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Objectives: During the two years the students should be taught to
respond to language sensitively. Candidates should be able to write
smoothly, correctly and intelligibly, and they should be taught
economy of expression, logical thinking and aesthetic expression
through language.
Content :
There will be two papers of three hours each. Paper I will be based on the prescribed texts. Paper II will be on production and response to different registers comprising essay, précis ,and
Paper I : Candidates will be expected to
1) show close knowledge of and familiarity with the texts of their 2) be able to see relationships between texts, 3) discern similarity and dissimilarity of treatment of themes such as 4) respond to questions on technique appropriate to the genre e.g. on plot, character, structure, style, rhythm, imagery etc. 5) discuss issues arising from the content ,
Credit will be given for evidence of wide reading outside the texts,
and of awareness of literature outside the texts.
Candidates are required to show knowledge of two novels, two plays,
all the short stories and all the poems, making six texts in all.
Copyright 2006 National Institute of Education - Sri Lanka. All rights reserved Drama

Jane Austen
Short Stories (5)
Gunadasa Amarasekera Disonchinahamy

Poetry (24)

Escorting Candidates to the Examination Hall Shall I Compare Three to a Summer’s Day Copyright 2006 National Institute of Education - Sri Lanka. All rights reserved Yasmine Gooneratne The Peace Game Wikkramasinhe The Questions

Part A. Will have 4 questions. There will be passages for comment
from the drama, fiction and the poetry requiring short answers
showing the candidate’s ability to respond personally to the issues
therein. Candidates will be able to answer these questions on the
texts of their choice and all the poetry prescribed. ( 10 x 4 = marks)
Part B.
Candidates will need to know the texts of their choice closely, and
all the short stories and the poetry. Questions will be set on single
texts as well, enabling candidates to show their ability to make
comparison across the texts. However, knowledge of all the short
stories and all the poems will be expected.

Candidates will be expected to write correctly, smoothly and
Copyright 2006 National Institute of Education - Sri Lanka. All rights reserved It will comprise 4 parts, Essay précis and Unseens, both prose and verse.
This will be marked out of 35. Candidates will be expected to write
on ONE of several given topics of a wide range allowing for logical
argument and debate, collection of facts, experience of individual
opinions and creative writing from personal experience (35 marks)

This will be marked out of 25. Candidates will be expected to
comprehend a passage of reasonable length (550-575) words and
express the meaning, the gist, coherently, clearly and economically.
(Schools could use editorials in newspapers, magazines relating to
definite issues, and articles of similar length on issues of general
interest fir classroom teaching)
(25 marks)

Two passages, one of prose, which could be fiction or non-fiction
and one of poetry will be given. Questions will be set on the text
and candidates would be required to respond to nuances,
connotations, denotations, varied use of language, express
appreciation of varied experiences and show ability to perceive
human issues and values (20 x 20 = 40marks)
Copyright 2006 National Institute of Education - Sri Lanka. All rights reserved


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DATOS PERSONALES Apellido y Nombres: CANTARELLI, Miguel Angel Nacionalidad: Argentino. Código postal: 6300. Ciudad: Santa Rosa. Provincia: La Pampa. E-mail: [email protected] I. FORMACION A) TÍTULOS UNIVERSITARIOS DOCTOR EN QUIMICA Doctorado Categorizado “A” por CONEAU. Facultad de Química, Bioquímica y Farmacia. Universidad Nacional de San Luis (2011). MAGISTER EN QUIMICA ANA

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