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Advice for Friends and
Acquaintances of
Cluster Headache
Please request a disc from the adress or download the required information from the below homepage Changes to the text or layout is prohibited Manfred Sander, 37603 Holzminden Tel. 05531-140007 Clusterheadache
Patient´s group
Tel. 02562-965255 [email protected] Milan Meschko, 91267 Neu-Anspach Tel. 06081-962678, Dr. med. Regine Augspach-Hofmann, 57462 Olpe Tel. (02761) 2081 Für die Übersetzung dieses Faltblattes in die englische Sprache danken wir sehr herzlich Frau Kimberley Sadler Edith Renneberg, 37130 Gleichen Tel. (05508) 431 Kerstin Szanyi, 81241 München Tel. (089) 89689714 Such groups are now very wide
of cluster headache sufferers, your friend is spread and are recognised by the experts.
suffering from a very rare and fiercely painful, headaches and social surroundings the following To sum it up, it can be said that to enable incurable (but not life threatening) ailment known yourself to live with the chronic pain, it does not as Cluster headaches or Bing-Horton-Neuralgia. It is not easy to live with a handicap, make any sense to simply surrender to the pain According to current knowledge it relates to a one´s body, personality and private and work infection of the nerves close to the brain. relationships are all very much affected. One experiences a reduction in the quality of daily life Also it will not get you any further to just attacks of the most vicious severity which can not of which a “healthy” person could hardly imagine. constantly fight against the pain, it is all too easy The best thing for most sufferers in the Please help your friend/acquaintance, do acute situation is to simply be left alone. considerable, however, the suffering goes far not leave a usually reliable friend isolated and You cannot help them! The pain will
out in the cold just because he has an illness. automatically begin to wear off after a certain (that basically he did not want or wish for) amount of time (a few minutes to a few hours). If How can you help friends and
the attack is very severe, the patient can help between friends and acquaintances acquaintances?
themselves either by inhaling Oxygen or injection - so called friends withdraw, one Firstly you can be there for them, do
of Sumatriptan. This will limit the length of the would not be invited to occasions(she not break contact or let the friendship
attack to a about 15 minutes. Usually following dwindle. If you and your friend are a member
the onset of a severe attack the sufferers are of a club or group please accept that he/she
simply exhausted, grant them some peace and may not always be able to attend events.
quiet. When the attack is over the sufferer will And suddenly one is all alone and asks return to your circle and you will barely notice oneself “what am I doing in this world??” hours due to an attack, you can appreciate that sufferer would not be very interested in taking However, this fact should not be a part in any sport or social events. However, the sufferers in many cases are very irritable and reason to break all contact with people and occurrence of the severe attacks phase only tend to be over sensitive. Imagine you had pain withdraw from the outside world. Certainly it is usually lasts for a couple of weeks - and then a up to 8 times a day which feels like someone has very difficult when one has a lot of pain to exist put a hot poker in your eye and this happens normally but that would be the case for anyone in There is certainly no reason to envy the over many weeks, you would also be easily What is important is that we show
too could be affected by this dreadful menace. reaction, it would be fatal for the sufferer if ourselves and the outside world that despite
he/she were to lose social contact due to the our illness we have the will to continue,
CSG - Cluster headache Self-Help Group is illness. And please show understanding when although we occasionally need a “timeout”
trying to bring this suffering out in the open, to period.
simply ensure that the sufferers of this hindrance appointments altogether at short notice. Please think about the sufferer, it is also hard for him/her, they were also looking forward to seeing make new friends and to work together to cope contact the attached address where you will find with the health, social and emotional problems

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