You’ve got your reasons to quit. We’ve got a program that works.
Tired of your tobacco habit? Whether you smoke, chew or dip, Cleveland Clinic’s
Tobacco Treatment Center can give you the one-on-one support and resources you
need to lead a tobacco-free life. Let us create a customized plan based on the latest
scientific evidence that will help you succeed.
1. We Tailor a TreaTmenT plan for you.
Our tobacco cessation specialist will help you learn more about your tobacco use, your past attempts at quitting and your dependence on nicotine. We wil design a treatment plan just for you to increase your chance of success.
2. We combine medicaTion WiTh behavioral Therapy.
Smoking, chewing and dipping are an addiction as well as a habit. Research shows that the combination of medication and counseling gives the best odds for successful y quitting tobacco. Medication helps treat the addiction to nicotine. Medication options include bupropion (Zyban®, Wellbutrin®), varenicline (Chantix®) and nicotine replacement therapy (gum, lozenges or patch). Counseling or behavior change therapy helps you recognize habits and triggers (why you use tobacco) and find effective options for making changes.
3. We sTay in Touch.
Our tobacco treatment specialist will fol ow your progress, offering tips and encouragement, and celebrate each of your successes.
consider These:
What your tobacco treatment sessions will involve Your first visit with the tobacco treatment specialist will last about 40 minutes. We will review your medical history, current medications, tobacco history and Our tobacco treatment specialist will develop a customized treatment your heart and brain, increasing risks of plan to help you quit the “SMART” way: sTraTegy – Use a program tailored for your success.
moTivaTion – Make a pact with yourself to keep trying.
aWareness – Learn about nicotine addiction, withdrawal and triggers.
reasons – Compare pros and cons to identify your top reasons to quit.
Tobacco-free life – Set a date to commit to living without tobacco.
We will schedule fol ow-up appointments to check on your progress, make adjustments to your plan and monitor your medications. When to schedule an appointment We can help you quit whether you’re ready now or plan to be ready in six our Tobacco Treatment specialists can see
months. We can help you if you have reasons to quit but don’t know where you at these cleveland clinic locations:
to start. We can even help you if you know you’re not ready to quit but just want to learn more. Our tobacco treatment specialists are happy to work with Strongsvil e Family and Surgery Health Center Call 866.857.1916 to schedule an appointment.
Visit us at


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