Halifax board of health

Halifax Board of Health
Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, August 19, 2009
On Wednesday, a meeting of the Halifax Board of Health was held in the Board of
Health office at 7:00 p.m.
Present at the meeting were:
1. Open Forum 7:00-7:15
2. 7:15 – 8:30: Disposal Works Permits
a. 112 Lingan Street – Requesting approval
A Motion was made to approve
All in Favor
b. 227 Monponsett Street– Requesting approval
A Motion was made to approve
All in Favor
c. 28 White Island Road
i. Requesting permission to place tank less than 10’ from slab.
1. Board requested an engineered plan and to have said plan go
3. Requiring Variances (but otherwise recommended for approval):
a. 27 Lantern Lane
i. In attendance Bob Crowell, Design Engineer, Tim Feely, Owner, and
the owner’s contractor. Engineer updated Board on new septic plan. A Motion was made to approve with the conditions of: 1.) Protection of the
singulair treatment tank. 2.) A letter of permission from abutters for work at
the edge of their property. 3.) Subject to DEP approval for reduction to
ground water and reduction in S.A.S.

All in Favor
b. 4 Short Street
A Motion was made to approve with the condition of adding eight (8) more
feet of chambers.

All in Favor
4. 8:30 – 9:00: Discussion
a. Rabies Clinic Bid
i. Dr. Hopkins will be in to discuss the letter regarding the rabies clinic
1. See mail folder for letter
a. Board discussed the rabies clinic.
i. In November, send out bid requests.
ii. In February, set date for clinic.
ii. Bella’s
1. Coming soon Bella’s Italian Market
a. Send letter with reminder of town permits may be
b. Landfill
i. Letter sent to B&C regarding probes.
1. See mail folder for letter
a. Board Read
i. A Halifax resident came before the Board with concerns regarding the
1. Resident asked why Lake Street was no longer tested.
a. Agent explained to resident that because of a court issue
and no trespassing signs, and because Lake Street is not considered a public bathing area by DPH, testing was dropped. 2. Resident stated that he was representing not only himself, but
other residents on this matter and that he was a member of the Monponsett Lakes Association (MLA). a. Agent explained to resident that Halifax does have two
(2) other beach associations that pay a fee for the collecting and testing of their beaches. Agent informed resident that this is a low yearly fee and that if MLA decided that they too would like to pay the fee for testing, she would collect and submit the Lake Street sample to G&L Laboratory along with the other associations. Agent was concerned about defining those locations. DPH says public bathing areas. If paper streets and access area start to be tested, will any be missed and will other people want their point of access tested? i. Board agreed consistency is important.
1. Resident said he would try to define the
b. Agent also explained that the testing is for E.coli only.
i. Board requested that this issue be re-visited at the
d. Admin Report – Admin updated Board
i. The new BOH website is up and running on-line.
e. Agent Report
i. Landfill
1. Email from B&C regarding Semi-permanent gas probes
a. Do you want DEP to comment on it?
b. If DEP says keep Semi-permanent probes, do you want
B&C to pay for it or show us the location, or do we just pay SEA to replace them? i. Agent updated Board on semi-permanent probes.
A Motion was made to send Brown & Caldwell’s comments to DEP for

All in Favor
ii. Algae: Lee Lyman, Town’s plans and lots of phone calls
1. Agent updated Board
iii. MRC Involvement
1. Agent updated Board
1. Agent will give an update to the board.
a. Re-visit at September 02, 2009
v. H1N1 Update: conference call & MHOA Meeting
1. Agent updated Board
vi. Yankee Conference
1. Agent updated Board
vii. Dirt bike noise – Aldana Road
1. Agent updated Board
a. To be continued
viii. EDS Set-up 1:00 – 3:00 Thursday only.
1. Agent updated Board
ix. Fires from cigarettes
1. Agent updated Board that a cigarette was tossed into mulch
5. The Following to be signed:
a. Payroll:
i. None Tonight
b. Meeting Minutes:
i. None Tonight
c. Signature Authority FY 2010 - Board Signed
i. Board members authorized to sign for bills and payroll.
d. Permits: - Board Signed
i. David McDougall – McDougall Brothers ENT, LLC – 2009 Installers
e. Expense Account# 147 – FY 10–03 - Board Signed
i. Halifax Postmaster – Two rolls of stamps - $88.00
ii. G&L Labs – Beach testing – Invoice# 00048985 Invoice Date:
iii. G&L Labs – Beach testing – Invoice# 00049126 Invoice Date:
iv. G&L Labs – Beach testing – Invoice# 00049258 Invoice Date:
v. G&L Labs – Beach testing – Invoice# 00049396 Invoice Date:
f. Revolving Account# 477 – FY 10–02 - Board Signed
i. G&L Labs – Beach testing – Invoice# 00048985 Invoice Date:
ii. G&L Labs – Beach testing – Invoice# 00049126 Invoice Date:
iii. G&L Labs – Beach testing – Invoice# 00049258 Invoice Date:
iv. G&L Labs – Beach testing – Invoice# 00049396 Invoice Date:
g. Landfill Capping Account# 1670 – FY 10
i. None Tonight
h. Landfill Engineering Account# 1741 – FY 10
i. None Tonight
i. Nursing Services Account# 150FY 10
i. None Tonight
j. Gift Account #1,982 – FY 10
i. None Tonight
k. Mail Folder: - Board Read
i. Noise Nuisance
1. By-law enforcement in a U.S. town
ii. Mass. Dept. of Revenue
A Motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 9:06 p.m.
All in Favor
Typed by, Peggy Selter Administrative Assistant Signed By: John DeLano – Chairman John Weber – Co-Chairman Jeffrey Anderson – Clerk ~You can receive an official signed copy of meeting minutes at the Board of Health office~

Source: http://www.halifax.ma.us/Pages/HalifaxMA_HealthMin/2009/081909Minutes.pdf

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