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2010 by Kösel-Verlag,
a division of Verlagsgruppe Random House GmbH, Munich,
Karen Christine Angermayer
Seduction, Sex and Sentences
33 Quickies for Successful Writing
(Verführung mit Worten)
176 pages
March 2011

English sample translation by Michaela Leithner
In Cooperation with Chris Davidson

Seduction, Sex and Sentences

Table of Contents

Prologue: "Make it sexy"
Part 1: The theory of seduction
A quick look in the mirror: all set to go? What does "sexy" mean and can you learn to be sexy? Casanova or passion killer: which type of seducer are you? Part 2: Seduction in practise
Phase 1: Some new positions to experiment with
Four quickies that last a life time
1 "Here?" You can do it anywhere 3 "Hand job?" Give your computer a break 4 "Satisfied now?" Deal with your internal critics Phase 2: The foreplay
Chill out zone
Get on the dance floor
10 Creative ceroc: twenty alternatives to sex Phase 3: Let's get down to business
11 Up close and personal: why we need to know our readers 12 "What a feeling" Ultra-sensitive does the job 13 The G-spot Test: do your words hit the spot 14 "Hot story!" Old can be sexy, too 15 "Top first, then bottom": how to do the perfect striptease 16 Quick and dirty: the licence to write for the gutter 17 "Viagra?" How to transfer a slump into a writing kick 18 "The first cut is the deepest": letting lovers go 19 "Kinky?" Why being crazy is normal 20 Let flowers speak: how to let images talk instead of letters 21 "Cuddling or sex?" Tell me what's going on 22 "French or not French?" Simple is best 23 Dress it up: twelve tips for sexy titles 24 "It's okay to laugh" why humour gives you the kicks 25 "Hand cuffs?" I have something much better than that … 26 "How romantic" Score with poetry 27 "Change position" Everything in place 28 "Read it again, Sam" Why all good things come in fours 29 "Yes! Yes! Yes!" Mind orgasm guaranteed Phase 4: The afterglow
30 Sense and Sensibility: why intuition has the last word 31 "Here's looking at you, kid" See yourself as a writer 32 "How was it for you?" The thin line between self confidence 33 "The miracle of love" Writing without writing Back home and a long look in the mirror: successful date? Events and INSP!RATIONS by Karen Christine Angermayer Excerpt: Phase 1: Some New Positions to
Experiment With
1 "Here?" You can do it anywhere
There are some things you don't do everywhere. Sex might be one of them, depending on how liberal a view you take of life. Writing, however, you can do anywhere, even in places you haven’t yet found the courage to have sex: in the office, at home, on a park bench, in the lift, in the queue at the post office, in a coffee shop, on a plane, on the back seat of a car – When you want to write you don't need to be dressed up and it doesn't matter how many people are watching you. In fact you might be soaping yourself in the shower or lounging in the Concerning place, writing is the most undemanding thing on earth. Try it right now – the writing that is, not the sex. Yes, Quickie 1: doing it in unusual places – dogging for writers
Just take your laptop or some sheets of white paper and a pen. This may seem unusual preparation for dogging, but this isn't really a book about sex, it is a book about writing - just in case Look for a place where you have never written before. It could be the conference room, the cafeteria, or the settee in reception. It could be your kitchen table, your bed, your sofa, the sauna at the gym, your favourite wine bar, the VIP lounge of your favourite airline.anywhere. The exciting thing is that you have never ever done it there before – just like dogging. "I can't do that. What if somebody sees me?" That’s half the fun. So what? For quite a few years now you’ve been running around with a little apparatus pushed against your ear (called a mobile phone) talking to somebody who isn’t there. You sit on trains and in waiting rooms, pushing buttons on a small keyboard. A minute or so later it beeps, which is the signal for you to continue pushing buttons. Seeing someone, somewhere, writing something, is no longer the common sight it once was. In days gone by you would see people writing as they waited at a bus stop, for example. You’d see school children sitting at the side of the playground writing in their exercise books, some sitting on low walls, others resting their High time to do it again, don’t you think? • a thank-you e-mail to your best customer or the nicest • the core messages of your next product presentation • the foreword of your non-fiction book or your novel Write whole sentences, not keywords or bullet points. Write not caring whether it’s ready for the printing press or not. Write with this conspiratorial tickle in your tummy that you are doing something what nobody else is doing in this place. Write for seven minutes solid, starting now. I’ll still be here Did anyone look at you in a strange way? Did anyone in a medical uniform speak to you in soothing tones, pat you on the head and try to escort you from your chosen ‘special place’? None of that happened, did it? Once you got going, it seemed like a perfectly natural thing to do, just like having sex in the post office queue – well, maybe not, but you get my point. You Now do it again. As often as you can. Perhaps not on the If you find a place where writing is especially easy for you, make it your personal writing centre. And if you have colleagues who also write a lot, make it a joint effort to search for a room in which you all can be creative without any interruptions. If the copier gets its own room, you have the same right. In your apartment there are also places which you can make your writing retreats: your favourite chair, the kitchen table, the balcony… More often than not, they’re places you’d never think of. Just give it a go and see what happens. Sexy is to make it everywhere.
Seduction, Sex and Sentences:
10 arguments for the book
1) Writing is sex with your reader: a game of seduction, a dance, a dialogue, no monologue. And 2) There is no “private” or “business” in writing: We are all human beings and we write for human beings. 3) Good writing needs courage for emotions. Grammar and rules for writing come in second. 4) Producing at least 20 ideas in 3 minutes is easy. 5) Only if you know which type of “verbal seducer” you are, you can develop your own, unique writing style. 6) Writing is for everybody and this book is for everybody: men – women, old – young, university 7) The contents of this book are applicable for both, business texts (flyers, brochures, articles, etc.) and 8) The chapters and exercises (33 quickies) are intentionally brief and can be realised immediately. 9) This book combines knowledge of creativity theory with methods of mental training, intuition, awareness coaching and quantum physics (without any formula). Knowledge about writing has never 10) This book has a good sense of humour. So have The author

Karen Christine Angermayer has been an author, ghostwriter and trainer for lightness and charisma in writing for 10 years. “Words that work“ („Worte, die wirken“) – this claim is the red thread in all books she writes or oversees, no matter if it is a children's, youth or a non-fiction book . Her work is characterised by the combination of extraordinary fields of knowledge, e.g. creativity training, brain research,
mental training, quantum physics and special intuition
She is a member of the German Speakers Association
(GSA), Global Speakers Federation (GSF),
and is represented by agency gattys global, Munich,
and by Literatur Agentur Hanauer, Munich.
For further information:
[email protected] and Michaela Leithner
Michaela Leithner is the Managing Director of SMILE- Translations, an expert office for translations and simultaneous interpreting for conferences, congresses, seminars and trainings with its headquarters in Vienna, Austria. Michaela Leithner was intentionally selected by Karen Christine Angermayer for the translation of her book, because she was enthusiastically recommended by British and US- American speakers after an international conference in Cologne in 2010, where she was one of the simultaneous Her special expertise is to 'translate' non-English humour into the English language so precisely that British and US- American listeners can follow and have as much fun as the For further information:
Chris Davidson
The table of contents and the excerpt were translated in co- Chris Davidson is an inspirational speaker and business communication coach. He helps people achieve more by He is a master of words and with a lot of wit he exactly knows how to transfer the content and the humour of the original manuscript into the way of thinking and living of his fellow For further information:


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