Complete natural multifloral honey with preservation of all valuable substances. Preparation of liquid crystal free honey: quick decrystalisation and filtration of the honey (200 microns) – immediate cooling down with aroma recuperation – filling into new recipients. The honey is ready for use as an ingredient in all kinds of food products. Guarantee of non-crystallisation of minimum 3 months. Wild flower honey, mild and flavoursome. Origin: divers countries According to the Pfund colour measuring: 50-85 mm

Refractive index:
1,4844 to 1,4993 (in function of the percentage of moisture) Density:
1,398 to 1,445 (in function of the percentage of moisture and the temperature)
Honey is hygroscopic. Keep recipients closed and at room temperature. No further requirements. Shelf life: 24 months. Physicochemical analysis

Nutritional value (average per 100g):

GMO (Genetically modified organisms)


Pesticides: The honey is tested chromatographically on the presence of pesticides conform EU 396/2005, EC 470/2009, EU 37/2010 Antibiotics: The honey is tested on the presence of streptomycins, sulphonamides, tetracyclines, chlorampenicol, macrolides and Nitrofurans (internally and externally): Maximum limits: streptomycins < 10 ppb macrolides (erythromycine, tylosine) < 10 ppb Adulteration : Ad random the honey is screened in an external laboratory on adulteration through a C13 test and a screening of betafructofuranosidase. Allergies and food tolerance: There are no allergens in honey. Sanitary guarantees: All honey is tested on presence of bee-diseases. Sanitary attestation upon request. Microbiology:
There is no danger on itself, because of a large sugar concentration, a low aw value and a low pH. Handle with care. Remnants exposed to the air can absorb water (honey is hygroscopic), become pol uted and ferment.
Container with steel pallet: ARTICLE NO 24920
Content: 1000 litters maximum – Material: HDPE Complies with the specifications of EC 1935/2004 and 2002/75/EC Measurements: 1,2 x 1 x height 1,16m - Net weight: 1000kg honey- Gross weight: 1059kg Outlet: tap 2” – sealed during transportation
Buckets 25kg: ARTICLE NO 24984
With lid and handle – Material: polypropylene Complies with the specifications of EC 1935/2004 and 2002/72/EC Measurements: diameter 30 cm, height: 31 cm - Net weight: 25kg - Gross weight: 27,75kg Palletisation: 3 layers of 8 buckets Measurements pallet: 1,2m x 0,8m - height: 1,11m Meli policy regarding analysis of GMO pollen in honey
Following the judgment of the European Court (Case C-442/09, 06.09.2011) regarding the presence of GMO pollen in honey, we have installed the following procedure of analysis: - qualitative screening (35S-Promoter, NOS-Terminator and Promotor FMV) in case of a negative screening result we classify the honey as marketable and supply this in case of a positive screening result we order a further analytical testing as fol ows: o specific testing on non EU-permitted GMO’s (MON810 (MON810 got a positive in case of a positive result of the aforementioned specific testing, the honey is classified not-marketable and we do not proceed with the supply of this honey in case of a positive screening result and a negative result of the specific testing o this indicates the presence of a EU-permitted GMO and we therefore classify the honey as marketable and free for delivery o if the proportion of pollens from GMO-plants lies under 0,9% of the total pol ens contained in the honey, this honey is marketable and does not require a declaration o if the proportion of pollens from GMO-plants is above the 0,9% level of total pollens contained in the honey, a declaration of this honey is required o the exact wording of the declaration – still pending – wil be stated by the ruling This procedure is followed stochastical y on the batches of incoming raw materials out of several continents. Next to this screening, we do the tests described above for all the incoming raw materials coming from countries with a risk for GMO pollen (mainly North and South America and Canada). The representative sample for this analysis sent to the lab is 250g out of a container of 20 Tons. When this sample is conform with the procedure mentioned above, the whole homogenised container will be released as conform and will be used in our products. Following the judgement, the European Commission will adapt the honey directive according to the judgement. It is obviously clear that the honey itself is not subject to genetic manipulation, because honey is from animal origin. So we are only talking about the pollen, which are brought to the beehive by the bees and now are called an additive due to the judgement. Pollen are only a fraction of the honey (0.1 to 0.5%). The possible genetic modified pol en are so a fraction of this fraction and are completely inert, given they cannot be used for reproductive purposes. The European Commission and particularly DG Sanco are working on guidelines that should deliver a uniformity regarding analysis methods within the different EU member states together with the needed certainty. You can understand that it is impossible to detect one EU non-conform GMO pol en in a batch of 20 Tons. Waiting on the European guidelines and threshold values and given the information above, Meli can not guarantee that this one EU non conform GM-pollen is absent in a 20 ton batch raw material and the honey products (container, bucket, jar, stick, bottle, portion) produced with this honey.

Source: http://www.meli.be/Portals/0/productfiches/Honing%20Bloemen%20EN%2030-07-12%20_A4.pdf

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