Publications by Dr. Stefanie Schwartz, DVM, MSc, DACVB
A current list of Dr. Schwartz's publications is shown below. It is divided into books (some of which are out of print but may still be available) and articles published in the veterinary literature. Thanks for your interest in the fascinating world of animal behavior. Books & Book Chapters
Schwartz S. Psychoactive Herbs in Veterinary Behavior Medicine. Blackwell Publishing, Schwartz S. Dr. Cookie’s Guide to Living Happily Ever After With Your Cat. St. Martin’s Schwartz S. No More Myths: True Facts About Pet Care. Random Value Books, New York, Schwartz S. First Aid for Dogs. MacMillan/Simon & Schuster/Howell, New York, NY; Schwartz S. First Aid for Cats. MacMillan/Simon & Schuster/Howell, New York, NY; 1998. Schwartz S. No More Myths: Practical Answers to Common Misbeliefs About Pet Problems. MacMillan/Simon & Schuster/Howell, New York, NY; 1996. Schwartz S. Aggression in cats. In: Cat Behavior and Training. Ackerman, L (ed) TFH Publications Inc., Neptune City, NJ, 1996;243-256. Schwartz S. Dogs and kids: the family pet in the family with children. In: Dog Behavior and Training. Ackerman, L (ed) TFH Publications Inc., Neptune City, NJ, 1996;219-230. Schwartz S. Instructions for Veterinary Clients: Canine and Feline Behavior Problems. 1997. Schwartz S. Instructions for Veterinary Clients: Canine and Feline Behavior Problems. 1993. 2nd edition, American Veterinary Publications, Goleta, CA. Schwartz S. A Comparative Study on the Chemotherapeutic Control of Aggression in the Cat. Master's thesis, on fear-induced and irritable aggression in the domestic cat, University of Schwartz S. Le comportement animal appliqué à la médecine vétérinaire (Introduction to Animal Behavior Applied to Veterinary Medicine). University of Montreal Press, 1981; revised Journal Articles
Schwartz S. Behavior Bytes. Intercom, Newsletter of the San Diego County Veterinary Medical Schwartz S. Separation anxiety syndrome in dogs and cats. JAVMA. 2003;222:1526-1532. Schwartz S. Separation anxiety syndrome in cats: 136 cases (1991-2000) JAVMA. 2002;220:1028-1033. Schwartz S. Laughing Horses (flehmen): the joke’s on you! Hoofprints: the National Publication of the Hooved Animal Human Society. Woodstock, IL: Winter 2002;25. Schwartz S. The use of psychotropic herbs for pet behavior problems., International Veterinary Information Service web site, 2000. Schwartz S. Thoughts on the plight of the black rhinoceros. JAVMA. 2000;216:826-827. Schwartz S. Use of cyproheptadine to control urine spraying in a castrated male domestic cat. JAVMA. 1999;215:501-502. Schwartz S. Use of cyproheptadine in the control of urine spraying and masturbation in a domestic cat. JAVMA. 1999;214:369-371. Schwartz S. Aggression in a cat associated with the litter box. JAVMA. 1998;212:1384-1385. Schwartz S. Aggressiveness associated with underlying hepatopathy and azotemia in a Shih-tzu dog". JAVMA. 1998;212:959-961. Schwartz S. Stereotypic pacing associated with ovarian and uterine anomalies in a Siamese cat. Feline Practice. 1996;24:29-32. Schwartz S. Self-mutilation in a cat. JAVMA. 1996;208:1813-1814. Schwartz S. An unusual case of acute aggression in a cat associated with serum organophosphate (diazinon). Feline Practice. 1995;23:13-19. Schwartz S. Aggressiveness in a pet Vietnamese pot-bellied pig. JAVMA. 1994;205:1278-1279. Schwartz S. Carbamazepine in the control of aggressive behavior in cats. JAAHA. 1994;30:515-519. Schwartz S. On the clinical significance of catnip. Anim Behav Consult Newsletter. 1993;10:1. Schwartz S. Naltrexone-induced pruritus in a tail chasing dog. JAVMA. 1993;202:278-280. Schwartz S. Miction soumissive chez la chienne. (Submissive urination in a bitch). Méd Vét Québec. 1990;20:111. Schwartz S. Activité nocturne maladaptive chez le chat. (Maladaptive nocturnal activity in a cat). Méd Vét Québec. 1990;20:86,88. Schwartz S. Vocalisation excessive chez la chienne. (Excessive vocalization in a dog). Méd Vét Québec 1990;20:37. Schwartz S. Socialisation incomplète et peur chez la chienne: Traitement par contre-conditionnement (Incomplete socialization and fear in the bitch: Counter-conditioning therapy). Méd Vét Québec. 1989;19:188. Schwartz S. La coprophagie chez un chien croisé (Coprophagia in a mixed breed dog). Méd Vét Québec. 1989;19:147-148. Schwartz S. Le marquage d'urine inapproprié et l'anxiété de séparation chez le chat (Separation Anxiety and Inappropriate Urine Marking in the Cat). Méd Vét Québec. 1989;19:101-102.


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