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Popular psychology meets cultural theory
A new approach to a pervasive human condition
Will appeal to people interested in a variety of
subjects from cinema and photography to
philosophy and cultural studies

Includes coverage of many 'cult' cultural
23rd October 2008
figures such as Nick Cave, Andrei Tarkovsky,
Iain Sinclair
Has both academic interest (ie it could well end
up on student reading lists) and general appeal
Crown Octavo
Review coverage planned for the major
(186 x 124mm)
Burton’s classic The Anatomy of Melancholy
features in Philip Pullman’s recent ‘list of
books that shaped his writing’ for Waterstone’s
Restrictions: none
Psychology, self-help
Mind, Body, Spirit
A depressive illness or a passing feeling? Mental detachment or a precursor to genius? Melancholy is a critical part of what it is to be human, yet everything from Prozac to self help psychology books seems intent on removing all signs of sadness from contemporary existence. Complex and contradictory, melancholy’s presence weaves through the histories of both science and art. A Field Guide to Melancholy surveys this ambivalent concept and takes a journey through its articulation in a variety of languages, from the Russian toska of Pushkin’s Eugene Onegin, to kaiho – which is expressed in the dancing of the Finnish tango. Melancholy is found in the historic traditions of death’s presence in paradise, the tears of nature, along For a review copy, or for further information, with nostalgia, pathos, and melancholy’s presiding god, Saturn. In contemporary society, please contact: Chris Burrows PR
melancholy becomes a fashion statement in the subculture of the Emo. +44 (0)161 445 6635
[email protected]
By drawing on a range of disciplines from psychology and philosophy to architecture and design, and by examining the work of creative figures as different as Ingmar Bergman, Publisher: Oldcastle Books
PO Box 394
Albrecht Dürer, WG Sebald and Tom Waits, Jacky Bowring provides an original perspective on one of the most elusive, enigmatic and fascinating of human conditions. Herts AL5 1XJ Tel/Fax: +44 (0)1582 761264 UK Distribution: Turnaround
Dr. Jacky Bowring is a critic, designer and writer. She is Associate Professor of
Landscape Architecture at Lincoln University in New Zealand, and has published widely on landscape and architecture, working with ideas from psychoanalysis, literary theory, and aesthetic conventions such as the Picturesque and the Sublime.


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