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Karen Delahaut, UW-Madison Fresh Market Vegetable Program Recently, several commonly-used insecticides for the control of insects in home vegetable gardens have been taken off the market. As a result, it’s becoming ever more challenging for home gardeners to find suitable insecticide products at garden centers, discount stores, and hardware stores. This listing will help identify some of the suitable products that may replace products that are no longer available. Please be sure to note the product names carefully as several products have similar names, and make sure you check that the active ingredient on the product label is what you’re looking for.
Vegetable insecticides that have lost their registration include diazinon and chlorpyrifos
(Dursban). The following products are still available and effective for the control of the
insects listed.
Asparagus Aphid

Cabbage Maggot
Azadirachtin (Safer’s Brand Neem) Esfenvalerate (Ortho Bug-B-Gone Colorado Potato Beetle
Cyfluthrin (Bayer PowerForce Multi-Insecticidal soap (Safer’s, Concern) Esfenvalerate (Ortho Bug-B-Gone Asparagus Beetle
Corn Leaf Aphid
Corn Borer & Corn Earworm
Bacillus thuringiensis kurstaki Armyworm
Cyfluthrin (Bayer PowerForce Multi-Cyfluthrin (Bayer PowerForce Multi-Esfenvalerate (Ortho Bug-B-Gone Esfenvalerate (Ortho Bug-B-Gone Permethrin (Eight Garden & Home Permethrin (Eight Garden & Home Corn Rootworm Beetles
Bean Aphid
Cyfluthrin (Bayer PowerForce Multi-Acephate (Orthene Systemic Insect Esfenvalerate (Ortho Bug-B-Gone Azadirachtin (Safer’s Brand Neem) Esfenvalerate (Ortho Bug-B-Gone Permethrin (several products) Insecticidal soap (Safer’s, Concern) Cutworms
Bacillus thuringiensis kurstaki (Dipel, Cabbage Aphid
Azadirachtin (Safer’s Brand Neem) Esfenvalerate (Ortho Bug-B-Gone Esfenvalerate (Ortho Bug-B-Gone Insecticidal soap (Safer’s, Concern) Cyfluthrin (Bayer PowerForce Multi-Permethrin (Eight Garden & Home Revised
Mar. 13, 2008
Cucumber Beetles
Bacillus thuringiensis kurstaki Esfenvalerate (Ortho Bug-B-Gone Cyfluthrin (Bayer PowerForce Multi-Permethrin (Eight Garden & Home Esfenvalerate (Ortho Bug-B-Gone Permethrin (Eight Garden & Home Fleabeetles
Melon Aphid
Cyfluthrin (Bayer PowerForce Multi-Esfenvalerate (Ortho Bug-B-Gone Bacillus thuringiensis tenebrionis Insecticidal soap (Safer’s, Concern) Esfenvalerate (Ortho Bug-B-Gone Onion Maggot
Permethrin (Eight Garden & Home Onion Thrips
Cyfluthrin (Bayer PowerForce Multi- Green Peach Aphid
Cyfluthrin (Bayer PowerForce Multi-Permethrin (Eight Garden & Home Esfenvalerate (Ortho Bug-B-Gone Potato Aphid
Insecticidal soap (Safer’s, Concern) Cyfluthrin (Bayer PowerForce Multi-Permethrin (Eight Garden & Home Esfenvalerate (Ortho Bug-B-Gone Leafminers
Cyfluthrin (Bayer PowerForce Multi-Permethrin (Eight Garden & Home Leafhoppers (potato & aster)
Insecticidal soap (Safer’s, Concern) Tomato Hornworm and Fruitworm
Bacillus thuringiensis kurstaki (Dipel, Cyfluthrin (Bayer PowerForce Multi-Esfenvalerate (Ortho Bug-B-Gone Cyfluthrin (Bayer PowerForce Multi-Insecticidal Soap (Safer’s, Concern) Permethrin (several products) For more information on insecticides: See University of Wisconsin Garden Facts
X1095, X1096, X1098, or contact your county Extension agent. 2002 by the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System doing business as the division of Cooperative Extension of the University of Wisconsin Extension.
An EEO/Affirmative Action employer, University of Wisconsin Extension provides equal opportunities in employment and programming, including Title IX and ADA requirements. This document can be
provided in an alternative format by calling Brian Hudelson at (608) 262-2863 (711 for Wisconsin Relay).

References to pesticide products in this publication are for your convenience and are not an endorsement or criticism of one product over similar products. You are responsible for using pesticides according to the manufacturer’s current label directions. Follow directions exactly to protect the environment and people from pesticide exposure. Failure to do so violates the law.
Thanks to Phil Pellitteri, Kristin Kleeberger, and Lis Friemoth for reviewing this document.

A complete inventory of University of Wisconsin Garden Facts is available at the University of Wisconsin-Extension Horticulture website:


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