What's New in Dragon® Medical 10?
More efficient, higher quality, profitable care.
eLectroNic heALth recorD Support
(ALL MeDicAL eDitioNS)

More AccurAte thAN ever
Medical professionals can navigate and dictate inside (ALL MeDicAL eDitioNS)
third-party EHR application software. Up to 20% more accurate “out of the box.” Dragon Medical 10 accelerates physician adoption of Dragon Medical 10 delivers on what matters most in electronic medical record (ehr) software by allowing speech recognition: accuracy. Version 10 offers accuracy clinicians to navigate an ehr by voice. Dragon also al ows levels that are unrivaled in speech recognition, up to 20% doctors to dictate medical decision-making – history of more accurate speech recognition “out-of-the-box” than the present illness, review of systems, assessment, and Version 9. Dragon Medical users gain the added benefit plan – directly into ehr systems such as epic®, allscripts®, of avoiding spelling errors and typing mistakes. In fact, the Cerner®, Ge®, NextGen®, eclipsys®, McKesson® and product actually learns from your corrections over time, eClinicalworks®, eliminating transcription and ensuring making dictation a more natural and satisfying experience. Dragon Medical 10 is over 38% more accurate than Dragon Professional 10 in clinical settings. upDAteD epic AND cerNer Support
—in version 10.1 (ALL MeDicAL eDitioNS)
FASter thAN ever (ALL MeDicAL eDitioNS)
Dragon Medical offers epic and Cerner users an even Significant improvement of response time. More than better experience than 10.0 as it’s fully compatible with 50% reduction of latency time (delay) for fast speakers. text boxes of existing Cerner PowerNote™ releases.
Compared to Version 9, Dragon Medical 10 delivers a significant improvement in response time. Fast speakers DrAgoN voice ShortcutS For eMAiL
will observe more than a 50% reduction in the time it takes AND cALeNDAr (ALL MeDicAL eDitioNS)
for words to appear on the screen. Since some speakers Dragon Voice Shortcuts collapses common multi-step pause in their dictation to watch the results, having words tasks into direct voice commands. Now you can send appear on the screen sooner facilitates a more seamless emails and schedule meetings — faster than ever. dictation experience. Most people speak about 120 words per minute, but type fewer than 40 words a minute. Dragon at any time, no matter what application is active on your Medical 10 lets users create documents about three times screen, you can automatically create and address an email. For example, if you’re reviewing a website and you need to send an email to colleagues, just say, “Send email to 64-Bit Support For WiNDoWS viStA
Dr. John Smith and Dr. raphael Sanchez,” and Dragon will —in version 10.1 (ALL MeDicAL eDitioNS)
activate your email program, create a new email and put the contact names you’ve said into the “to:” box. Dragon Medical provides 64-bit operating system support, running on windows Vista 64-bit operating systems. (Dragon 10.1 does not support windows XP 64-bit operating systems.) What's New in Dragon® Medical 10?
Need to schedule a meeting? Just say, “Schedule search words, such as “Search the web for wellbutrin® meeting with Dr. John Smith and Dr. raphael Sanchez,” contraindications” or “Search maps for CVS Pharmacy® and Dragon jumpstarts the process by opening a new in Burlington 01803,” and Dragon Medical 10 will use the calendar entry in Outlook and adding to it the selected default search engine and web browser to enter your contact(s). You can also say, “Schedule appointment dictated term(s) in the search field and return the results. with Clinical review team” using existing contact lists.
thanks to Google’s™ “I’m Feeling Lucky” search, you can also get the top-ranked site directly, by saying, “Find a site DrAgoN voice ShortcutS For WeB
about health maintenance for diabetes.” SeArch (ALL MeDicAL eDitioNS )
You may also search specific sites directly for videos, im- Dragon Voice Shortcuts collapses common multi-step ages, news, articles and products using commands such tasks into direct voice commands. Now you can search as “Search wikipedia® for outpatient cancer clinics,” or the Web for information, products, news and more — “Search eBay® for Bluetooth® headsets.” Sites supported by Dragon Voice Shortcuts include Google, Yahoo®, Dragon Voice Shortcuts make searching the web faster eBay®, wikipedia, Youtube®,®, and more.
and easier. Just say commands containing your desired Command Type
Example Command
What Happens
Your default Web browser opens and displays the results of the default search engine on the given keywords.
Your default Web browser opens and displays the results of search- ing eBay for the given keyword(s). Dragon Medical 10 supports this feature for the following Web sites: • eBay •® • •® • Creative Commons™ • Wikipedia • YouTube Your default Web browser opens and displays Google's top-ranked Search the Web with a specific " Search Yahoo for local Your default Web browser opens and displays Yahoo's search results for the given keywords. Dragon Medical 10 supports this feature for the following search engines: • AltaVista™ • AOL Search® •® • Google • Yahoo!• Microsoft® Live Search Your default Web browser opens and displays the results of a search on the given keywords in your default search engine's video category. Valid search categories are: • Search (images | pictures | photos) for <XYZ> • Search (video | movies) for <XYZ> • Search (news | events) for <XYZ> • Search (products | shops) for <XYZ> • Search (maps | places) for <XYZ> What's New in Dragon® Medical 10?
Quick voice ForMAttiNg (“Delete | copy |
Bold | underline | italicize <XyZ>” commands)
(MeDicAL & MeDicAL eNterpriSe oNLy)
(ALL MeDicAL eDitioNS)
Dragon Medical 10.1 offers multiple voice shortcuts for Delete, bold, underline, italicize, and copy text —faster searching medical information the web. Physicians can now search medical data via a single command on In addition to the many existing editing commands such as webMD®, uptoDate®, PubMed™ and ICD9. these “Delete line”, Dragon Medical 10 introduces direct com- commands can be said at any time without even having an mands for formatting, deleting, and copying named words internet browser open. these commands combine multiple and passages. rather than selecting the relevant word(s) or clicks into one fast command for the busy physician. Simply passages and commanding what to do with that text (e.g., say “Search uptoDate for wel butrin contraindications” and “Select very, [pause] Bold that”), you can now directly name Dragon Medical and uptoDate take you there.
the desired text with the desired action in a single voice command, such as “Bold very.” Just like in the familiar “Select <XYZ>” commands, you can even designate a DrAgoN voice ShortcutS For DeSktop
whole passage by quoting its first and last word(s): SeArch (ALL MeDicAL eDitioNS)
Dragon Voice Shortcuts collapses common multi-step
tasks into direct voice commands. Now you can search your computer — faster than ever. Delete the specified text · Delete <text> or a range of text.
· Delete from <text> to <text> Dragon Medical 10 introduces commands to search your · Delete <text> through <text> computer as directly as the web, by dictating the word(s) Cut the specified text or a · Cut <text> to find in documents, emails and web-browsing history. · Cut from <text> to <text> · Cut <text> through <text> For example, you can say, “Search computer for ehr project plan” and Dragon will complete the search using Copy the specified text or · Copy <text> a range of text.
· Copy from <text> to <text> Google Desktop or windows Vista® desktop search. · Copy <text> through <text> In addition, commands such as “Find an email about the Bold the specified text or · Bold <text>
Johnson MrI” directly open the top email containing the · Bold from <text> to <text> dictated keywords. Searching your computer has never · Bold <text> through <text> · Italicize from <text> to <text> NeW ui Look AND FeeL
· Italicize <text> through <text> (ALL MeDicAL eDitioNS)
unDerlIne the specified · Underline <text> Updated icons are intuitive and easy to see. · Underline from <text> to <text> Dragon Medical 10 introduces new graphical icons to · Underline <text> through <text> enhance the DragonBar user interface, including a larger microphone icon, making the product easier to use. What's New in Dragon® Medical 10?
iMproveD heLp SySteM AND tutoriALS
browser used by tens of mil ions of people worldwide. You (ALL MeDicAL eDitioNS)
can now benefit from intuitive spoken commands, and the Includes enhanced Sample Commands window & ability to activate a hyperlink by just saying part of its name.
interactive HTML tutorial with a completely new look & feel. iMproveD Auto-trANScriptioN
Dragon Medical 10 offers an enhanced Sample Com- (ALL MeDicAL eDitioNS)
mands window and interactive tutorial with a completely The Auto-Transcribe Folder Agent now creates a new look and feel. the new web and Flash-based system synchronized audio file along with the automatic offers improved navigation and content—comprehensive transcript for deferred correction. resources are just a command away! In addition, Dragon Medical 10 also introduces a new mechanism to enable Version 9 introduced the auto-transcribe Folder agent, which the creation of customizable help screens for end-users to automatical y detects files to transcribe in a given folder into be reminded of their favorite commands.
another given folder (once a recorder is connected). Dragon Medical 10 now gives this auto-transcribe agent the More poWerFuL cApitALiZAtioN ruLeS
option of creating a synchronized audio file along with the transcript file, making it possible to later get the benefit of (ALL MeDicAL eDitioNS)
Playback and Correction—just like users dictating in word users can instantly set capitalization rules for words as processors can save the audio file along with their dictated they are added for the following word categories: Person, document, which enables a third party to correct errors, Department, and Drugs. Clinicians can have capitalization set to initial-caps, all-caps or no-caps for the categories.
along with the new ability for “correctionists” (medical transciption editors) to create a “Correction Only” profile, iMproveD NAturAL coMMANDS For
this enhancement makes it easier than ever to delegate MicroSoFt® oFFice 2007 (ALL MeDicAL eDitioNS)
correction, whether you are dictating at your PC or on the go.
Use your voice to control advanced features of Microsoft Office 2007. correctioN oNLy proFiLe
Dragon Medical 10 makes it easier than ever to use speech (MeDicAL & MeDicAL eNterpriSe)
recognition with Microsoft® Office. use your voice to dictate, Correctionists can create a “No dictation possible edit and control applications like Microsoft word, Microsoft profile” without any audio setup, so third-party Outlook®, and Microsoft Internet explorer®. Dragon Medical 10 lets correctionists open the dictation iMproveD NAturAL coMMANDS
files to make corrections by keyboard, which contributes to For MoZiLLA FireFoX® (ALL MeDicAL eDitioNS)
the optimization of the speaker’s profile over time.
Improved Web browser experience is now available for Firefox. Dragon Medical 10 makes it easier than ever to use speech recognition with Mozil a Firefox, the award-winning web What's New in Dragon® Medical 10?
iMproveD eNterpriSe Security
By making it easier to train the product to one’s voice, FeAtureS: encrypt macros for distribution
Dragon Medical 10 improves the experience for younger (MeDicAL & MeDicAL eNterpriSe)
users and users with certain speech challenges. More configuration options provide administrators with better control of Dragon in the enterprise. Encrypt regioNAL AcceNt Support
custom commands before distributing them. (ALL MeDicAL eDitioNS)
Dragon Medical 10 offers a command-line utility to let Significant increase in accuracy for accented speakers Value added resel ers and It departments encrypt custom by using more advanced adaptation techniques and Following a significant data collection effort and research, iMproveD eNterpriSe Security
Dragon Medical 10 incorporates new acoustic models FeAtureS: Disable creating, changing, or
for better coverage of non-native and regional accents. running of scripting commands to prevent
together with more powerful adaptation techniques, this vBA-viruses (ALL MeDicAL eDitioNS)
feature will help everyone get better recognition accuracy.
More configuration options provide administrators with better control of Dragon in the enterprise. Control the optioN to DiSABLe MicroSoFt teXt
access to VBA-style custom commands ServiceS (ctFMoN) (ALL MeDicAL eDitioNS)
advanced scripting commands can be used to create Easily turn off Alternative User Input Text Input viruses, so Version 9 introduced the ability for the adminis- Processor (CTFMon) to eliminate potential conflicts trator to disable custom command creation by restricted users. Since it’s rather extreme to prevent all users from Dragon Medical 10 reduces to a simple checkbox what creating any type of command when the aim is to prevent was previously a multi-step process of disabling alterna- misuse, Version 10 introduces the ability to disable each tive services that may cause conflicts, such as advanced technical services on windows® XP or handwriting features on tablet PCs.
More FLeXiBLe eNroLLMeNt For
youNger SpeAkerS AND uSerS With

DrAgoN MeDicAL teMpLAte LiBrAry
certAiN Speech chALLeNgeS
(ALL MeDicAL eDitioNS)
(MeDicAL & MeDicAL eNterpriSe oNLy)
Self-paced reading is available for speakers who have Dragon Medical comes with a library of over two dozen difficulty with the existing interactive text passages. macros for standard notes such as SOaP notes, new patient reading an acoustic training text efficiently helps Dragon visit, and outpatient consults. In addition, a complete list learn your voice, and Dragon Medical 10 offers an easier of “medical normals” by body system is also available, way to do it: print or view the entire text and record it at so that clinicians immediately can begin using Dragon your own pace—without needing to satisfy the valida- Medical “out of the box” with less time spent creating their tion done by the software in the original prompt screens. What's New in Dragon® Medical 10?
DrAgoNteMpLAteS With voice FieLDS
large sets of flexible command wordings separately for (MeDicAL & MeDicAL eNterpriSe )
Quickly automate form filling applications. • Microsoft PowerPoint® • Corel® wordPerfect® when creating text-and-Graphics commands, you can now include variable fields within templates that can be filled out by voice.
Better coNtroL oF coMMANDS vS.
DictAtioN oN the WeB (ALL MeDicAL eDitioNS)

Dragon Medical lets users create default values for Require “Click” for hyperlinks and disable Web Dragontemplate fields. this feature lets physicians quickly commands separately from dictation support. fill in multiple template fields with a single command. For the template, “Patient reported [moderate] severity Dragon Medical 10 helps ensure a comfortable experi- with [no associated] loss of sensation in the [right upper ence on the web, addressing the concern that words you quadrant].” clinicians simply say Accept Defaults and mean to dictate may be interpreted as a command, even the completed phrase would read, “Patient reported if said in isolation. while on a web-based ehr, users moderate severity with no associated loss of sensation occasionally dictate isolated words that happen to be in the upper right quadrant.” Save time and still dictate included in a hyperlink on that page, but Dragon can also click hyperlinks just by hearing part of their name and up to now Dragon’s web capabilities could not be disabled Auto coNFigurAtioN For optiMAL
individually. Dragon Medical 10 now provides finer options perForMANce BASeD oN SySteM
for optimal comfort on the web whether you intend dicta- tion or action: one can disable htML commands and also (ALL MeDicAL eDitioNS)
require saying “Click” for hyperlinks separately, without Latency configuration on “slow” machines and per-application disabling of intuitive spoken commands. Installation automatically detects PC’s resources and In addition, Dragon Medical 10 replaces some existing adjusts options for optimal speed. single-word htML commands with multiple-word equiva-lents, to avoid confusion with those single words meant During instal ation, Dragon Medical 10 automatical y analyzes your PC’s resources and changes default settings as needed to increase speed; this may include moving the v9 command
v10 command
Speed vs. accuracy slider towards speed and disabling the intuitive spoken commands in some applications. the users can later change these options if they wish.
the result? Improved performance for older PCs that In addition, Dragon Medical 10 gives finer control over the support for intuitive spoken commands, which means users can gain speed if they only use intuitive spoken commands in some applications. One can disable these What's New in Dragon® Medical 10?
ForMAttiNg AND WorD propertieS
hiDDeN MoDe (MeDicAL & MeDicAL eNterpriSe oNLy)
iNterFAce eNhANceMeNtS
Users can dictate while reviewing lab or radiology test (ALL MeDicAL eDitioNS)
results and save when finished anywhere in the EHR. New Formatting dialogue and Word Properties let you Physicians can document care anywhere within an ehr control the written forms more finely than ever, including system, reducing the need to navigate back and forth to alternate forms, spacing and capitalization before and an ehr’s text field to add documentation. Dictation is stored in hidden Mode and can be placed in the text field Dragon Medical 10 gives easier and finer control over the form, spacing and capitalization of items written in various contexts (e.g., inserting a space before or after, capitalizing hiDDeN MoDe icoN—in version 10.1
the next word, or using alternate forms like “Fig.” instead (MeDicAL & MeDicAL eNterpriSe oNLy)
of “figure” before numerals.) For instance, if you want all users will now see an icon to remind them if text dictated numbers between zero and ten to be written as numerals, into hidden Mode is ready to be transferred into an ehr you can now simply set this with just one check on the text box. also, we listened to you, our clinician customers: you can decide if you want to stay in hidden Mode after transferring text or return to a “normal” mode where your eMBeDDeD DAtA coLLectioN tooL
(ALL MeDicAL eDitioNS)
Data Collection engine embedded in the product. MeDicAL vocABuLArieS (ALL MeDicAL eDitioNS)
a New user wizard screen invites users to participate Medical specialty-specific vocabularies that ensure in a program designed to collect data to improve the high physician dictation accuracy. overall accuracy of Dragon Medical 10. the option is Dragon Medical 10 now supports nearly 80 medical spe- cialties and subspecialties, ensuring high physician dicta-tion accuracy. Dragon Medical 10 recognizes even rarely SupportS hipAA reguLAtioNS
used medical diagnoses and medications “out of the box.” (ALL MeDicAL eDitioNS, eNgLiSh oNLy)
Protects patient confidentiality and helps provider poWerMic™ reADy (ALL MeDicAL eDitioNS)
organizations support HIPAA (Health Insurance Program your PowerMic buttons to run a Dragon Portability and Accountability Act) standards. Dragon Medical 10 protects sensitive and confidential Dragon Medical 10 supports the handheld PowerMic patient information by providing support for network file microphone and allows users to assign Dragon or user storage of speech files, helping your organization satisfy commands to PowerMic buttons. Clinicians can now hIPaa privacy and confidentiality guidelines. Version 10.1 navigate faster and save time by further reducing provides more secure encryption methods that provide even greater levels of information security.
What's New in Dragon® Medical 10?
MicrophoNe SLeep MoDe
—in version 10.1!
(MeDicAL & MeDicAL eNterpriSe oNLy)
users can set Dragon Medical to have their microphone go to sleep when they want.ten minutes, a half hour, or even two hours since Dragon Medical was last used.
MeDicAL ForMAttiNg ruLeS
(ALL MeDicAL eDitioNS)

Smart software expands medical abbreviations and follows capitalization rules of medical terms. Dragon Medical 10’s medical specialty vocabularies can be set to have common phrases such as “hPI” either ex-panded to appear as “history of Present Illness,” “history of present illness,” or “hPI”, depending upon physician preference.
MycoMMANDS (MeDicAL & MeDicAL eNterpriSe oNLy)
Show user commands only in Command browser.
Personal voice commands now appear in Dragon Medical 10’s Command browser for faster use and easier maintenance.
For more product information please visit
Nuance healthcare at
or call 866-748-9537.

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