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Marketing: Led the development of 3 new brands including marketing strategy, execution, market research (primary and
secondary), collateral, logo, taglines, style guides and rollout plans for B2B and B2C products in the energy, printing and
tourism markets.
Developed a multimedia brand campaign at AT&T Consumer Products with a $2.5 million budget that
covered both direct and indirect channels of distribution. Developed the first website at AT&T and launched a digital marketing
campaign in the printing industry.
Product Management: Led multi-disciplinary teams in the complete P&L responsibility for high technology and energy products
including planning, launch and lifecycle management. Introduced 25 new products at AT&T including first fully internally
developed and manufactured personal computer. Increased margins by 132% and revenues by 36%. Developed and
implemented alternative sourcing program that increased peripheral margins by $23 million. Developed a new project
management structure for local AT&T products including timelines, tracking, process flows and cross-functional integrity.
Strategic Marketing / Business Planning: Developed the first formal Marketing Plan for ConEdison Solutions including
market sizing, research plans, product plans, promotional plans and target distribution channels. At Cybersettle, authored the
that was a path to profitability after 7 years of losses including product and marketing development. Researched and
authored a 3 – 5 year business strategy
for consumer lighting at Carolina Power & Light that penetrated new geographic
markets and projected $350+ million incremental annual revenue. Authored a business plan for acquisition of a new franchise
printing shop
and a 5-year marketing strategy for tourism in Statesville.
Sales Management: Successfully led turnaround of an underperforming ConEdison Solutions’ sales team by (1) focusing on
development of rigorous customer, product and market analysis, (2) realigning sales force along industry segments versus
“product sales”, (3) removing non-performing sales personnel, (4) decreasing the proposal development cycle by 70%.
Supported retail marketing, channel development, direct sales to big box retailers and value added resellers. Developed sales
incentive compensation plans, sales forecasts, professional sales training, optimized sales process and margin management for
B2B and B2C products.
Product Management
Sales Management
Brand Development
Business Planning
Territory Development
Demand Generation
Product Launch
Change Leadership
Incentive Compensation
Lifecycle Management
Market Research
Complex Sales
B2B / B2C
Phased Gate Process
Scenario Planning
Solution Selling
Program Management
Cross Discipline Leadership
Acquisition Analysis
Channel Support
Integrated Marketing
Contract Negotiations
Process Improvement
Sales Training
Team Leadership
New Business Development
Masters in Business Administration (MBA)
Seton Hall University, South Orange, NJ
Bachelor of Arts in History and Secondary Education
State University of NY - Cortland
Statesville Convention & Visitors Bureau, Statesville, NC
Executive Director
Allegra Print & Imaging, Statesville, NC
Cybersettle, White Plains, NY
Director of Sales
ConEdison Solutions, White Plains, NY
VP - Commercial Sales
Director Marketing / E-Commerce
Carolina Power & Light (Progress Energy), Raleigh, NC
Product Manager
AT&T Consumer Products, Parsippany, NJ
Marketing Director
Manager – Strategic Planning
Product Manager
Michael P. Keith
Statesville Convention & Visitors Bureau (SCVB) Integrated Marketing Campaign (B2C): Led five different community
development organizations including the SCVB, City of Statesville, Downtown Statesville Development, Chamber of Commerce
and Statesville Economic Development to market under a unified brand including a logo and tagline. Despite a severely limited
budget and the different views on the marketing message, led the program to develop a common brand for all of the
organizations. Result: All 5 organizations have adopted and are implementing a common brand with organizational
variations that addresses their individual market needs.

Product Brand Campaign (B2C): Created, produced and executed an integrated multimedia corporate brand campaign at
AT&T Consumer Products that was the first brand development advertising campaign for this business unit in 4 years. This
campaign “Yes You Can” leveraged the intense AT&T corporate brand campaign of “Yes You Will” which focused on the
emerging technologies of AT&T and Bell Laboratories. By coordinating campaigns, we were able to increase brand awareness
and associate ourselves with technology leadership. Result: 15% increase in product sell-through in 4Q94.
Digital Campaigns (B2C): At Statesville Convention & Visitors Bureau, developed and implemented a monthly digital
email newsletter that focused on upcoming events in Statesville and changes occurring in the region. Results: Increased traffic
to the website and Facebook page by 10%.

Market Planning for Energy Management (B2B): Developed the first formal marketing plan for ConEdison Solutions
including market sizing, research plans, product plans, promotional plans and target distribution channels. Results: Through
the use of research and target marketing, product plans were launched, modified or discarded based on market segments.

Marketing Communications – AT&T Consumer Telephone Products (B2C): Led a team of marketing communication
professionals for consumer telephone equipment that planned, developed and implemented consumer retail marketing messages
for product launches, advertising, visual merchandising, promotions, sales support materials and trade shows. Results included:
o Led the launch of 8 new products in 1994 for AT&T Consumer Products with total responsibility for products that
represented 90% of the revenue of the business unit. Established the 1st presence for AT&T on the World Wide
by reusing brand campaign print ads. Contributing team member in the development of AT&T’s guidelines for
public presence on the World Wide Web and the selection of an Interactive AOR for AT&T.
o Developed and executed a $1 million trade show campaign for the Consumer Electronics Show that leveraged
the AT&T sponsorship of the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta. Judged by the organization’s peers
(including Sales and Product Management) as the most successful trade show effort to date. Also made
recommendation to senior management to reduce further investments in trade shows based on the actual ROI per
o Planned and executed a nationwide customer event for major retail partners. This multi-day event held in
Laguna Nigel, CA was designed to improve our channel relationships and provide further opportunities for product training and research into the plans of our retail partners. This event was voted by the retail partners and sales team, as the most successful customer event to date in that business unit. Channel Support for retail stores (B2C): Supported both the direct (AT&T Phone Centers) and indirect sales channels
(B2C) of AT&T Consumer Products through trade shows, customer events, advertising and customer presentations. Also
provided support through big-box retailers including Sears, Kmart and WalMart.

High Technology - PCs and peripherals (B2B): Planned, developed and introduced 25 new personal computer products
with revenue responsibility of $25 – 35 million. Full P&L and operational responsibility for these products including managing
a cross-functional team of development, marketing, sales support, sourcing, inventory management, operations and financial
management to meet specific revenue and margin targets. Results: Planned, developed and introduced the first internally
designed and manufactured personal computer product from AT&T.

Consumer Lighting Services (B2C): Managed the consumer lighting program for Carolina Power & Light during a time
when North Carolina was reviewing the possibility of moving to a competitive energy market model. Developed and executed 3
unique and integrated promotional campaigns including using repair and installation vehicles to advertise our lighting services.
Results: 1998 Year-end revenue and EBIT exceeded commitments by 10%.
Energy and Energy Management Services: Introduced four new products at ConEdison Solutions, the first new products
since the launch of the company, including programs for energy management services and results tracking. Results: 160%
revenue increase from 1998 to 1999

Michael P. Keith
Customized Printing Solutions (B2B): At Allegra Print & Imaging, introduced four new product lines and cutting edge
services to customers including digital printing (color and B&W), mailing services, wide format and digital design services.
Results: Increased revenue in the business by 18%.
Product Management Methodology: Saved time and investment at AT&T required to launch many new products or projects
by using disciplined processes to initiate, evaluate, develop, launch and lifecycle manage products and projects. Employed
the stage gate model of product development and management.
Customized and used these stage gate models, as well as
project management structures, for AT&T Local Services including timelines, critical path schedules, issues management,
process flows, sales tracking mechanisms and cross-functional integrity. Results: This was the first effort to introduce
disciplined decision making processes and reviews into a fractured management process.

Product Management Margin Improvement: At AT&T Computer Systems, developed and implemented innovative
programs such as alternative sourcing, direct purchase of products and vendor management programs. Results: Improved
peripheral product margins by $23 million annually and improved time-to-market by an average of 6 months.

Telecommunications Product Line Strategy (B2C): Leadership of a cross functional, multi-disciplinary strategic planning
team at AT&T Consumer Services that was responsible for development, analysis and senior management recommendations of
strategic investments that leveraged and/or expanded the strategic strengths and opportunities of the products and services for
AT&T consumer long distance, cellular, credit card and consumer video businesses. Result: Introduced scenario-planning
technique that helped convince AT&T to move faster and more aggressively into a multimedia strategy for its network

Alternative Claim Resolution Services: Authored the plan that was a path to profitability after 7 years of losses at
Introduced a new product, new functionality to conform to the client base and the marketing development that
created profitable volumes. Introduced value-based pricing models that significantly improve the margins.
Strategic Marketing Plan – Tourism: Developed a 5-year strategic marketing plan for Statesville Convention and
Visitors Bureau.
Led market research, defined the marketplace, assessed customer motivations and market sizing, relative to
current hotel properties to help determine the match between target markets (travelers along the intersecting interstates) and the
ability to service those markets. Increased demand generation through use of digital marketing techniques including the
innovative implementation of a branded WiFi network in the downtown areas and at interstate exits.
Consumer Lighting Strategic Plan (B2C): Conducted a multi-state end-user market research project at CP&L to determine
needs and willingness to pay for a new consumer lighting business. Research included both primary (focus groups) and
secondary research to determine market sizing and receptivity. Result: Developed a new 3 – 5 year business strategy that
projected $350+ million incremental annual revenue with 10% net income by Year 5 with expansion into new geographic
markets, reduced dependence upon tariffed services as the sole revenue source and expanded the brand into new product

Energy Management Sales (B2B): Chief sales leader for commercial sales of ConEdison Solutions’ Energy Services.
Realigned sales force along industry segments versus “product sales”. Established a customer-focused culture versus a
technology culture.
Hired highly effective sales personnel that focused on volume and industry segments and removed non-
performing sales people. Improved hit rate (closed orders versus proposals delivered) by 50%. Decreased the proposal
development cycle by 50% from 2001 to 2002 and another 20% from 2002 to 2003. Results: Increased commercial sales by
80% from 2002 through management of Customer Service Developers, Estimating and Proposal Development.
government industry sales by 240% and gross margins by 325%. Increased backlog of orders for 2004 by 1150% over

Internet Services Sales: Introduced the first sales incentive compensation plan for Cybersettle including the development of
the 1st sales forecast. Opened a new sales channel in Canada. Lead the development of a professional sales training program
and sales process that improved revenues/margins, increased hit rates, improved forecasting and increased the levels of discipline
throughout the team selling environment.
Sales Training and Processes: At ConEdison Solutions and Cybersettle, led the development of professional sales training
that solidified processes, improved inter-organizational cooperation and increased sales discipline. Both organizations
developed higher degrees of sales discipline, improved sales funnel reliability and increased close rates for key opportunities.
Michael P. Keith


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