E-circus pre kick-off meeting

internal meeting : Monday 8th May 2006
10:30 - 12:30

Sarah, Scott, Steve, Megan, Rafal, Kerstin
Purpose of meeting: review progress with: scenarios, refugee workshop plans. Receive
report from Steve.
Items covered
• scenarios (cultural issues; fleshing of scenarios) • refugee workshop • report from Steve • I Power I National Anti-Bullying Conf. '06 • reports and decisions on group activities and travel
Outcomes, observations, and actions

Meeting time
It was noted that the only days we can all make at the moment are Mondays and Thursdays, and that Megan cannot make before 11:00 on Monday. It was decided to keep the meetings at 11:00 am on Monday at least until the start of the new term. Meetings will be scheduled for 1.5 hours, though we will have the room for 2 hours whenever possible to allow for over-run.
Refugee workshop 6th July
Scott has prepared an agenda for the workshop which was agreed with some small modification. Given that Bob Guscott is busy Scott will see to booking accommodation, rooms, coffee etc. It was agreed that one of us could pick up attendees from St. Albans railway station.
Excel specs uploaded onto BSCW. Sarah provided Scott with more feedback on the girl’s scenarios. Discussion highlighted: o cultural issues: the sort of language which would be used, the sort of body language which would be used; the expression of emotions (e.g. how like is child is to cry may be culturally determined), indicating English and German versions should differ in more than just language spoken. o how are scenarios to be fleshed out? what is the basis of the emergence of narrative, body language, and dialog. (e.g. is there some database of sentence fragments?), how do characters fulfill their goals in a believable way? We need to clarify this ALL to pursue understanding of this.
Kerstin suggests robotics literature might be helpful as again emergent
believable behaviour is required. We noted that the work precondition is
used in two different ways. Scott’s use is to do with context, the robotics
etc. use is more as a trigger.
o appropriate language: Augsburg have been sent lists of words children use compiled during VICTEC. This should be updated; one for each language. Augsburg are able to conduct their own survey. o Scott has to be a bit careful of his time and should not take on ‘helpful’ Scott showed example scenarios realized using Kartouche • I Power I National Anti-Bullying Conf. '06
see Scott’s email: nice if maybe Sibylle could go • Visits
Scott to visit Sunderland re graphics content, and Augsburg re linguistic content.
Steve visiting Lisbon re: helping with simple episodic memory; what sort of
memory and representation appropriate for ORIENT – impact of episodic
memory on architecture. Hope that this will lead to a joint paper.
Sarah attending evening workshop with Katherine, possible dissemination (any
flyer yet)?
Lisbon, Steve will find out more of their intentions so we can make arrangements
to travel and accommodation arrangements.
Steve’s report
Steve reported on a Skype audio conference on technical issues. Steve, Michael and Adrian to visit Lisbon 17th – 21st May for technical meeting. Lisbon have created speech acts for one boy and one girl.
Date of next meeting

Purpose of next meeting
• Report from Steve on visit to Lisbon • Report from Scott on visits to Sunderland and Lisbon

Source: http://homepages.stca.herts.ac.uk/~ecircus/PDFs/e-circus-08-05-06.pdf

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