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MONDAY, JUNE 1, 2009
Approval of First Renewal to Bid #05/06-48, Public Safety Employee Physicals, to Company Care. This effectively extends the bid with no increase in cost for a one year period. (D. Fish) Approval of Modification #5 to Sub-grant Agreement #06/07-149 with the Division of Emergency Management for construction of the new Emergency Operations Center. The purpose of the modification is to increase the federal portion of the grant funding and amend the scope of services (see Attachment A-Federal). Funding Source: 305-6009-562000 (B. Johns) Approval of Second Amendment to Drug Court 2008/09 Funding Agreement #08/09-32. The agreement is being amended to increase the funds allocated for Residential Treatment Services, however, this is only a reallocation of funds with no additional funding requested. Funding Source: 134-1067-531000 (B. Johns) Approval of changes to the list of designated purchasing agents appointed and approved by the County Manager to submit requisitions and make purchases in accordance with the provisions of the purchasing policy. Per the Purchasing Policy, this list is to be updated when changes are made thereto. (K. Thomas) Approval to post notice of intent and to award Bid #08/09-27, Commercial Grade Dishwasher for Jail to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder, Designs Furnishings & Equipment, Inc., in the amount of $40,775.00. Approval will be effective after the 72-hour bid protest period has expired, assuming no protests are received. Funding Source: 102-1204-564100 (D. Fish) with Florida Roads Contracting, Inc. for intersection improvements and signalization for C.R. 209 at Henley Road (C.R. 739), Bid #08/09-15, in the amount of $177,027.88. Funding Source: 305-79-563000 (B. Johns) Approval to modify the award for EMS Medical Supplies [Bid #08/09-1 EMS Medical Supplies – Item: Diltiazem (Cardizem)] to the second lowest bidder Matrix/Henry Schein. Boundtree was originally awarded the item; however, due to an error on their pricing sheet, they will not honor the bid price. Funding Source: 001-2101-552000 (D. Fish) Approval of Budget Transfer #09-138 in the amount of $100,000.00 to provide additional funding for anticipated increase in legal costs. This transfer is out of contingency within the same fund. Funding Source: 001-9900-599100 (K. Zebraski) REVISED Budget/Finance Committee Agenda 06/01/09
Approval of Budget Transfer #09-139 in the amount of $18,462.00 to provide funding for the Tourism Development position approved by the Board at the 5/26/09 BCC Meeting. The position is to become effective 7/1/09. This transfer is out of contingency within the same fund and will cover personal services costs through the end of FY08/09. Funding Source: 109-9904-599100 (K. Zebraski) Discussion regarding request from Wendover Housing Partners, LLC for local government assistance for the Florida Housing Finance Corporation’s 2009-10 universal application cycle. (F. Behring) 11. Continuation of the evaluation process to award RFP #08/09-21, Broker/Consulting Services for Employee Benefit Plan. Respondents will give a 10-minute presentation to the Budget/Finance Committee and a recommendation will be made to the full Board. The seven respondents are Aon Consulting, Inc.; Compass Consulting Group; Public Risk Insurance Agency; Taylor Insurance Services; Wells Fargo Insurance Services; Willis HRH of Florida; and Wingate Insurance Group, Inc. (K. Thomas) Approval of funding for QTI (Qualified Target Industry) incentive for Project Clean HQ. Back up for this item will be provided at the meeting. (D. Andrews) Approval to purchase, as a sole source, hardware and maintenance services from AT&T in the amount of $369,373.55 for the Emergency Operation Center and Fire Stations 14 & 22 locations. The hardware is being purchased as part of Phase III of the Metro Ethernet (MetroE) Project. Further approval is requested for advance payment of the maintenance services provided thru 10/31/2010. Funding Source: 001-0107-564100/546100 (K. Thomas) Agreement with Election Systems & Software, Inc. for voter tabulation equipment and related software services in the amount of $726,225.00; and approval of advance payment of 25% of the $725,225.00 and advance payment of hardware and software maintenance on an ongoing yearly basis. This purchase was approved as a Sole Source, through the Finance Committee Report, at the April 28, 2009 BCC meeting. Funding Source: To Be Determined (B. Johns) REVISED Budget/Finance Committee Agenda 06/01/09


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