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LaCroix Sparkling Water Says Happy New You!
To Health-Conscious, Environmentally Aware Adults
Only Calorie-Free, Sugar-Free, Sodium-Free Sparkling Water in a Can
Provides a Healthy Alternative plus 100% Natural and 100% Recyclable

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL (December 26, 2011) – Happy New You!!!
That’s what LaCroix Sparkling Water is saying to all who want a healthier 2012.
LaCroix Sparkling Water, the #1 domestic sparkling water brand in its iconic, eco-
friendly cans, is encouraging consumers across the nation to embrace its Happy New
trend by making LaCroix Sparkling Water a mainstay in their lifestyle going forward.
Delicious and trendy, LaCroix Sparkling Water is absolutely 100% natural. LaCroix
products are calorie, sweetener and sodium free and have no caffeine, gluten or BPA.
LaCroix is manufactured in the U.S. and its 12 oz. cans are 100% recyclable.
“Whether you’re looking to lose weight, create a more nutritional diet or simply crave a
healthy alternative to diet sodas and the like, LaCroix Sparkling Water is the answer,
said Vanessa Walker, Director-Strategic Brand Management. “One look at our
FaceBook fans and our faithful bloggers will confirm that as they continue to echo what
the nation is rapidly finding out – that by making the Switch to Sparkling LaCroix has
helped them in their quest for a healthier lifestyle” added Walker.
Not only are consumers flocking to LaCroix Sparkling Water, prominent members of the
media such as Joy Bauer of TODAY and Health Magazine are just two of LaCroix’s
biggest fans.

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LaCroix Sparkling Water

About LaCroix
LaCroix Sparkling Water serves as a healthy alternative to the many diet sodas and
artificially sweetened beverages on the market.
LaCroix products are calorie,
sweetener, and sodium free and boast a lower carbon footprint than their imported
sparkling counterparts. LaCroix is manufactured in the U.S. and its 12 oz. cans are
100% recyclable.

LaCroix Sparkling Water serves as a healthy alternative to the many diet sodas ad
artificially sweetened beverages on the market. For over 30 years, the #1 sparkling water
brand in a can in the U.S., LaCroix Sparkling Water is currently available in eight flavors
in 12 oz. cans: Coconut, Pure, Lime, Orange, Lemon, Berry, Cran-Raspberry and
Grapefruit. It is available at Target stores Publix, Kroger, Jewel, Dominick, HEB,
Safeway, Costco, Whole Foods and numerous other retail chains. New 12 oz. slim cans
are available in Coconut, Lime, Pure and Cran-Raspberry.

LaCroix Sparkling Water is a product of the Sundance Beverage Company and is part of the National Beverage family. National Beverage Corp. (NASDAQ: FIZZ) features refreshment products that are geared toward the lifestyle/health conscious consumer. Shasta® – Faygo® – Everfresh® – and LaCroix® are aligned with Rip It® energy products to make National Beverage . . . America’s Flavor∙Favorite soft-drink company. What separates LaCroix Water from other seltzers or club sodas?
LaCroix is a sparkling water that is triple-purified and sourced from 12 regions throughout
the United States. It is naturally carbonated, flavored with all-natural extracts. LaCroix is
also the only leading sparkling water that is sodium-free, unlike its imported competition.

Contact Information
For more information on LaCroix Water, Sundance Beverage Company or National
Beverage Corp., please contact us at (888) 241-7360, email us at
or visit on the web aor on


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