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November 2010
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Polyp detection during colonoscopy not always influenced by
A study of 4665 colonoscopies performed at Mayo Clinic shows that when the procedures are performed in half-day blocks by different physicians, there is no difference in the adenoma detection rate from Physiatrists uniquely qualified to address obesity-related
physical, mental and social costs
Mayo physiatrists provide accurate, research-based exercise prescriptions for healthy individuals, those with obesity-related joint Grand Rounds Online
complications, and inactive individuals without impairments who need to begin an activity program to optimize cardiovascular and Khat chewing may increase risk of stroke and death
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A Mayo research study found that patients from Africa and Yemeni who habitually chew khat for its euphoric and stimulating effects and presented with acute coronary syndrome had higher rates of death, cardiogenic stroke, and stroke complications..
Clinical Trials
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E-cadherin may act as an oncogene in some cancers
Researchers report that the protein ephithelial cadherin (E-cadherin), a tumor suppressor and potential cancer-drug target, appears to act as an oncogene in some lethal brain tumors. The findings may Comments?
explain puzzling observations about E-cadherin expression in breast Fluticasone clears condition but not symptoms of throat
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Researchers conducting the first controlled trial of swallowed fluticasone propionate nasal spray (Flonase) on patients with eosinophilic esophagitis found that although the allergy drug helped treat the cause of the throat condition, the symptoms lingered.
Mortality rates from liver diseases underestimated
Using a modified definition that includes diseases such as viral hepatitis, liver cancer, and obesity-related fatty liver disease, Mayo- led researchers found that liver-related mortality ranks as high as the fourth most common cause of death for some age groups.
Clinical Challenges in Diagnosis and Treatment Selected Topics in Internal Medicine
Postgraduate programming summarizes new clinical studies and guidelines that impact practice in general internal medicine, gastroenterology, infectious diseases, oncology and women's health.
Management strategies for pulmonary nodules based on radiographic features, kidney stones, common dermatologic problems and issues encountered by post-gastric bypass patients are included.
Arrythmias & the Heart
Explore approaches to the diagnosis, management and prevention of common rhythm disorders, including minisymposiums on atrial fibrillation and ventricular arrhythmias. One day is devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of patients with congestive heart failure and Pain Medicine: A State-of-the-Art Course in Pain Management
for the Non-Pain Specialist
This course addresses the integration of pain services across disciplines to improve pain control in acute, chronic and cancer pain populations. Updates on critical issues in the management of chronic, non-cancer, and cancer pain are included.
Multiple Sclerosis 2011: Update and Practical Management
Practical management strategies, evidence-based clinical guidance, and explanations of the latest research advances help physicians optimally care for patients with multiple sclerosis.
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