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Bibliography -- Drug Abuse
362.29 BAY
Bayer, Linda N. Crack & cocaine. Philadelphia: Chelsea House Publishers,
Note: Describes the effects of crack and other forms of cocaine on the
body, the dangers of abusing them, the reasons why people use them, and
ways to prevent an addiction or get help.
362.29 DYS
Dyson, Cindy. Valium and other downers. Philadelphia, Pa: Chelsea House
Publishers, [1999].
Note: Discusses the use and abuse of various "downer" drugs, examining
why people take them, their effects on the body, and how to get help.
362.29 EVA
Evans, Dale W. Drugs. ETR Assoc, [1996].
362.29 MEE
362.29 STE
Stewart, Gail. Drugs. San Diego, CA: Kidhaven Press, [2002].
Note: Discusses the social pressures, family instability, health risks,
and treatments involved with drugs.
362.29 WAT
Watson, Joanna. Drugs. Chicago: Raintree, [2005].
362.29 WEA
Weatherly, Myra. Ecstasy and other designer drug dangers. Berkeley
Heights, NJ: Enslow Pub, [2000].
Note: Presents the dangers of Ecstasy, crystal meth, crank, and other
designer drugs, discussing their effects and addictive nature and the
treatment of their abuse.
362.29 WES
Westcott, Patsy. Why do people take drugs? Austin: Raintree Steck-Vaughn
613 HEA
Kane, William. Health matters! Danbury, Conn: Grolier Educational,
613.8 BAY
Bayer-Berenbaum, Linda. Inhalants and solvents. Philadelphia, Penn:
Chelsea House, [1999].
Note: Discusses how and why people abuse inhalants and solvents, the
dangerous effects these substances can have on the body, and where to get
613.8 BRE
Brennan, Kristine. Ecstasy and other designer drugs. Broomall, PA:
Chelsea House Publishers, [1999].
Note: Describes the history, origins, effects, and dangers of such
designer drugs as Ecstasy, PCP, and fentanyl analogs.
613.8 GAL
Gallagher, Jim. Heroin. Broomall, PA: Chelsea House Pub, [1998].
Note: Examines the history, nature, sources, and effects of heroin, the
dangers of its use, and treatment for addiction to it.
613.8 PHI
Phillips, Jane Ellen. LSD, PCP, and other hallucinogenic drugs.
Philadelphia, PA: Chelsea House Publishers, [1999].
Note: Explains the different kinds of hallucinogenic drugs, their history
and effects, and how to get help in remaining or becoming drug-free.
613.8 QUA
Quackenbush, Marcia and Telljohann, Susan Kay. Tobacco, alcohol & other
drug prevention
. ETR Publishing, [2004].

613.8 REB
Rebman, Renee C. Addictions and risky behaviors : cutting, bingeing,
snorting, and other dangers.
Berkeley Heights, NJ: Enslow Publishers,
615 BIR
Bird, Stephen. Pain relievers, diet pills, and other over-the-counter
Philadelphia, Pa: Chelsea House, [2000].
Note: Describes pain relievers, diet pills, and other over-the-counter
drugs,their use in treating various health problems, their side effects,
and their dangers if misused.
615 ROB
Roberts, Jeremy. Drugs and dieting. New York: Rosen Pub, [2001].
616.85 BIR
Bird, Stephen. Prozac and other antidepressants. Philadelphia, PA:
Chelsea House Pub, [1999].
Note: Describes the symptoms of mental depression, and the effects of
Prozac and other anti-depressants, which are used to treat this
616.86 PAP
Papa, Susan. Addiction. Woodbridge, CT: Blackbirch Press, [2001].


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