Dynamic Information-centric Systems-of-Systems
Project Facts
developed, especially for integration, information analysis Partners: Thales Naval Netherlands
and visualization, and trustworthy information inter- Altogether, these data-based operations require an infor - mation-centric approach to both system-of-systems design and also to operations that support the individual systems This approach is a key factor for the emergence of higher level capabilities from lower-level interactions. Consequently, Capacity: 22 fte/year, 6 PhDs, 7 PostDocs
the needed higher-level information models and dynamic processes are also addressed as research objectives.
IndustrIal challenge
The ever increasing capabilities for system inter-
research connection and sharing of information, pro-
cesses and resources, provides un paralleled opportunities to configure systems into more capable aggregate systems, called systems-of-systems, that open up more and more appli-cation areas. Future systems-of-systems will collaborate across former boundaries, be robust to configuration changes, and cope with un-expected changes in their en viron ment. The Poseidon project is a collaborative research project by the Embedded Systems Institute that rises to this challenge. Working with the industrial partner Thales, it aims to discover new ways to build dynamic in formation-centric systems-of-systems, deriving its research statement from the maritime safety and security domain.
exPected results
The Poseidon project partners will address the key aspects
Maritime safety and security systems support decision of design, integration, and information-processing required making and situation awareness in coastal areas. They are highly dynamic, provide a wide range of functions, use a • System-of-systems information processing architectures variety of information sources for various purposes, and beneficial to adaptability and evolvability; must be able to deal with elements of surprise.
• Run-time methodologies for the diagnosis, integration, and acceptance of dynamic systems-of-systems; research objectIves
• Trustworthy fusion and processing of information The challenge of developing advanced systems-of-systems originating from a variety of sources that differ in role, is to gain flexibility, adaptability, and evolvability whilst retaining type, security level, syntax, and semantics; reliability. Changes in a system-of-systems’ configuration • Intelligent information analysis and visualization for tasks need to be achievable with minimal efforts and the system within the maritime safety and security domain, especially should always remain operational and reliable, even in the context of unforeseen events or scenarios.
To achieve this, multi-disciplinary combinations of analytic, InFormatIon
modeling, and implementation techniques need to be For further information, please visit the website
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