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Answer: A history of a herpes simplex
a cold sore, and is seen typically in older Treatment is usually palliative.
Caring for this dilemma involves treating We in pediatric dentistry see the age group The primary infection typically has an incuba- the symptoms. Over the counter pain/anti- tion period of 2-12 days. Usually a fever inflammatory/anti-pyretic medications can and sore throat along with small vesicle help the discomfort and lower an elevated sees children has run across this malady. temperature. Rinsing with a compounded formula of 50/50 Benadryl and Maalox 2-3 times a day can help sooth the oral One must always keep in mind that this is a contagious lesions. The topical effect of the Benadryl is enhanced by the Maalox which coats and condition. With both primary and secondary presentations. adheres to the mucosal tissue. Some text-books recommend adding viscous lidocaine The typical patient for a primary infection mucosa marks the beginning. The vesicles to the mixture, but you must be careful of is young, around 3 years old and presents ulcerate rapidly and can increase in numbers with a fairly typical clinical appearance. But to involve the soft palate, tongue and floor of the mouth. Gingival tissue may bleed. not brush well due to the ulcerated oral Inflammation of lymph nodes and a general mucosa, rinsing with liquid chlorhexidine (Peridex) 2-3 times a day can substitute virus. The oral infection is commonly asso- cal time of clinical expression is 10-14 days. for brushing for the short term. Typically ciated the HSV1 variety. Primary herpetic Swollen salivary glands are slower to resolve. gingivostomatitis is the initial infection Parents usually will tell you there is great which can range from sub-clinical to fairly difficulty in eating, carry a temperature and tient hydrated. Caregivers should encour- significant in severity. Secondary herpes is a their children have a hard time sleeping. age fluids as much as possible. Popsicles local reactivation of the virus that produces or ice cubes can aid in comfort and help
provide some oral liquid. Once a patient ibuprofen or acetaminophen, keep the oral catch up, especially with a sick child. If de- area clean and comfortable, follow up for hydration is apparent or the symptoms do resolution of the infection. Normally we not resolve, IV fluids and further diagnostic tell parents to expect a 10-14 day course. Office Locations
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