuilders know that a superior won’t reach your goals. But with Animal Pak at the center of your nutritional arsenal, quest for adding mass and strength. It’s a solid core supplement stack to use year fundamental nutritional framework for any lifter serious about iron warfare. Think multivitamin is the first line of defense. This fact is confirmed by studies which have you can help ensure that your nutritional bases will be covered. Animal Pak is as basic round during your general quest to add mass and strength. Keep the cals from food of it as the power athlete’s nutritional “insurance”. revealed that 100% of Olympic weightlifters and over 90% of competitive male and as it gets. See, nature, in all her ingenuity, has designed the human body as the high, take the Pak in the AM with breakfast, Pump 30 minutes preworkout, and Nitro female bodybuilders use a vitamin/mineral supplement like Animal Pak.
ultimate training machine. Since the dawn of mankind, our bodies have changed very postworkout. To modify this for a hardgainer, you might throw in Animal M-Stak. In So you think your regular multi is going to cut it? If you’re a weekend warrior, little. And when it comes to growing muscles, we still need the right combo and this case, you’d take the M-Stak 45-60 minutes preworkout (drop the red cap as it maybe. But if you want mass, do you follow a dainty diet? If you’re looking to get These nutritional gaps not only affect your performance and size, but they begin to doses of essential amino acids, carbs, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Yeah, strong, do you do lightweight circuit training on machines, seven days a week, for impact the way your other supplements work. For many of today’s sophisticated Animal Pak’s got your “multi” built right in but also a whole lot more. Only Animal Pak thirty minutes? No. You eat like an Animal. You train like an Animal. And so when supplements to work efficiently, your body needs to be running on all cylinders.
Another great stack is “Ox’s Stack” of Pak, Nitro and Omega. Again, this is a basic, it comes to your multi, you should be taking Animal. Each Animal Pak starts with Nutritional gaps mean that your supplements may be rendered ineffective. For “foundational” stack that contains the centerpiece, Animal Pak, along with two core, serious doses of necessary vitamins and minerals. Yeah, vitamins and minerals.
example, many supplements rely on enzymes and other substances in your body to Consider the Animal Pak as the cast iron skillet of your supplement program, your “essential” products in Omega (EFAs) and Nitro (EAAs). Both essential fatty acids Vitamins (organic) and minerals (inorganic) are pharmacological agents and “activate” them. Poor nutrition means poor conversion and activation of expensive body’s first line of defense. If you train with weights, and if you take the iron seriously, (EFAs) and essential amino acids (EAAs) are things your body can’t manufacture on catalysts. They can exert significant ergogenic/anabolic benefits and function as supplements. Animal Pak is your insurance policy to prevent this from happening.
then you absolutely need to train with the Animal Pak. Just remember this simple its own. You can only get them through your diet or supplementation.
the spark plugs for activating all the necessary chemical reactions which make fact. While most supplements have come and gone, precious few have stood the test training and building muscle possible.
One other reason to take Animal Pak daily: drug-induced nutrient depletion.
of time. Animal Pak’s been around longer than most supplement companies. When Pharmaceutical drug use can lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Relying on you’re ready for the best, ready for the same product used by champions for decades, MADE PROUDLY IN THE U.S.A.
Formulated, Tested & Manufactured By: If you’re training or dieting hard for a contest or meet, the first thing that happens gear to get you huge can obviously exacerbate this problem. Even common step up to the most trusted name in serious bodybuilding nutrition. Animal Pak. The when you don’t take the Animal Pak is that nutritional gaps begin to form. Why pharmaceuticals and OTCs such as aspirin, ibuprofen, antidepressants, and New Brunswick, New Jersey 08901
800-USA-0101 • 732-545-3130
should you care? Cuz over time, these deficiencies will continue to grow.
cholesterol-lowering drugs can deplete your body of folic acid, iron, potassium, and www.animalpak.com

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CHRONIQUE PHARMACOLOGIQUE SERVICE D’URGENCE DU C.H.R.R. Nom du médicament : générique et commercial : HALOPÉRIDOL (HALDOL) Classe du médicament : neuroleptique Mécanisme d'action : inhibition du mécanisme de transport des mono-amines cérébrales, par un blocage des transmissions d’influx dans les neurones dopaminergiques. Indications à l’urgence : Traitemen


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