Guidelines for the supply of sildenafil for erectile dysfunction

Note: where sildenafil 20mg tablets (Revatio®) are prescribed for pulmonary hypertension please refer
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regarding use under the Highly Specialised Drugs program.
Medicines (including phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors (sildenafil, tadalafil and vardenafil), alprostadil and papaverine) for erectile dysfunction are not funded under the PBS/ S100 arrangements. Sildenafil is available through Regional Hospital Pharmacies for the treatment of erectile dysfunction via theand the approval of the Regional Senior Rural Medical Practitioner (SRMP) - Operations (Ops). Where the client meets the criteria of these guidelines and is approved the SRMP - Ops the Remote Health Branch will meet the full cost. Where a client does not meet the inclusion criteria, requires supply more frequently than endorsed within this guideline, or supply is not approved by the SRMP - Ops the Rural Medical Practitioner (RMP) may provide a private prescription and the client will need to make their own arrangements for supply, including delivery and payment, with a pharmacy of their choice. Pharmacies that have existing supply arrangements with Remote Health Centres are listed at the bottom of this guideline*. Inclusion criteria:
A medicine for erectile dysfunction may be supplied, with full department funding, only where the client meets the following criteria: paraplegia; or condition is secondary to diabetes; or other specific conditions which may be considered on a case by case basis. Supply under departmental funding arrangements is subject to the prescription being:
written for a maximum of 4 tablets or 5 injections per supply event; and dispensed by the Regional Hospital Pharmacy with a minimum period of 6 months The RMP should include information regarding the aetiology for the erectile dysfunction within the ‘Rationale / Justification’ section of the It is the responsibility of the RMP to inform the client about the restrictions to supply of a medicine for erectile dysfunction when fully funded by RHB, and their options to obtain additional supplies where appropriate. Initial approval for supply of a medicine for erectile dysfunction, will be for one supply
event only,
and an assessment of effectiveness must be conducted by the RMP within 6
months, to establish if treatment should be continued. Where continued additional review of
effectiveness must be conducted at a minimum of every 12 months.
*Pharmacies (include but are not limited to) Contact Details:
Developed by: Remote Health Pharmacy Group Endorsed by: Remote Executive Leadership Group


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