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FDA Warns Consumers About Fraudulent Flu

Fraudulent products can be found online; include non-FDA-
approved generic Tamiflu, Relenza
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TUESDAY, Feb. 5 (HealthDay News) -- As flu season continues, Dermatology
fraudulent flu products abound, including dietary supplements or conventional foods, drugs, nasal sprays, and devices marketed with Diabetes &
unsubstantiated claims about being able to prevent, treat, and cure Endocrinology
the flu, according to a report published by the U.S. Food and DrugAdministration.
Emergency Medicine
Family Practice
Noting that there are no legally-marketed over-the-countermedications that can prevent or cure flu, the FDA warns consumers Gastroenterology
to avoid products which claim to do so.
According to the report, fraudulent flu products include dietary supplemental and Hematology &
conventional foods or devices available online or in retail stores that make flu prevention, treatment, or cure claims. In addition, online pharmacies may be selling Oncology
unapproved drugs, including generic Tamiflu or Relenza; there are no FDA-approved generic versions of these drugs. Deep price discounts are often indicative of fraudulent HIV & AIDS
or illegal pharmacies. The FDA recommends that patients check with health care Infectious Disease
providers before purchasing unproven or little known treatments. Prescription medication treatment options for the flu are limited to FDA-approved Tamiflu Internal Medicine
(oseltamivir) and Relenza (zanamivir).
"As any health threat emerges, fraudulent products appear almost overnight," Gary Neurology
Coody, R.Ph., the FDA's national health fraud coordinator, said in a statement. "Right now, so-called 'alternatives' to the flu vaccine are big with scammers." OBGYN & Women's
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Source: http://www.jsgmedicalpractice.com/pdf/fraudulent%20flu%20remedies.pdf


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