Healthy Foods to Increase Platelet Count
Written by: • Edited by: Contributed by: Khuram Ali-HRUpdated May 18, 2011Low platelet count, also known as thrombocytopenia, occurs as a result of severalmedical conditions. Several healthy foods can al eviate the symptoms of this condition.
Platelets are blood cel s produced by the bone marrow whose main function is tomanage bleeding. Thrombocytopenic is a medical condition of having low plateletcount. This is caused by chemotherapy, medications (like aspirin), viruses (for example,dengue fever), diseases (such as cancer,) and immune disorders (lupuserythematosus).
Other drugs can also affect platelet counts, like sulfa, heparin, and quinidine. Lowplatelet count in some cases (80%) are self-limited in nature and can be treated withrest and eating healthy foods to increase platelet count; but in some cases, mostly inadults, it is nvariably chronic and requires medical treatment and platelet transfusion.
Platelets contain cytoplasmic compounds and granules, which enable them to adhereto each other and stick to damaged or torn blood vessels. They circulate for 10 daysbefore normal y being eliminated by the spleen and liver. People need an adequatenumber of healthy functioning platelets, about 150,000 to 300,000 in each cc of blood,to prevent the red blood cel s from leaking from uninjured vessels and to thwarthemorrhage. Low platelet count and poor quality platelets often manifests in symptomsof petechiae, bruising, and bleeding.
Foods That Help Raise Platelet Count
Remember though, that while there are foods that can natural y help with al eviatingThrombocytopenic, other factors such as al ergies, viruses, and parasites should alsobe taken into account. The fol owing foods can improve with low platelet count.
Omega 3 fatty acids: al foods containing omega-3 are useful in battling low plateletcounts. This so-cal ed “king of fats”, which includes cod liver oil, flax seed oil, tuna, wildsalmon, and free range eggs, cannot be biological y produced by the human body.
Omega-3 improves blood circulation, reduces inflammation, may lessen the threat ofcancer, and increases the ratio of high density lipoproteins (HDL - good cholesterol) tolow density lipoproteins (LDL - bad cholesterol). It also enhances and strengthens thebody’s immune system and boosts platelet levels.
Organic vegetables, which are ful of antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins, andminerals - such as broccoli and other dark leafy greens, like kale and spinach - helpraise the platelet count and stimulate the body’s internal mechanism. Try to eatvegetables raw – cooking them removes some of their nutrients.
Berries: these little forest gems contain phyronutrients, which not only help in buildingup low platelet counts and keeping your immune system in tip top shape, but alsoneutralize free radicals. Free radicals are group of atoms that theoretical y causeinflammation, cel ular damage, and aging. Try to eat berries raw – cooking themreduces the amount of nutrients.
Organical y grown tomatoes are nutrient powerhouses, which are packed with vitaminand minerals and ) and antioxidants (lycopene). They are low incalories, sodium, and cholesterol, as wel as being fat-free and high in water content.
Try to eat tomatoes raw – cooking them removes some nutrients.
Increase consumption of red meat, apples, bitter gourd, potato skins and beetroots.
Take it slow as first (you might not be able to hold the food down due to plateletdeficiency,) and as your platelet count starts to improve, add more complex food intoyour diet like bone marrow.
*Thoroughly wash raw food before consumption to avoid parasitic worms and viruses,as they are known to cause platelet counts to drop.
Herbal Remedies To Increase Platelet Level
Herbal medicines also help in restoring the normal platelet level. Here are a fewexamples: One popular concoction is the bitter extract from papaya leaves. Pound twoleaves with pestle and mortar to obtain approximately two tablespoons of papayaextract. Remember, the juice is bitter, and you may need to drink a lot of water todrown the taste, but it is worth it.
Some claim that Euphorbia hirta or tawa-tawa, Australian asthma weed, cat’shair, or snake weed helps them cure dengue fever. This is no truth in this claim,however, but tawa-tawa does have natural properties that promote blood plateletdevelopment, stabilize the membranes of blood vessels, and prevent internalbleeding. Boil the leaves and let cool; drink 1 cup every hour for 24 hours.
Tips to Improve Platelet Count
Here are additional tips to help you increase your body’s platelet count: Avoid refined foods like saturated fats, sugars, grains, aerated drinks, and otherprocessed foods as these may cause your platelet count to fal .
Eliminated al foods you are al ergic to or that can cause inflammation.
Take 1000 mg of vitamin C daily. This is the easiest way to get antioxidants inhigh dosages into your body. Vitamin C is water soluble and can be absorbedeasily by your body, so the antioxidants immediately start building up theimmune system and enhancing platelet counts.
Thrombocytopenic is a serious medical condition and should be monitored by aphysician. When your platelet level drops further, you may require medicalintervention.
Increasing platelet count is very important, especial y if it is associated with internalbleeding. Serious medical conditions related to platelet count drop should be reportedto your physician immediately and given medical intervention. In minor cases, however,you can help your body get back to its normal state of equilibrium by ingesting healthyfoods to increase platelet count and keeping your body functioning at its peakefficiency.
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This is not medical advice and is not meant to treat, diagnose, prescribe or cure anyailment. Check with your physician first before fol owing any advice you have read onBrightHub.com. Consult your physician before you start, stop or change anything thathas been previously prescribed to you.

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