Journal of Universal Computer Science, vol. 16, no. 20 (2010), 2902-2903submitted: 4/10/10, accepted: 18/10/10, appeared: 1/11/10 J.UCS Evolving Theories of Conceptual Modelling
J.UCS Special Issue
Markus Kirchberg
(Institute for Infocomm Research, A*STAR, Singapore Klaus-Dieter Schewe
(Software Competence Center Hagenberg, Austria The aim of the first international workshop on “Evolving Theories of ConceptualModelling” (ETheCoM), co-located with the 28th International Conference onConceptual Modeling (ER 2009) was to bring together researchers with an in-terest in theoretical foundations of conceptual modelling. The emphasis was onevolving theories that address mathematical and logical underpinnings of newdevelopments in conceptual modelling, e.g. addressing service-oriented softwaresystems, personalisation of Information Systems and services, network-centricand web-based applications, biomedical applications, games and entertainment,etc. We were interested in precise semantics, in particular with respect to con-straints, and in the usage of such semantics for the reasoning and inferencingabout model properties.
ETheCoM solicited submissions addressing theories of concepts, mathemati- cal semantics of service-oriented systems, integrity constraints maintenance anddependency theory, theoretical foundations of personalisation of InformationSystems and services, formal semantics of network-centric and web-based ap-plications, formal methods for data and knowledge base design, reasoning aboutdata and knowledge base dynamics, logical and mathematical models for novelapplication areas, adaptivity for personalised data and knowledge bases, formalinformation integration in data and knowledge bases, knowledge discovery indata and knowledge bases, formal linguistics for data and knowledge bases andothers.
All authors of papers presented at the ETheCoM workshop including the two invited presentations were asked to submit a revised and significantly extendedversion to this special issue of the Journal of Universal Computer Science. Inaddition, an open call for submissions was launched. All submitted articles werecarefully reviewed by three referees, and in several cases a second reviewinground for major revisions was needed. We are happy that finally nine high-quality articles came together for this special issue of the Journal of Universal Kirchberg M., Schewe K.-D.: Evolving Theories of Conceptual Modelling Computer Science, four of which are extended versions of papers accepted andpresented at ETheCoM 2009: – Alessander Botti Benevides, Giancarlo Guizzardi, Bernardo F. B.
Braga, Jo˜
ao Paulo A. Almeida: Validating Modal Aspects of OntoUML
Conceptual Models Using Automatically Generated Visual World Structures – Flavio Antonio Ferrarotti, Alejandra Lorena Paoletti, Jos´
e Mar´ıa
Turull Torres: Redundant Relations in Relational Databases: A Model The-
oretic Perspective

– Stephen J. Hegner: Internal Representation of Database Views
– Hui Ma: A Geometrically Enhanced Conceptual Model and Query Language
– Alexandre Rademaker, Edward Hermann Haeusler: Providing a Proof-
Theoretical Basis for Explanation: A Case Study on UML and ALCQI Rea-soning – Klaus-Dieter Schewe, Qing Wang: XML Database Transformations
– James F. Terwilliger, Rafael J. Fern´
andez-Moctezuma, Lois M. L.
Delcambre, David Maier: Support for Schema Evolution in Data Stream
Management Systems

– Bernhard Thalheim: Towards a Theory of Conceptual Modelling
– Antonio Villegas, Antoni Oliv´
e: Extending the Methods for Computing
the Importance of Entity Types in Large Conceptual Schemas We are grateful to all workshop participants and authors of journal articles in this issue, who contributed to a fine collection of research stretching fromlogical foundations of conceptual modelling to theoretical foundations for specificapplications. We would also like to express our greatest thanks to all twenty-sixreviewers, who put in a lot of time reading the articles and making substantialsuggestions for improvement, which at the end led to the high quality. Lastbut not least, we like to thank Professor Maurer for the opportunity to publishthis collection of research articles as a special issue of the Journal of UniversalComputer Science, and Ms. Dana Kaiser for her timeless efforts polishing thefinal versions of all contributions.
(Singapore & Hagenberg, October 2010)

Source: http://www.jucs.org/jucs_16_20/evolving_theories_of_onceptual/jucs_16_20_2902_2903_editorial.pdf

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