Living hope co-op teacher application 2014-2015

Living Hope Co-op
(formerly lighthouse homeschool Co-op)
Teacher/Class Application for 2014-2015
Completed applications are being accepted by the board for consideration on Jan. 27th, Feb. 3rd and Feb. 10th.  Please put them in the box at the board table.  If you know
someone outside of our current co-op families who is interested in teaching for Living Hope Co-op (LHC), please make sure they get a copy of this application and are aware of these dates.
Our Mission for Living Hope Co-op is to join together to assist each other in our effort to
homeschool our children. We believe parents are ultimately accountable to God for the instruction and training of their children. Our goal is to offer a variety of educational classes and an environment for like-minded fellowship. Our desire is that our children will learn to think clearly, concisely and critically with character reflecting that of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Our Statement of Faith at Living Hope Co-op is that we believe that the Bible is the only complete
and infallible Word of God. We believe there is only one living and one true God who exists for all eternity in three persons, the Trinity who are: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. We believe that all people are sinners and in need of salvation. We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ was born of a virgin, died on the cross, rose bodily from the dead and ascended into heaven. We believe we are saved by grace through faith, which is a gift from God, not of our own works and that those who confess Jesus is Lord and believe in their hearts that He rose from the dead, will be saved.
To be considered for a teaching position at Living Hope Co-op, I acknowledge that I have read and do agree with the Living Hope Co-op Mission Statement and Statement of Faith and agree to teach I am in agreement with and will help my family to follow ALL parent and student expectations and responsibilities that have been set in place to help the Living Hope Co-op run smoothly (see co-op Also, I acknowledge receiving and reading the “Teachers’ Responsibilities and Expectations” sheet. I am in agreement with and willing to sign the “Teachers’ Responsibilities and Expectations” sheet if I am chosen to teach a class at LHC (Please read through the attached copy).
If you are in agreement with the above, please sign below, and continue with the remainder of this Signature: __________________________________ Date: __________________ Print Name:_________________________________ If you are NOT a current teacher at Living Hope Co-op, please tell us about your spiritual journey and give a brief testimony of your saving faith in Jesus Christ. Please tell why you are interested in teaching at Living Hope Co-op (Attach a piece of paper with this information.) Name__________________________ DOB_______ Email_________________________ Phone_______________________ (hm) _______________________ (cell) Address_____________________ City__________ Zip Code_____________ Age and grade of your children (2014-2015 school year) that you will bring to co-op with you: ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ Name___________________________________________ Phone Number________________ Name___________________________________________ Phone Number________________ Name of church you attend__________________________________________________________________ Name of Pastor_________________________________________________________________ Please consider me as a potential teacher for the following class(es):
(If you have more than two classes that you are interested in teaching, please add additional paper.) 1.  Name of Class__________________________________________________ Circle appropriate grades:        K-1st       2nd-3rd       4th-6th      7th-8th      9th-12th (Our classes are geared to these age groups. Please indicate if you would be willing to teach your class to more than one of the grade levels listed above. Please indicate the age group that you Brief description of class (If your class is selected to be taught, we will require a full description at Typically, we assign one teacher assistant (TA) per class. Certain classes, however, have more than one TA. Will your class require more than one TA? _______ If so, how many TAs are required? _____ 2.  Name of Class_________________________________________________ Circle appropriate grades:     K-1st       2nd-3rd       4th-6th         7th-8th      9-12th Brief description of class (If your class is selected to be taught, we will require a full description at Will your class require more than one TA? _________ If so, how many TAs are required? _______ IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ: Assuming your class(es) is selected, is there any added
information or restrictions for the board to consider as we put together our schedule of classes? This
includes times of the day that you are not available or restrictions that require you to be a
teacher/TA for a specific class or period. Please note that we try to take these restrictions into account when we create the class
schedule; we will try our best to accommodate your request but it may be very difficult to
modify the class schedule once it is completed.
Thank you for your interest in teaching at LHC!
A board member will contact you as soon as decisions
have been made about teachers and class schedules.
All Teacher/Class Applications are subject to review from the LHC board members. This application does not guarantee acceptance. All classes will be chosen based on need, interest and space Teachers’ Responsibilities and Expectations2014-2015 1. I understand that teaching at Living Hope Co-op (LHC) means becoming a member of a Christian community where families are willing to serve with a spirit of cooperation.  Here we will share blessing, support, fellowship, accountability, responsibility and if necessary, discipline.
2. I agree with the Mission Statement and the Statement of Faith of LHC and will teach nothing contrary to it. In addition, I will do all I can as a teacher to: • provide excellent academic instruction from a Biblical worldview. • help serve, so the co-op will run smoothly. • encourage wholesome relationships that honor Jesus Christ. • help encourage our teens to pursue Christ-like friendships at co-op rather than boyfriend/ girlfriend relationships as is described in the LHC Teen Agreement (see copy). • help encourage all LHC members to keep accountable to the dress code.
3. I will seek the LHC Leadership/Board Members’ approval when making decisions about my class that are “out of the normal course description” for my class (i.e.: field trips, guests speakers, musical and drama performances, or other extra events, etc.) via a written request that will include dates, time, place, adult supervision plans, or other significant information.  After approval is given, I agree to put dates for these events in the “Co-op Calendar” that is located at the information table. 4. I agree to be on-time and prepared to teach my class.
5. I will maintain discipline of my classroom and will swiftly seek assistance from parents who may have a child in my class that is not obeying (including not fulfilling homework requirements).
6. If I need to be absent from my teaching position I will: 1) ask my TA to substitute for me providing all the materials needed for the lesson of the day or an alternative lesson. 2) notify the sub pool to send a replacement for my TA. If my TA is unable to take over, notify all the students that they are 7. If I must be absent more than three (3) times during the course of the co-op school year, I agree to pay my substitute teacher $1.25 per student in my class, per day, from my own money that has already been paid to me by students enrolled in my class.
8. Homework requirements:  If a student falls 2 assignments behind the parent/student will receive a warning.  If any student falls 4 assignments behind they will be sent to study hall until they are “caught up”.  Repeated episodes could result in the student being removed from the class.    9. Enforce supply requirements as stated on page 8 of Co-op brochure.
I agree with the these responsibilities and expectations and agree to abide by them if chosen to teach Signature: __________________________________ Date: __________________ Print Name:_________________________________


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