33 MHz 386SX / 486SLC CPU
1 to 4 M bytes system RAM
1 M byte flash disk on card
Numeric processor option
Two RS-232 serial ports
Bidirectional parallel port
EEPROM configuration storage
Battery backed clock/calendar
Made in USA - local support
2 year warranty

On card 4C24 I/O includes two RS-232 serial compatible CPU implemented on the PC/104 bus. ports, a bi-directional parallel port, and an AT compatible keyboard port. The 4C24 uses a multi- 486SLC, or 25/50 MHz TI 486SLC2E CPU. An IIT I/O chip with 16C550A compatible UARTs. These 87SLC math coprocessor is available as an UARTS have 16 character receive and transmit option. System memory can be 1M byte or 4M bytes. A precision reset circuit, watchdog timer, All standard AT logic is provided by the 4C24, EEPROM setup storage, and built in disk emulator including NPU interface, 2 interrupt controllers, 2 make the 4C24 especially suited to embedded DMA controllers, keyboard controller, and battery Two disk emulator sockets are provided.
EPROM. Total disk emulator capacity is 1 M byte inadvertent corruption than the battery backed using flash EEPROM, or 2 M bytes using EPROM.
CMOS configuration storage in a standard AT. The emulated drive is bootable and has full compatibility with application and operating with the 486SLC CPU and 3W maximum with the system software. Flash disk operation is identical to a standard hard disk, and no special software is clock can be slowed to conserve power when the needed except for flash disk initialization.
full CPU speed is not required. At minimum clock speed, power consumption is less than 0.5 W.
memory to allow field upgrades without physical The RS-232 interface power is generated on access to the 4C24 card. The 4C24 BIOS is card, so only +5V power is required by the 4C24. normally 64K bytes but can be extended to 128K A built -in watchdog timer will reset the CPU if bytes to accommodate Datalight ROM-DOS or not accessed at least every 1.6 seconds. The other built in operating systems. Datalight ROM- BIOS services the watchdog tic routine as the MESA ELECTRONICS 4C24 PC/104 CPU
RAM OPTIONS: The standard 4C24 RAM options
ROM-DOS OPTION: The 4C24 can be provided
are 1M and 4M of system. The 1M and 4M options with Datalight ROM-DOS as an option. This is a use two RAM chips to allow interleaving for DOS compatible operating system that is built into maximum performance. 512K and 2M options are available for quantity orders, but performance will UTILITY SOFTWARE: Many utility programs are
provided with the 4C24 to facilitate embedded EEPROM SETUP STORAGE: AT setup
system development. These programs include a information plus several 4C24 specific options are serial file down load utility for transferring files to a stored in an on-card EEPROM. The AT setup information is copied to the CMOS setup RAM at programs, tools for making EPROM disks, and a power up, allowing all software that accesses the CMOS RAM directly to operate normally. EEPROM CLOCK CALENDAR: Battery backed clock
setup is much more reliable than the battery backed calendar with on card Lithium cell. Lithium cell CMOS setup storage normally used, and allows the lifetime is 5 years minimum with power off.
4C24 to be used where lithium cells are not allowed.
WATCHDOG TIMER: 1.6 second timeout
watchdog timer for unattended applications.
supports console re-routing for applications not Normally cleared by BIOS tic interrupt service using a standard keyboard or video card. Console routine, but can be left as task for application out can be directed to either serial port, or be programs. Can be disabled for non-DOS operating stubbed. Console in can come from the standard AT keyboard port, or the console out serial port.
FLASH BIOS: The 4C24 can be optionally supplied
DISK EMULATOR: Two 32 pin PLCC sockets
with a flash BIOS. This allows BIOS and ROM-DOS support EPROM's to 1M byte per chip, and 5V flash upgrades without access to the 4C24 card.
EEPROMS to 512K bytes per chip. Uses Atmel / RIPL: (Remote Initial Program Load) A built-in
SST 5V flash parts. The disk emulator sockets can BIOS function, allows simple test, start-up, and be configured as two independent drives or a single initialization programs to be down loaded to the 4C24 over the serial port at start-up, before the 4C24 SPECIFICATIONS:
Add -I to specify industrial temperature range MESA ELECTRONICS -- 4175 Lakeside Drive, Suite 100, Richmond, CA 94806 PHONE (510) 223-9272 -- FAX (510) 223-9585

Source: http://www.qservice.tv/datasheets/4c24ds.pdf


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