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We are a company of 30 plus years standing in Pharmaceuticals and have metamorphosed into a specialty company focused on a highly specialized field of Film Coating Systems over the past 5 years and have operations from a modern state of art facility located in Mumbai, India. By virtue of our vast experience of 25 years in the manufacture of Pharmaceutical solid oral dosage forms. We have the rich technical knowledge and expertise on the development and use of Film Coating Systems giving us a competitive edge over our competitors in pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and traditional medicines. Our manufacturing facility is FDA licensed, GMP certified, ISO 9001:2000 certification, Halal certification & Kosher certification and meets all quality standards prevalent globally. Our quality manual and other quality records are available for inspection to our customers.
We adopt and exercise very strict quality control measures which are built into the process in order to deliver defect-free and consistent products to our customers. Quality control process starts with the raw materials and to ensure consistency. Some of the critical ingredients are sourced from associated companies who are world leaders in their respective fields. The end result is a product with the same high quality in every delivery.
In order to ensure consistency a control sample is drawn from every batch produced and is tested for coating performance to determine shade matching and the application properties of the INSTACOAT film coating system. The quality control department makes extensive use of sophisticated equipment like color matching systems to do shade matching, stability chambers to conduct stability studies and dissolution apparatus to do dissolution / disintegration tests. Our goal is to provide every customer with product and service representing the best mix of performance and value.
We go that extra mile to ensure compliance with customer specific parameters- we call this product customization - which brings us closer to the customers, bonding our relationship in a mutual respect and trust.
Mr. Suresh Pareek, Managing Director, who is involved with the coating industry in directorial capacity for over two decades, oversees the entire operations and is supported by a staff of dedicated individuals qualified in their respective fields. The combined work experience spans a time period of an enviable tenure and application IDEAL CURES is committed to on-time supply of defect free and consistent film coating material and supportive
technical service to meet customers demand and expectations. We have made a long term commitment to quality, research & development. Good Manufacturing Practices and sufficient capacities to meet the demands of our customers.
We envisage increase in the boundaries of our knowledge in Film Coating by consistently doing research at our laboratories on new ploymers and materials so as to offer effective, environment friendly and internationally Our R&D facility is recognized by the Department of Science & Technology. Govt. of India. Our R & D and Application Laboratory are equipped with FBC having facility of Bottom Spray, Top Spray and Tangential Spray. Auto Coaters and two Semi Automatic Manual coaters thus making is possible to do drug layering, sustained release formulations, taste masking etc., apart from film coating our patent for the Specialty Coating product INSTACOAT FLAVOUR is pending. We maintain Drug Master Files for most of our Products, open part of which is available for inspection by customers.
Our marketing department is in a continuing process of expending our horizons through our distributor network with an aim to reach the global consumers to share the benefits of our R & D efforts for innovation.
For us, marketing is not just sales & service but we also provide the following for our discerning customers.
file:///C|/Documents%20and%20Settings/Admin/Des.0pages/INSTACOAT%20FILM%20COATING%20SYSTEMS.htm (1 of 3)1/15/2011 2:41:10 PM Coating Film Tablet, Tablet Coating Film, Coating Film Manufacturer, Coati.ting, Delayed Release Coating, Test Masking, Moisture Protective Coating, 1. Set-up of Film Coating facility right from selection of equipment to coating of commercial batches & impart 2. Improve existing set-up like switch over from organic to aqueous system.
3. New product development by coating core tables & setting parameters.
4. Extending our R&D arm to curtail expending valuable time & resources at customer end.
5. Impart training in Advanced Coating Technology at our Coating Institute or at customers premises.
file:///C|/Documents%20and%20Settings/Admin/Des.0pages/INSTACOAT%20FILM%20COATING%20SYSTEMS.htm (2 of 3)1/15/2011 2:41:10 PM Coating Film Tablet, Tablet Coating Film, Coating Film Manufacturer, Coati.ting, Delayed Release Coating, Test Masking, Moisture Protective Coating, We manufacture various specialty product Prepare the Instacoat Aqua-Ii suspension in water (15-20% w/w solids dispersion ) as per the recommended procedure. Make sure that the suspension is free from foam and lumps. Fix4-8 baffles inside the coating pan as shown here. The presence of such baffles will facilitate the tablet mixing during coating operation and will help in achieving uniform tablet finish.
In order to make the aqueous film coating process more efficient it is necessary to have the following : 1. Air supply duct with 500cfm air for 36" pan and 800cfm air for 48" pan.
2. Sufficient electric heaters to heat the air up to 70-75oC temperature.
3. Exhaust air duct as shown here to remove particles as well as water vapours from the coating pan.
Benefits of using Instacoat Aqua-II systemInstacoat Aqua - II systems are dedicated aqueous film coating system. The major benefits of using this system are: 1. High productivity / faster coating ( due to high solids content in coating suspension and faster drying,)2. High film adhesion-produces much better tablet finish with improved tablet gloss.
3. Easy processing (works very well even in conventional coating set-up) Low requirement of energy ( as the system dries quickly, it works at low tablet bed temperature, thus saves the cost of energy ).
4. Improvement in efficiency of other production operations e.g. packaging of tablets on high speed 5. Environmental friendly system-eliminates the use of organic solvents.
6. Low cost system.
Application Examples: Azithromycin, Atenolol, Amlodipine, Ciprofloxacin, Cimitidine, Citrizine Hcl, Clarithromycin, Chloroquine Phosphate, Erythromycin, Losartan Potassium, Metronidazole, Mefinimic Acid, Nifedipine, Ofloxacin, Paracetamol, Quinin Sulphate, Roxithromycin etc.
IDEAL CURES - YOUR PARTNER IN ACHIEVING TECHNICAL EXCELLENCE For uniform distribution of coating suspension on large numbers of tablets, following setup is recommended as shown here. 1. Spray gun with s.s. Nozzie and air cup (bullows 230), fixed on a stand.
2. Compressed air line with pressure gauge and air filters ( recommended air pressure 3-4 kgs./cm2).
3. Perristaltic pump fitted with 3-4mm I.D. Tube (electrolab PP 201V) so as to control the spray rate at any 4. The tank holding the coating suspension should be kept on a balance in order to monitor the spray rate (rate of consumption of liquid ) at regular interval.
With the above recommended set-up it is very easy to convert organic soviet based film coating to aqueous film coating using INSTACOAT AQUA II coating system.
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