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with interns sponsored by Keep Chicago Beautiful

Chicago, IL – August 5, 2010
– “Beyond expectations” was an enthusiastic comment from graduate
students from Israel’s Arava Institute of Environmental Studies as they recently walked the factory floor at
MRC Polymers, Inc. in Chicago. Their summer internships are hosted by “Keep Chicago Beautiful,” which
has taught the “Chicago Model” sustainability program as part of the “Waste In Place” curriculum to
thousands of teachers nationwide for 20 years.
Yonat Mordoch, from Israel, and Mohammed Taher, from Jordan, attend the Arava Institute for
Environmental Studies (AIES). It is the premier environmental education and research program in the
Middle East, preparing future Arab and Jewish leaders to cooperatively solve the region's environmental
challenges. Each year, one Israeli student and one Arab student spend six weeks in Chicago learning about
public policy and technical environmental issues.
“As scientists, they were deeply interested in the proprietary, chemical-free processes that enable MRC to
convert landfill-ready plastics to their purest form,” observed Andy Ponnusamy, MRC Quality/Regulatory
“Because of natural decomposition issues, plastic constitutes a great threat to the environment and I was
very impressed by the way the company helps solve this problem,” remarked Mordoch. “MRC places
importance on environmental values and I think that they should be a model for other factories and
“While water is the most significant environmental challenge in the Middle East, litter and pollution are
substantial,” said Paul Binks, MRC President and CEO.
“We all have a stake in our impact on the environment,” Binks continued. “Our participation in the
internship program was to emphasize that manufacturing through sustainability-driven processes can meet
financial goals, while achieving a positive impact on the environment. This is a key message we hope the
students will bring back to other young Middle East scientists.”
For information about MRC, call Paul Binks, President and CEO, at (248) 224-7569 or check our website

Caption: Arava Institute graduate students, Yonat Mordoch and Mohammed Taher, tour MRC Polymers
factory facility with Ananda (Andy) Ponnusamy, MRC Quality/Regulatory division.

MRC Polymers’ proprietary recycling and compounding technologies establish it as the industry leader in providing consistent, high quality, engineering grade resins. It has manufactured engineering and commodity thermoplastic compounds since 1980. Located at 3535 W. 31st Street,
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