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Prof. Dr. V. Mall
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1. Jung NH, Delvendahl I, Pechmann A, Gleich B, Gattinger N, Siebner HR, Mall V. Transcranial
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and functional MRI study. Pediatr Neurol. 41 (3):171-8.
IF 1,375

15. Walther M, Berweck S, Schessl J, Linder-Lucht M, Fietzek UM, Glocker FX, Heinen F, Mall V
(2009). Maturation of inhibitory and excitatory motor cortex pathways in children. Brain Dev. 31
IF 1,464

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training in children with cerebral palsy. Brain 132 (Pt 1): 37-44.
IF 8,568

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2006 und früher
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Transcranial magnetic stimulation in patients with Rett syndrome: preliminary results. Eur Child Adoles Psychiatry 6 Suppl 1: 61-3. Eingeladene Reviews, Übersichtsarbeiten
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IF: 1,79

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Managing inadequate response to treatmentFailure of response to initial therapy or loss of initial BP control occurs due to a wide range of prescriber-related, patient-related and drug-related factors. First, check that treatment has followed recommended prescribing guidelines for achieving BP targets (see Drug treatment , page 19). If BP remains above target despite maximal doses of at least tw

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