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EnTox 2007
Freitag, 11. Mai 2007
Alexander, M.; Behm, C.; Föllmann, W.; Kuhlmann, J. Response of primary urothelial cells from individual porcine bladders upon treatment with benzo(a)pyrene Belik, R.; Dörrenhaus, A.; Föllmann, W.; Golka, K. Quantitative study of excretion and in vitro growth of urothelial cells obtained from urine of healthy subjects Bernshausen, T.; Haarmann-Stemmann, T.; Bothe, H.; Neumann, B.; Fritsche, E.; Abel, J. Expression and function of the arylhydrocarbon receptor repressor (AhRR) Bhattacharya, K.; Cramer, H.; Geh, S.; Shokouhi, B.; Albrecht,C.; Schins, R.; Rettenmeier, A.W.; Dopp, E. Ultrafine titanium dioxide particles coated with vanadium pentoxide induce cellular damage and micronucleus formation in V79-cells Blaszkewicz, M.; Dannappel, D.; Selinski, S.; Golka, K. N-Acetyltransferase 2 phenotyping (caffeine test) Flieger, A.; Golka, K.; Dörrenhaus, A.; Föllmann, W. Primary cultures of human urothelial cells for genotoxicity testing Flieger, A.; Welge, P.; Hack, A.; Müller, A.; Wilhelm, M.; Föllmann, W. Primary cell cultures of transitional epithelial cells isolated from urinary bladders of Goettingen minipigs The use of cultured primary bovine colon epithelial cells as a screening model to detect genotoxic effects of heterocyclic aromatic amines in the Comet assay Hengstler, J.G.; Brulport, M.; Schormann, W.; Hermes, M.; Bauer, A.; Rudolph, C.; Drasdo, D.; Bockamp, E. Modelling of liver toxicity and regeneration after intoxication with CCl4 EnTox 2007
Freitag, 11. Mai 2007
Hinkel, A.; Schmidtchen, S.; Palisaar, R.J.; Noldus, J.; Pannek, J. Identification of bladder cancer patients at risk for recurrence or progression: an immunohistochemical study based on the expression of metallothionein Hölzer, J.; Voss, B.; Saida, K.; Hildmann, H.; Wilhelm, M. A comparative study of chemically induced DNA damage in isolated nasal mucosa cells of humans and rats assessed by the alkaline comet assay Lichter, J.; Heckelen, A.; Fischer, K.; Blömeke, B. Characterisation of N-acetyltransferase activities in monocyte-derived dendritic cells Moors, S.; Blaszkewicz, M.; Bolt, H.M.; Degen, G.H. Biomonitoring for phytoestrogens and bisphenol A in urines from a Plöttner, S.; Borza, A.; Wolf, A.; Kuhlmann, J.; Föllmann, W. Interindividual differences of benzo[a]pyrene-induced genotoxic effects in porcine urinary bladder cell cultures derived from different donors Rihs, H.P.; Marczynski, B.; Rabstein, S.; Scherenberg, M.; Landt, O.; Brüning, T. Rapid detection of the hOGG1 Ser326Cys polymorphism using LightCycler™ technology Schmiechen, K.; Flieger, A.; Schreiber, J.; Hallier, E.; Müller, M.
Development of a modern NBC Self Aid Kit for civilian disaster relief forces in Germany In vitro sensitization assays: Comparison of a monocytic cell line (THP) and primary monocyte derived dendritic cells von Recklinghausen, U.; Hartmann, L.M.; Rabieh, S.; Hirner, A.V.; Rettenmeier, A.W.; Dopp, E. Methylated bismuth compounds but not bismuth citrate and bismuth glutathione induce cyto- and genotoxic effects in human cells in vitro Zuehlke, S.; Zhang, H.; Guenther, K.; Boehmler, G.; Spiteller, M. Occurrence and degradation of chiral nonylphenol isomers


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