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1.1 Knowledge Training and Experience
Current level 3
Claim 4
1.2 Physical Skills
Current level 3(a)
Claim 4
1.3 Freedom to Act
Current level 2
Claim level 3
1.4 Responsibility for Human Resources
ƒ Current level 1
ƒ Claim for level 2
KTE 27 up to 42 increase of 15
PS 27 up to 42 increase of 15
FA 12 up to 21 increase of 9
RHR 5 up to 12 increase of 7
Increase in score of 46 up to 359 and Band 5
Technicians have been increasing their skills and extending their rolesand range of duties in many trusts and until this year with theregistration of Paramedics there was very little difference between thecompetencies of the two posts. Many experienced Technicians are Paramedics in waiting. Under AfC they should be redesignated inrecognition of their higher role.
In practice and with the current level of Paramedic training the numberof incidents a crew will attend in a normal working day where the skillsof a paramedic rather than those of a Technician with extended skillsare needed are important to the patient but few in number.
The current knowledge base is common between technicians andParamedics although with registration and the increasing drug regimewe accept that this will change in the future.
Drug Regimes
Whilst the role of Technicians varies trust by trust there are someconstants in the majority now expect Technicians to deliver aspirin forheart attack patients; glucose for diabetics; adrenalin by inter-muscularinjection; non-invasive use of nebulisers for asthmatics.
Eighteen new Patient Group Directives issued in October. Currentlydrugs used by Paramedics and Technicians and same protocols inuse.
These PGD need an assessment of the patient’s need beforeadministration of the drugs. This done by Technicians so justifies thehigher level on Freedom to Act.
The Medicines Control Agency Certificate (MCA) used up to this yearas confirmation of Technician and Paramedic right to give medication.
Same certificate issued in both cases. Many trusts argued that therewas no difference between the two posts in giving of medication whenParamedic registration was introduced earlier this year.
Full paramedic skill was defined by the holding of the NHSTAparamedic certificate which is held by Technicians but who were not ina Paramedic post.
Skills in intubation, infusion and defibrillation held in part or full by moresenior and practiced Technicians.
Interventions and Procedures
from the nebulisors mentioned above Technicians also use the new 12 lead ECGs which are now being fitted to all vehicles in anational programme of upgrading emergency vehicles. They have alsoextended their skills through course on and the use of defribulation,canulation and interlation. Other changes are probable as the trainingmodules for the new Emergency Care post (Band 6) are devised andfurther paramedic training is given to Technicians so more rolls aredevolved to them.
Equipment and Procedures
3.11 Every single front line NHS ambulance in England is to be kitted out with more of the latest technology aimed at treating heart attack victimsas quickly as possible.
£14 million of new money has been made available to: • Equip all front line ambulances with 12-lead ECG machines, which help • Provide communications equipment so the ECG diagnosis data can be transmitted quickly from the ambulance while on route to hospital; • Provide paramedics with life-saving thrombolytic drugs; and Train England's 8,500 paramedics in diagnosis and in the use ofthrombolysis equipment & drugs. Many Technicians are alsoundertaking this training or part of it and this should be recognised intheir being graded as band 5 in the manner proposed below.
Supervision of other staff
3.13 There are increasing use of PTS other other similarly graded staff on a wider range of duties on front line ambulances. In several Trusts thereare already agrements on the use of suitably trined PTS level staff andTechnicins responding to catagory B calls. These schemes exist inGMAS, Scotland and the South West and they are expanding becauseof the shortage of qualified Paramedic staff in trusts at the moment.
Paramedic Nomenclature
3.14 With the move towards Paramedic registration and the introduction of a registration body it would seem advisable to think of paramedic gradeas with nursing grades. Therefore the difference in titles between aparamedic and a Technician may not be helpful. A solution if this ispossible given the registration requirements would be to have astructure based upon: Paramedic Trainee(As with current Trainee for one year) Paramedic Two (Extended Training as above up tofirst gateway and full Band 5 for qualified Paramedics)



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