Mitec satellite50-th/e

SatelLite50-TH/E Combined humidity and temperature logger Description
SatelLite50-TH/E is a compact two-channel datalogger The built-in electronics are powerd from a single for connection of an external combined termperature standard 1.5V battery. This reduces the battery cost to and humidity sensor. SatelLite50-TH/E is characterised one-tenth of the special 3.6V Lithium batteries that by high accuracy and a wide measuring range. normally are used in portable applications. Power VAISALA´s combined humidity and temperature consumption is low and a battery can last up to half a sensor HMP44L can be connected directly. It is based year depending on how measurments are made. on Vaisala’s HUMICAP. sensor, with high long-term SatelLite50-TH/E measures temperature in the range - stability and suitability for measurements to 100% RH. 40 to 60°C and humidity from 0 to 100% RH. The SatelLite50-TH/E has a robust aluminium casing and is resolution is always better than 0.03°C and 0.03% RH. powered with a standard 1.5V battery that provides Mitec’s analysis programs automatically code the data good economy and simple operation. The sensor is with instrument identification to ensure full powered from the instrument’s inbuilt battery. traceability and conformance to ISO9000 standards. SatelLite50-TH/E is designed for measuring relative SatelLite50-TH/E has a built-in non-volatile data humidity in building constructions and other memory which means that it will not lose its memory if applications that demand high accuracy and the battery runs out. The memory size is 16,000 measured values (8,000 for each measuring channel). It is also suitable for measuring climate fluctuations in SatelLite50-TH/E is part of the Mitec system for housing, commercial premises, warehouses, cold professional data acquisition. Measured data can be storage and transport in conjunction with research, analysed by Mitec WinSat or any of our standard general investigations, operation and maintenance. programs Mitec WinLog or Mitec Monitor. WinLog and SatelLite50-TH/E is manufactured in Sweden by Mitec Monitor can also be used with other Mitec loggers. Advantages
• Combined temperature and humidity logger • Direct connection with Vaisala’s quality sensor • Powered with a standard 1.5V battery • All Mitec analysis software can be used Copyright Mitec Instrument AB. C10025 Rev. 32kb non-volatile (EEPROM). Resolution storage 16 bits. 8,000 per measuring channel (Total approx. 16,000). Crystal-controlled, date and time. Automatic correction from computer 62.5ms (16Hz), 125ms (8Hz), 250ms (4Hz), 500ms (2Hz), 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 30sec, 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 30min, 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 24hrs Selection of different levels for each registration interval. 1x 1.5V battery size LR6 (alkali). R6 and FR6 can also be used. 1.1 to 2.0 V via 4-pole modular contact (communication port). 1 month to 1 year (depending on registration interval, measuring time and temperature). 12 bits. (Measuring value is stored with 16 bits). Temperature, SatelLite50-TH/E
Humidity, SatelLite50-TH/E
< +- 2% @ 0 to 90% +- 3% @ 90 to 100%. 15s to 90% of final value in stationary air. FUNCTIONS
Adjustable, time start, manual start and stop Mean value, adjustable number of measurements per registration. Via PC and one of Mitec’s programs WinSat, WinLog or Monitor V 1.70 or higher. COMMUNICATION
RS232, 19200 baud. Control signal from computer. LED. One flash every 4th second while logging is in progress. MECHANICAL
4-pole modular contact, 4/4 as well as 8-pole modular contact, 8/8 Powder-coated extruded aluminium 75x 60x33 mm. Ordering information
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Mitec SatelLite50-TH/E data logger with battery. Mitec WinSat, WinLog or Monitor analysis program PC-cable LPC-7 to PC.; Calibration standards CSL-X (6 - 90 % RH). We reserve the right to make technical improvements without notice Copyright Mitec Instrument AB. C10025 Rev 0 Mitec Instrument AB, Box 91, 661 22 Säffle, Sweden
Visiting address: Västra Storgatan 18, Säffle, Sweden Tel.: +46 53316050, Fax: +46 53316045 [email protected]


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