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A Smiling Face is Half the Meal --Chinese Proverb
Marion, Ohio -- Form Center Vol I Issue 1 THE BEST KEPT SECRET IN THE
If you haven’t tried the absolute bestChinese, Sechzuan cuisine in Marion, at one of our two Hong Kong Restaurant and Buffets,located in the Form Center, on Rt. 95 East, Servex Center on Route 423, just north ofBarks Rd. –- you should! Shawn, Manager, oversees the preparation of food in located at 1561 Marion-Mt. Gilead Rd. and That is also why our food is better, because one of our bosses has watched over
cuisine, as well as Mandarin and Sichzuan everything to assure that each buffet item Restaurant Hours are: Sunday thru Thursday In many other buffets and chain restaurants food is prepared in large quantities to save time and staff effort. But the deliciousitems on the Hong Kong's buffet tables are Special arrangements and attention is given constantly being replenished to assure that offices during the lunch period. Offices may phone or fax their orders to the Hong Kong COMING SOON TO THE HEART
(740) 725-9888 (Tel)
(740) 725-1888 (Fax)
S U N R I S E ®
and pick your order up immediately.
Supermarket, operated by Hong Kong
Buffet, Inc., is scheduled to open soon in BET YOU DIDN’T KNOW THAT. . .
Spaghetti was also invented by the Chinese.
have from the Orient. And, if you like our adopted by the Italians and our soft lo-mein tea, it is available from the Sunrise
Market and may be ordered here at our
cream was also invented by the Chinese.
PDF created with pdfFactory trial version SOME INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT
Your waitress or waiter probably asked you “What you would like to drink – “Pepsi,Sprite, Ice Tea, or hot Tea…” dates back to the California and Colorado If you said hot tea, you might be interested Kong Buffet is Jasmine Tea. Jasmine tea has a delicious mild and relaxing flavor that construct -ion of railroads that opened the As miners and pioneers established towns, restaurants and laundries, and providingfood and services usually provided by flavor and wonderful taste later rendered it such traditional health benefits as being able to lower blood pressure, aid digestion, condition believed to cause many ailments) in the system, etc. Modern scienceconfirms that tea indeed seems to contain Rice was plentiful and it didn’t spoil like many antioxidants, which may help prevent Recent findings suggest that tea may help eradicate toxins from the blood stream, as So, Chop(ped suet) was born and has If you compare an exact serving of coffee to tea, you will always find that tea comes You won’t find any Chop Suey on the Hong
Hong’s buffets, but you will find a number of items you may want to try or prepare at Coffee, depending on the brewing method,
contains 90 - 120 mg of caffeine per cup!
Depending on the type of tea, when it was WORDS OF WISDOM
Think no vice so small that you may commit it, Green Tea
and no virtue so small that you may overlook it. Oolong Tea
A man who has committed a mistake and doesn't Red/Black Tea 50-60mg
correct it is committing another mistake Instead of grinding beans for that next cup of coffee, why not try a soothing cup of
Chinese tea. A wide selection of teas will
be available at the SUNRISE® Asian-
American Supermarket and may be
ordered from either Marion, Ohio store.
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