The next step in the evolution of vodkaGinSEnG Vodka – thE fiRSt SwEdiSh Vodka baSEd on a natuRal foRmulaGinseng Vodka is a high-quality vodka based on Swedish spring water and one of the world’s oldest natural formulas – Ginseng. Ginseng as an ingredient rounds off the characteristic edge of alcohol, normally present in traditional vodka, to create a smooth, pure and sophisticated vodka. Ginseng Vodka is a premium product aimed at the savvy consumer in the know. it is launched during the spring of 2006 and made available at a number of selected bars and restaurants in Stockholm, Gothenburg, malmö or by order through Systembolaget in Sweden.
Ginseng Vodka is interesting news on the already well-established vodka market. By adding Ginseng to the vodka, the founders of Ginseng Vodka create a whole new generation of vodka, with natural formulas as a base.
- We have created a product that we felt we were lacking and that was missing on the market – a vodka that is good enough to drink pure, without the addition of other beverages to hide the all too strong taste of alcohol, says one of the founders of Ginseng Vodka, commercial film-maker Peter Cederquist. Also, we didn’t like the fact that a lot of vodkas contain artificial additives. We wanted to create a vodka where the character comes about with the help of natural ingredients. Vodka is one of the world’s largest alcoholic drinks and the Ginseng plant is on of the oldest, most popular and most thoroughly researched natural formulas. The roots from the plant take six years to mature and Ginseng is often used for its ability to calm stress and bring well-being. What is less known is that Ginseng also has a smooth, soft taste, which together with the vodka has proven to bring about a harmonious taste sensation. That is the reason Ginseng has been added to Ginseng Vodka.
Drink trends today show that consumers are becoming all the more conscious in their drinking habits. Future consumers will speak of vodka in the same terms that they discuss brandy or whisky and only the beverage brands that can offer an appealing taste in combination with a clarified product profile will be sought after.
- We are proud to be able to introduce the first vodka in Sweden based on a known natural formula. We aim at a target group of quality-seeking consumers who appreciate good taste, says Marcus Gårdö, CEO.
Ginseng Vodka is produced in the small Swedish town of Malmköping and will be launched during the spring of 2006 at selected bars and restaurants in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. Ginseng Vodka can also be ordered through Systembolaget in Sweden. Ginseng Vodka is the result of the collaborative work of entrepreneurs from the advertising industry, the financial sector and the industry for natural pharmaceuticals in Sweden.
for further information, please contact:Marcus Gårdö, MD, phone nr: +46 8 660 07 95, mobile +46 708 26 37 43Peter Cederquist, founder, phone nr: +46 8 660 07 95


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