Hello Sunshine!
What a wonderful month it has been so far! Plenty of sunshine and warm weather gets us all in the mood for gardening and spending quality time outdoors. It is not too late to add a splash of colour to your borders and pots. Much of the hard work has been done, and now is the time to sit back and enjoy your garden. August can be one of the hottest months of the year, so it is essential to keep a check on watering this month. Here are our top tips on what to be doing in your garden this month; Place conservatory plants outside now whilst it is warm Ensure tubs and baskets are watered regularly to be sure they do not dry Dead head all flowering bedding plants, perennials and shrubs to Feed lawns with a feed, weed and moss killer to keep your lawn looking lush and healthy. Westland L, F, W and Moss Killer is highly recommended Prune June flowering shrubs now such as Philadelphus Hedging can be clipped back now, including leylandii Ensure newly planted trees and shrubs do not dry out as they become Keep a look out for garden pests, greenfly and other common pests will The moist and warm weather, creates the perfect environment for fungi and other garden pests to develop, so remove dead flower heads and dead foliage as soon as possible to prevent mould forming. If you have plants in the greenhouse, ensure there is plenty of ventilation to increase air circulation, this will in turn help prevent fungi and other unwanted moulds developing. Many of your garden plants are reaching their peak of performance this month so feed regularly to keep them looking their best. Make the most of this glorious weather, why not transform your garden easily by adding some colourful and decorative aggregates. A covering of stone in your borders makes a huge difference and can transform any dull area. If a weed suppressant is laid first, then you will also create a maintenance free patch Looking Good This Month
Buddlejas are in full bloom this month. There are many different varieties, something to suit all gardens. With purple flowers, white, pink and even yellow these are a great shrub to add to your border. Also known as the ‘Butterfly Bush’, Buddlejas are favoured by butterflies and bees alike, so they are the perfect choice if you are wanting to attract more wildlife into your garden. Look out for this plant in your local garden centre. Also Looking Good this Month
A new and exciting plant to look out for this month is Echinacea ‘Southern Belle’. This is an unusual new variety of the popular cone flower. With deep salmon flowers, which are double-headed, this perennial will give you long lasting late colour. Not only is this a beautiful border plant, it is also loved by bees and wildlife. A perfect addition to attract wildlife to your garden! Look out for this plant at your local garden centre. So enjoy your garden this month, and make the most of the summer!

Source: http://www.hollybeck.co.uk/images/August%20Column%202013.pdf

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