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Laser Hair Removal Instructions
Pre-treatment Instructions:
o Refrain completely from sunbathing for a minimum of two weeks before and two weeks after your treatment. Darkly pigmented skin may absorb a portion of the energy that should be striking the hair follicle, which will impact the desired results. If you will be exposed to strong sunlight for any length of time during your treatment schedule, wear tightly woven fabrics that will protect the treatment area from exposure to the sun. o Tell us if you have taken Accutane® in the past six months or plan to start taking Accutane®. o Inform us of any changes in medical history since your last visit. o If your upper lip or chin is being treated, we may start you on anti-viral therapy (Valtrex or Famvir) to prevent a herpes (cold sore) infection, starting one day before your treatment and continuing for 5 days total. o Shave the area the morning of the day prior to your visit. During the procedure:
o You will feel some stinging and burning during the procedure. This is usually mild and very tolerable. Topical anesthesia is usually not necessary. o To protect your eyes from the laser it is necessary to wear protective eyewear while being treated.
Prior to treatment, DO NOT’S:
o Do not wax or tweeze for 4 weeks prior to treatment. o Do not use Retin A or glycolic 3 days prior to treatment. o Do not use hair lotions or hair bleach for 4 weeks prior to treatment. o Do not use Tetracycline’s, Zithromax Z-pack or St. John’s Wort for 7 days prior to treatment. o Do not use makeup, lipstick, or moisturizer on morning of treatment.
After treatment instructions:
o Apply SPF30 sunblock on all treated areas that may be exposed to the sun. o Apply ice or cold compresses if needed. o Shaving or using clippers are the only acceptable methods of hair removal between treatments. o No special skin care is usually necessary. For itching or discomfort apply Aquaphor or Hydrocortisone 1% cream o Bathe normally, pat the area, DO NOT rub. No hot water, tepid water only and mild soap. o Tylenol and cold compresses may also be used if desired. If blistering or clustering should occur DO NOT PICK the area, apply an antibiotic ointment and let it heal naturally. o Makeup may be used immediately after the treatment.
After treatment DO NOT’S:
o Do not bathe or wash in hot water for one week after treatment. o Do not expose the treated area to sun (or tanning) for prolonged periods for 2 weeks after treatment. o Do not use Retin A, benzoyl peroxide, alpha-hydroxy, vitamin C products, astringents, or glycolic for 5 days after
After treatment expectations:
o Hair growth may continue for a few days after treatment. Shedding of the treated hair “roots” may occur 7-14 days after treatment. This is not new hair growth. These hairs can be removed by wiping with a wet cloth, louffa, or buff puff. o After your treatment, you may expect a mild sunburn sensation that typically lasts 2-3 hours and redness and o Please call the clinic at the first sign of persistent pain or blistering (770) 457-6303 (Dunwoody location) or (770)


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