Area Business & News Media Differ in Use of Social Media
Leonard & Finco shares results of Third Annual Social Media Survey
For Immediate Release
July 20, 2011
(Green Bay, WI) – While the percentage of business and community leaders using social media at work is approaching usage levels seen among local news media members, there remain significant differences in how each group uses social media. Those are among the findings in the 3rd The survey found that the level of Northeast Wisconsin business/community leaders using social media is just over 76 percent, up from 67 percent in 2010 and 56 percent in 2009. Area news media use of social media has leveled off at nearly 80 percent. Cole Buergi, Senior Account Executive at Leonard & Finco, says the survey results are not surprising and offer an inside look at how business and community leaders view and utilize social media verses traditional media. “The most notable difference is reflected in the types of social media tools that are used,” Buergi explained. “Business leader’s preferences are split between LinkedIn and Facebook, whereas the media’s preference leans.” The survey found that the social media tools most often used by Northeast Wisconsin business and community leaders are: • 52 percent in 2010) • Facebook usage comes in at just shy of 59 percent (vs. 39 percent last year) • Twitter at 41 percent (vs. about 30 percent in 2010) That’s in contrast to the news media’s social media preferences, including: • Facebook usage at nearly 81 percent (down slightly from last year’s 85 percent) • Twitter at 73 percent (74 percent in 2010) • LinkedIn at 46.1 percent (40.7 percent in 2010) edia at 61.5 percent compared with business and community leaders at only 15 percent. An interesting side note is that the use of blogs among the area’s news media has plummeted to 23 percent this year, compared to 48 percent last year. (more)
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Most Often Used Social Media Outlets for Work ‐ 2011
Business ‐ Community Leaders
Facebook Twitter 
“The news media utilizes Facebook and Twitter significantly more often for work than does the business world,” explains Leonard & Finco Senior Account Executive . “This certainly reflects the way journalists operate and highlights the need for businesses to understand the role that social media plays in today’s news world.” Although there is a clear difference between the two groups, the gap is narrowing as the use of social media continues to grow in the business world, where it’s no longer seen as a passing fad. The explosion in the use of smart phones has played a large part in that shift. The survey also found that Northeast Wisconsin business/community leaders use social media in a variety of ways: • To connect with / communicate with others in the community or their industry – 56.8 • To promote company news and information – 48.2 percent • To direct others to their website – 44.6 percent Not surprisingly, journalists continue to use social media in a very direct way to help them do their jobs, including: • Sharing news stories with others – 62.6 percent • Finding interview contacts – 62.9 percent • Helping identify story ideas – 59.2 percent Also worth noting for 2011 is the increase in business professionals who believe social media is having a positive impact on their companies. This year’s survey found that nearly 42 percent of business professionals see social media as a positive, compared with only 34 percent in 2010. For those who believe social media is having a positive impact, the tops reasons why include: • Improving client/customer relations – nearly 60 percent (more)

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Area Business & News Media Differ in Use of Social Media

“Best practices in social media are still evolving and depend on the goal of the business that is
engaging in it,” Stein added. “The important piece that people often don’t think about is strategy
and measurement; that will vary depending upon the business’ goals. Do they want to build
brand awareness, increase customer service, increase sales or do something else? Like any
communication, PR or marketing tool, you need to know what you want to accomplish, if it’s the
right tool for the job and how you’re going to measure it.”

The Leonard & Finco Internet survey targeted more than 300 area journalists and more than 650
Northeast Wisconsin business/community leaders. The response rate was 17.1 percent.
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