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patients 20:1. The disease is found most Lupus is an autoimmune disease
which can affect the joints and muscles, It is characterized by varying degrees of inflammation in all or any of these sites. local fluid and pain. In Lupus, the injury antibodies, which, instead of protecting WHAT HAPPENS IN SLE?
substances normally present in the body. weakness, fatigue, or weight loss may be the first signs of illness. Unusual hair that heredity, infectious agents, drugs or Lupus. Discoid Lupus Erythematosus
ultra-violet light, the rash may appear or (DLE) is a milder form which usually
patchy, crusty, red blotches principally Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
(SLE) on the other hand, is potentially
several major organs of the body. It has the extent and severity of which can vary caused by the disease or steroids (drugs WHO GETS LUPUS?
done to see if you have too few red cells, increased tendency to get infections (low (low platelets). The lining of some body manifest as a rise in the blood pressure HOW IS LUPUS TREATED?
SLE can take many forms. Only a few of these problems may happen to you. different forms, finding the right balance HOW IS SLE DIAGNOSED?
continue it faithfully. If your symptoms change, let your doctor know so that you difficult, but particularly important, so 1) MEDICATIONS
irreversible tissue damage occurs. It is difficult to diagnose at first because it Nonsteroidal
drugs (NSAIDs) or aspirin may
months of observation, several visits to the doctor and repeated laboratory tests questions and do a physical examination. Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil
or HCQS), or chloroquine (Aralen)
is "pulse therapy" wherein the drug Immunosuppresive drugs like
the form of "pulse therapy", with the 2) AVOID SUN EXPOSURE
will increase in importance if the earth's lupus flares, it is wise to avoid situations possible infection such as fever, notify IS IT SAFE TO GET
Talk with your doctor about any possible 4) REST AND EXERCISE
have children, the doctor will generally pills because of their hormonal content, as well as intra-uterine devices (IUD's)

essential that you strive for a positive attitude and be an active partner in your illness with your doctor, family, friends, people with Lupus it is very important to the various aspects of the disease. They Inspired
understanding of the patient's condition Advocacy) Project
and feelings, but by actively promoting a Since it’s launch in 2005, the LUISA
Educational Trust Foundation (Inc.) has made furthering the cause of lupus awareness, • Lupus websites: and
reluctant to discuss their problems with
those closest to them. Often, those best • National Lupus Registry Project - to define the true burden of illness of Lupus among Filipinos; and funding support direct experience of the condition, they WHAT SUPPORT IS
coordination with local lupus support groups AVAILABLE FOR FILIPINO
Department of Health for approval of
1435 declaring the first week of
every February as Lupus Advocacy
The Lupus Foundation of the
Philippines (Inc.) was established in
established all over the country to make the last decade has been greater than that patients and caregivers. Joining a Lupus therefore sensible to maintain control of


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