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The ACTIVslate enriches learning environments by
inspiring group interaction

The Promethean ACTIVslate complements the Promethean Collaborative Classroom
Solution, providing teachers and learners with the opportunity for greater interaction
with the teaching material and each other.

When using your Promethean interactivewhiteboard you are no longer confinedto the front of the classroom. TheACTIVslate allows you to take control of The ACTIVslate means that,
as a teacher, you are able to
achieve greater interaction
directly onto the ACTIVslate rather thanon the board itself.
with your class because
of the freedom to move around

At any time you can hand over theACTIVslate to a student to solve a the room while your students
benefit from the opportunity
on the board which stimulates theirenthusiasm and encourages greater to interact with the ACTIVboard
without even leaving their seats.
To promote greater pupil participationeach student can be given their ownACTIVslate. When using multiple slatesyou are able to select which ACTIVslate isin use at any one time, enabling you tomaintain control of your lesson.
The ACTIVslate can be used directly withthe ‘radio ready’ ACTIVboard 78interactive whiteboard and is alsoavailable for use with all otherPromethean interactive whiteboards, byinstalling the ACTIVpod upgrade. As partof the upgrade kit we also supply thelatest ACTIVstudio software, which ispacked with new features to help makeyour lesson delivery even more excitingfor students.
About Promethean
Promethean is dedicated to making a
educational solutions available.
difference to our children’s education.
Key to our success is that we
With over 1.5 million school children
understand that your requirements
in over 60 countries being taught
using Promethean Collaborative

go far beyond the products
Classroom solutions, we constantly
themselves. We aim to build
strive to be at the forefront of
partnerships with our customers,
research and development.
offering free demonstrations of
Promethean employees pride
new products, a complete range
themselves on listening to the needs
of training packages, effective
of teachers and learners in order to
practice workshops, and a support
provide the highest quality
team hot-line.
ACTIVslate consists of A5-sized graphic tablet & ACTIVpen 200 inches per second providing a fast response to your pen commands Maximum of 64 ACTIVslates recommended for use at any one time 1000 dots per inch allowing precise operation of the ACTIVboard Can be used directly with the ‘radio ready’ ACTIVboard 78 interactive whiteboardAvailable for use with all non radio Promethean interactive whiteboards via ACTIVpod upgrade kit Can be used without a Promethean interactive whiteboard via ACTIVhub Cordless, battery-free pen incorporating tip-switch (left mouse click) and side-switch (right mouse click) for full mouse functionality. Replacement pens available for purchaseInterchangeable for use with the Promethean interactive whiteboard range ACTIVslate overall size: 32 x 23.6cm (Active area: 20 x 15cm) Packed weight only 1.6kg making it extremely portable Compliant with appropriate legal standards for radio frequency devices Internal lithium ion battery will give 24 hours continuous use Power supply and cable included for recharging (Typical usage: 3 hours per day would require charging every 2 months) ACTIVslate
ACTIVslate, ACTIVpen, universal power supply, serial cable and ACTIVslate Quickstart guide
ACTIVslate & ACTIVpod upgrade
ACTIVslate, ACTIVpen, universal power supply, serial cable, ACTIVslate Quickstart guide and ACTIVstudio Professional Edition
Promethean support
On-site and centre based training is available Please call 01254 291778 for bookings or further information Further information, resources and support are available online at Product specifications are subject to change without notice. For a free on-site demonstration of this totally unique system,
contact Promethean today on 0870 241 3194.
Promethean LimitedTDS House, Lower Philips RoadBlackburn, Lancashire, BB1 5TH UK Tel: +44 (0)870 241 3194Fax: +44 (0)870 241


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