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The latest phase in our campaign to overturn the Co-op Group's boycott of the Israeli companiesAgrexco, Arava Export Growers, AdaFresh, and Mehadrin is to attend a Co-op meeting.
A question that should be asked at the meeting: "Wil the Regional Board recommend that a review be made of the Co-op's Ethical Trading andHuman Rights Policy, second criteria for the boycott of trade specifical y with Israeli companies.
The same international consensus that formed the basis of the Co-op's second criteria, specifical yUN, EU and the British Government (both under Blair and Brown, and the current coalition) whilestating like the Co-op that "Israeli settlements" are il egal, have never cal ed for a boycott of Israeli"West Bank" produce.
In fact, not only have the UN, EU and the British Government not cal ed for a boycott, even YasserArafat signed an agreement as part of the Olso Peace Accords not to boycott Israeli goods.
Why then despite the fact the UN, EU, British Government and even the Palestinian Government donot boycott Israeli "West Bank" goods does the Co-op continue to boycott Israeli goods from the"West Bank"? Below is a list of meetings that you can attend (only one meeting per member) Greater Manchester North - 23 October, 7.00pm - Ashton Town Hal , Market Place, Ashton-under-Lyne, OL6 6DL Stockport & Macclesfield - 28 October, 7.30pm - Edgeley Park (home of Stockport County FC),Hardcastle Road, Edgeley, Stockport, SK3 9DD Please note that you must be a member to attend! If you are not a Co-op member dial 0800 023 4708 or visit These present us with another opportunity to ask questions of the Co-op Board Members andManagers present to show that we are unhappy with the Co-op's decision to boycott four Israelicompanies, and want to see it reversed. If you are able to attend the meeting please email the ZCC and let us know and we wil put you intouch with other friends of Israel who are attending, and supply appropriate briefing materials.
Last year, a national petition against the Co-op's boycott policy was signed by thousands of peopleacross the country. Both the Petition and the letter-writing campaign which fol owed it took the Co-opby surprise. They didn't realise there were many people in this country who oppose boycot s of Israel.
Because of our actions to date, we believe the Co-op is unlikely to extend its boycott policy to moreIsraeli companies in the short term.
But we can't be complacent about that because the boycott campaigners have been greatlyencouraged by the Co-op's actions and are now turning their at ention to other retailers.
We are asking people to organise and sign petitions in their neighbourhoods and present them totheir local Co-op store. We can confirm that many communities, Jewish, Christian and others aretaking part in this campaign right across the UK. The aim is to ensure that the Co-op from the locallevel up is aware that this policy is alienating customers and we wil ensure that other retailers wilalso take note. It is vital that this campaign is seen to be a success.
Please email or contact the ZCC at 0161 740 835 and you wil be provided with the background tothe Co-op's boycott policy and arguments against it and more information about the campaign.


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