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"KEEP Reading This FREE Report
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Don't Know About RESTLESS LEG
SYNDROME. Find Out The Truth
About Your Problem And How To
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Inside This Insider's Report, You'll Learn. -- What Many Doctors Don't Know About Restless Leg Syndrome! -- The Hidden Spot Most Doctors Fail To Check As The Cause Of Your Problem! -- Why Taking Pills And Doing Exercises Probably Isn't A Good Idea If You Want To Get Rid Of Restless Leg Syndrome Once And For All! -- Why Only Going To Your Family Or HMO Doctor Could Lead To Years Of Misery -- Why There is No Surgery for Restless Leg Syndrome. -- How To Naturally And Safely Get Rid Of YOUR RESTLESS LEG First of all, congratulations on reading this FREE report! You're going to discover how to avoid years of misery and frustration – the same misery and frustration millions of Americans suffer every day because they don't have this seldom discussed information right in front of them like you do right now! RLS is a disabling epidemic that is sweeping America as we speak. Many of your family, friends, and co-workers will experience the same leg problems at night as you do because of a number of factors including misinformation and inappropriate care. That's why this report was written. so keep reading
to find out what most people don't know about RLS. The
truth WILL shock you!

RLS usually comes on slowly. You may feel that you just had a bad night, or maybe you just brush off the problem thinking it's nothing, and then it slowly builds and builds. Your RLS becomes worse and worse. You become more irritable due to lack of sleep, and start to snap at family and co- And then one day you realize you just aren't the same person you used to be. And that's when you go to your family doctor to get checked out. If you were to go to your family or HMO doctor complaining about movement, tingling, or cramping in your legs at night, you'll probably hear something along the lines of… ”You probably have restless leg syndrome. Try these meds and if they don't work, we can try some others.” Have you seen the side-effects for the latest medication for RLS? How many different medications have YOU tried for RLS??? This is a blaring alarm that your doctor may not be the person to talk to. You see, most doctors do great with general medicine. If you have something like a sinus infection or pneumonia, medical
science can do wonders! But when it comes to a condition like restless leg syndrome, many
doctors just give you medications and send you on your way. They may not have the experience to
properly diagnose the true cause of your problem and get rid of your problem for good.

RLS is a tricky condition. You see, your RLS can have a number of causes. Some of those causes – like consuming caffeine, eating a large meal, or exercising shortly before bed – can all be easily rectified by making changes! Every day, thousands of RLS sufferers make the mistake of taking medications that may result in the RLS becoming more severe. Don't put yourself at risk for misery, suffering, and the decreased income from missing time from work. Here Are The Dark Secrets About RLS
The main problem with the treatments most doctors prescribe for RLS is that they never go after the root of the problem, but focus on the symptoms. And when the medications wear off (which they do because the brain habituates to all stimuli), you'll often find they only cover up your problem for a short time and did nothing to fix what's causing your RLS in the first place. Some doctors give their patients the newest medications on the market like Requip. Some will
use an anti-seizure medication such as clanazepam, dilantin, or neurontin (In spite of the fact
that in 2004, Pfizer was fined $430 million for recommending these meds, “off label” – that is,
for what it was NOT intended).

1. Restless leg syndrome (RLS) is your body's way of telling you that there
is something wrong.
If you are taking pills so you can sleep, and more pills to get through a day of work, then you are probably making your problem worse because you've sabotaged your body's only means of keeping you healthy. Obviously, this form of treatment is not a permanent fix because no matter how many pills you take, you'll never get better! 2. These pills can cause dangerous side effects like liver failure, kidney damage, and
gastrointestinal hemorrhage.
These 'side effects' are 100 TIMES WORSE than the RLS you're taking these pills for in
the first place!
So, if your doctor is treating you by covering up your RLS with meds.
YOUR Doctor's Treatment Could Be
Making Your Problem Worse!
OK, so you've done the pills. What's next? Not MUCH! Fortunately for you, if your doctor's treatments fail, it doesn't mean you're just means your doctor was looking in the wrong place! The majority of doctors out there tend to get so sidetracked with focusing on the area involved that they overlook something so incredibly obvious it will shock you! You see, in order for your legs to calm down and for you to go to sleep, you brain has to SLOW DOWN. FOR ANY SENSATION to travel to your brain, it has to find a pathway. In essence, it needs a road to get there just like you need a road to get to your job in the morning. In your body, this road is called your nervous system. The weird thing about nerves is if you interfere with the
nervous system anywhere along its 'road', it can make your
legs jump around, cramp, or tingle, and you lose sleep!
I know this may come as a shock to you, but imagine this: If the REAL cause of your RLS were to be found to be treatable and permanently eliminated.then yes, your RLS would disappear. Imagine how your life will change. You won't have to take those pills anymore! You won’t have to worry about all of the side-effects that go along with the meds. Picture in your mind, a night and the following day without your bothersome RLS, a day where you could do whatever you want and not worry about extreme fatigue due to lack of sleep. Your legs didn’t bother you last night, so you are FULL of energy! How would you like to make that fantasy into your reality? How would you like to, once and for all, get rid of your RLS and all that goes with it? No more reduced life, no more irritation, no more limitations.just a happy, enjoyable, worry-free life. We at Hartwell Chiropractic and Wellness Center enjoy helping people just like you eliminate their RLS, We focus the majority of our practice and skills at helping patients with neurological conditions! There is really nothing more pleasing than helping people just like you finally able to sleep through the night and living life on their own terms once again! That's why I mailed you this FREE report. I want you to know the truth about RLS that almost everyone out there doesn't seem to want you to know. Because we know that chances are great that we can eliminate your RLS! If you're suffering from constant, bothersome RLS that you don't want to get worse, then
there is hope for you to get rid of your problem once and for all!
If you are currently suffering from RLS, don't procrastinate, just call the office, come on in, and The test is quick, easy and, most importantly, painless! (It takes about three minutes and doesn't require you to undress or anything like that.) RLS is USUALLY caused by an over-firing of the upper brainstem. There is an area in the upper brain-stem called the RED NUCLEUS, and when this area over-fires, you end up with RLS!!!
There are three parts to the brainstem: upper, middle, and lower. NORMALLY, the brain fires
impulses down to the lower two-thirds of the brainstem, and this lower portion slows down the upper
brainstem. When there is a loss of the impulses firing from the brain to the lower brainstem, the upper
brainstem will over-fire the red nucleus and the result is… RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME!!!
We work closely with Dr. Michael L. Johnson, author of the best-selling book, What Do
You Do When the Medications Don't Work?-A Non-Drug Treatment of Dizziness, Migraine
Headaches, and Other Chronic Conditions.
Dr. Johnson specializes in neurological conditions
such as restless leg syndrome.

We hope you've benefited from discovering the truth about RLS that, believe it or not, most doctors aren't even aware of. Congratulations on taking responsibility for your own welfare! We look forward to helping you, just as I have helped many others! Call Hartwell Chiropractic and Wellness Center for an appointment time that works for you to see Dr Jeff Hartwell or Dr. Bryan Hulsey 503-266-2997 178 SW 2nd Ave Canby OR 97013


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