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School Board Questions and Answers
Tuesday, February 7, 2012
229. How many of our employees are LC residents? Number and percent. (Bergel/Feb 1, 2012)
Of the 9,471 employees, 7,113 or 75.1 % are Loudoun County residents. 230. One of the speakers said that not giving employees at the top of the scale a salary increase could be
discriminating. How many people at the top of the scale are 40 or older? What is the gender of the people
at the top of the scale? (Sheridan/Feb 2, 2012)
Age 40 and older is the protected class for age discrimination. 100 percent of the employees at the top of the scale
are 40 or older.
73 percent of the employees at the top of the scale are women.
231. What would be the total savings realized by implementing the co-pay rates utilized by Prince William County
as per the information shared in question #136? (Turgeon/Feb 2, 2012)
Changing co-pays to those utilized by Prince William County generate FY13 savings of $1,268,000. Primary Care Physician - $306,000 ($15 to $20) Specialist - $345,000 ($30 to $35) Prescription - $617,000 ($5/$25/$45 to $10/$30/$60) At this time we would not recommend an increase to the $5 co-pay for dispensing lower cost generic drugs. During the 2008 plan year, the generic co-pay was reduced from $8 to $5. The immediate impact resulted in generic drug utilization increasing from 55% to 61%. The current generic utilization rate is now at 71%. We anticipate this to increase even further in the near future because of greater awareness of the potential savings to the patient and name brand medications, such as Lipitor, going generic. 232. What is the total amount paid in salaries, not including health benefits, VRS, etc.? I am looking for the
amount used to calculate the cost for VRS and Group Life Insurance (as these are based on percentage of
salary, if I am not mistaken.) (Turgeon/Feb 2, 2012)

Loudoun County Public Schools – FY 2013 Operating Budget School Board Questions and Answers
Tuesday, February 7, 2012
233. How many positions that were funded by grants are now in the operating budget? (Bergel/Feb 6, 2012)

LCPS received two types of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funding. They were State
Stabilization funds and Title VIB funds. Both of these grants were for two fiscal years.
State Stabilization funds were used for regular education teacher compensation. In FY 2010, 167 teacher positions
were funded and in FY 2011, 64 positions were funded. All teacher positions were moved from the school operating
fund to the grant and as the grant funding ended, they were moved back to the operating fund.
The Title VIB ARRA funds were used to fund special education teachers and teacher assistants. In FY 2010 there
were 44 teacher and teacher assistant positions funded by Title VI B ARRA and in FY 2011, an additional 40
positions were funded. Again, these 84 positions were moved from the school operating fund to the grant and
returned to the operating fund when the grant ended.
Therefore, a portion of the history of position increases shown on pages 98 and 152 of the FY 2013
Superintendent’s Proposed Operation Budget document include the transferring of existing positions from federally
funded grants to locally funded operating budget and are not new positions.

Loudoun County Public Schools – FY 2013 Operating Budget


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