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Determination of resorcinol and salicylic acid content in cosmetics by reversed - phase high performance liquid chromatography GAO Xiao - xuan1 MU Min2 DONG Yin - mao1 HE Cong - fen1 ZHANG Peng - xiang1 YIN Jia - zhen1 WANG Shuo1 ZHAO Hua1 1. Beijing Technology and Business University Beijing 2. China Association of Fragrance Flavor and Cosmetic Industries Beijing Abstract A reversed - phase high performance liquid chromatography method for simultaneous determination of resorcinol and salicylic acid in cosmetics was established. The sample was analyzed on a Kromasil C column 250 mm × 4. 6 mm i. d. 5 μm with a detection UV wavelength of 275 nm. Gradient elution was carried out with mobile phase composed of methanol buffered with 0. 01 mol / L ammonium dihydro - phosphate at a flow rate of 1. 0 mL / min. Results showed that as the concentration of resorcinol and salicylic acid are in the same range of 0. 5 ~ 150 μg / mL the relationship between concentration and the corresponding peak area shows good linearity r = 0. 999 7 and 0. 999 8 respectively . The regression equations can be expressed as A = 12 420 ρ - 6 301 and A = 15 500 ρ - 8 810 respectively and the recoveries of resorcinol and salicylic acid achieve 95. 9% ~ 103. 5% . The RSD of the method is 0. 61% ~ 0. 88% . Key words cosmetics high performance liquid chromatography resorcinol salicylic acid 13051236290 E - mail [email protected] rocketmail. com。 010 68984949 E - mail [email protected] btbu. edu. cn。 Standard HPLC spectrum of resorcinol 7. 7 min Precision and recoveries of resorcinol and salicylic acid HAHN S KIELHORN J KOPPENHFER J et al. Concise internation- al chemical assessment document 71 - resorcinol R . World Health YATES R L HAVERY D C. Determination of phenol resorcinol sali- cylic acid and α - hydroxy acids in cosmetic products and salon prepa- rations J . Journal of Cosmetics Science 1999 50 315 - 325. DEPARTMENT FOR BUSINESS ENTERPRISE & REGULATORY REFORM. URN 08 /689 consultation on the consolidation of the exist- ing regulations and implementation of 3 technical directives amending directive 76 /768 / eec on the safety of cosmetic products S . London Consumer and Competition Policy Directorate 2008. KOO J CUFFIE C A TANNER D J et al. Mometasone furoate 0. 1% - salicylic acid 5% ointment versus mometasone furoate 0. 1% ointment in the treatment of moderate - to - severe psoriasis A multicenter study J . Clinical Therapeutics 1998 20 2 ROSSO J D. The role of topical salicylic acid in the management of psoriasis vulgaris and other localized hyperkeratotic skin disorders Evaluation of a novel cream formulation J . Journal of the American KLIGMAN A M. The growing importance of topical retinoids in clinical dermatology A retrospective and prospective analysis J . Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology 1998 39 Suppl 2 Results of determination for product samples MIKAMI E GOTOA T OHNOA T et al. Simultaneous analysis of dehydroacetic acid benzoic acid sorbic acid and salicylic acid in cos- metic products by solid - phase extraction and high - performance liquid chromatography J . Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical PARHAM H RAHBARA N. Solid phase extraction - spectrophotomet- ric determination of salicylic acid using magnetic iron oxide nanoparti- cles as extractor J . Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analy- ALGAR S O MARTOS N R DIAZ A M. Fast and single solid phase fluorescence spectroscopic batch procedure for determination in drug formulations J . Journal of Pharmaceutical and PISTONESIA M F DI NEZIOA M S CENTURINA M E et al. Deter- mination of phenol resorcinol and hydroquinone in air samples by syn- chronous fluorescence using partial least - squares CHOCHOLOU P HOLIKA P ATINSKY D et al. A novel applica- tion of onyxTM monolithic column for simultaneous determination of sal- icylic acid and triamcinolone acetonide by sequential injection chroma- YEA G X LUA X P HAN P F et al. Application of ultrasound on J . Chemical Engineering and Processing


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29 DayPitney Haglund 4/25/07 11:44 AM Page 1 The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel New Jersey Supreme Court Reins In Appellate Division’s Expansive Tort Conflicts-Of-Law Analysis Benjamin E. Haglund, already diluted its interest in applying its Marc D. Crowley and Amy Valentine McClelland DAY PITNEY LLP The New Jersey reversed a decision rendered last year bysion’s


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