Conducted by Soma Mukhopadhyay at the HALO Clinic in Austin, TX Concentrated teaching in Soma’s Rapid Prompting™ Method for professionals and parents with serious RPM interest.
• The enrollment fee is $850 per person. The course is 4-days (Tues-Fri) of full day instruction
from 9am to 3pm . (max. 10 participants) • Participants may include: parents, teachers, therapists, aides, administrators, psychologists and others. 1)* Parents applying must have attended either a 4-day “camp”/sessions with Soma (or with Erika Anderson of ACE Teaching & Consulting in Green Bay ,WI . 2) Submit to HALO a 3-5 min. video samples (Flash drive is preferred or DVD) of own RPM use (demonstrating application of written choices with a teach-then-ask example). Professionals should include clips of 1-3 students. Parents may submit work with their own child. 3) Current HALO membership. *Professionals applying must have attended (Observation ) of “Camp” sessions with Soma (or with Erika Anderson of ACE Teaching & Consulting in Green Bay ,WI .Or viewing of Soma’s RPM Workshop DVD or “Camp” DVDs . *Professionals must submit a brief bio along with their application. POST-REQUISITES/REQUIREMENTS: 1) Within 90days of completing the course you must submit to a 5-10min video clip with accompanying lesson plan to HALO demonstrating the application of RPM following the lesson plan .(on Flash drive ,dvd or email via file sharing service such as “yousendit”). Upon receipt you will be contacted to schedule a follow-up skype/phone consultation • DESCRIPTION - An intensive, interactive introduction to RPM which will combine daily lecture, guided and critiqued practice, viewing of videotape, oral & written coursework. Day 1: Method and Assessment - includes: Identifying open learning channels and different types of students, assessing stims, teaching “difficult” students, working through “tough” situations, understanding brain function in autism. Day 2: Implementation - includes: How to teach the procedure of learning, the how and why of prompting and teaching with choices, motor function and memory in the brain, the hierarchy of response, choosing and adapting with an appropriate response mode, measuring and testing student progress and knowledge. Day 3: Lesson Planning - includes: Methods of teaching/learning, components of a lesson plan, selecting and adapting age-level curriculum and subject matter to each individual student and the situation, developing reasoning skills and advanced communication. Day 4: Peer review, troubleshooting, selecting, writing and implementing student goals, questions and answers, oral and written practice and testing. • Attendees will receive a certificate of completion upon completing and passing the 4-day workshop coursework, and post-requisites.
• PLEASE NOTE: Personal video and/or audio taping is not permitted.

Application to register
(HALO will contact you with availability and course
1.Name:___________________________________City/State_______________ 2. Email : _________________________________ 3.____ Professional: If so, please list agency/title___________________________ 4. Yes, I have completed the following pre-requisites: (please check to indicate completion) ____ I attended (or viewed tape of ) Soma’s workshop or ”camp” sessions at: ____ I have already submitted my RPM video samples.&Bio (for professionals) Please complete this portion and return to HALO. Fax : 512.465.9598
Mailing address: HALO P.O. Box 303399, Austin ,TX 78703
Email: [email protected]


Source: http://www.halo-soma.org/files/rpmtraining_1_Training_form.pdf

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