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Shoreline School District Website - www.shorelineschools.org Highland Terrace Website –http://schools.shorelineschools.org/highlandterrace/Kid News February 25, 2014 9:15am Grade 1 FT to Seattle Children’s Theater to see Pinocchio 10:00am District Global Reading Challenge at Shoreline Center 12:00pm Gr 6 FT to Einstein Middle School for tour 3:00pm All School Pajama Read-In ending Read-A-Thon 10:30am FT Gr 5 to UofW Brain Awareness Open House 6:00pm Skating party at Lynnwood Bowl and Skating 1:45pm Gr 3 Physics of Sound workshop with Rick Hartman 9:20am All School Sing and Read-a-Thon prize results 9:30am Assembly with Henrik Bothe – juggling and comedy presentation 12:40pm FT with Grades 4,5, and 6 to Shoreline Community College Staff at Highland Terrace secretly prepared for a special valentine surprise for the students during the February 13th All School Sing. Staff wore red and pink clothing, and sunglasses during a flash mob dance. All students were invited to join in a special dance! Thank you to Mrs. Slinning, for being our cheerleader and organizing this event! http://schools.shorelineschools.org/highlandterrace/videos Please note that the required state testing (MSP) for grades 3-6 will take place from April 9th through June 6th. Please take this into consideration when scheduling family trips and appointments. Tests are usually taken in the morning. More information to come. Thank you! The 6th Graders Extend a BIG THANK YOU TO PARENT VOLUNTEERS!!! Without these parents, the Camp Orkila Basket Raffle would not have happened. This takes a lot of work and organization, starting in November and ending at the Pancake Breakfast in February. Many businesses are solicited for donations, raffle tickets are created, and all 6th grade students are given their own packets to have the opportunity to sell tickets to bring down their individual costs. These tickets also helped pay for scholarships for those who can’t afford the $350 cost of camp. A big thank you goes out to: o Megan Shea - for taking on the task of organizing ALL of the Basket Raffle. Wow, Megan!!! o Kristine Carpenter – for decorating the baskets, making them irresistible to buy a ticket to win. o Amy Lowdon, Christy Westvold, Laura Auerbach, Lynda Bartsch, Laura Espling, Karen Yoshino, Suzanne Gugger, Julie Miller, Steve Shea, Leauri Moore, Megan, and Kristine – for stamping, cutting, stapling, sorting the tickets, and selling them. Your help meant a lot to our 6th graders! On behalf of the 6th parents and students of Highland Terrace, we would like to acknowledge the generosity of the following businesses for contributing towards 6th grade Camp Orkila Basket raffle fundraiser: Beach House Greetings, Big 5 Sports, Bikram Yoga, Central Market, Children’s Museum, Costco, Dick’s Drive In, Domino’s Pizza, Edmonds Bookshop, Emerald City Smoothie, Family Fun Center, Golden Bow Gifts and Flowers, Hamburger Harry’s, James Alan Salon, Jersey Mike’s Subs, Jersey’s Sports Bar, World Sports Grille, John’s Cleaners, Ken’s Market, Lynnwood Bowl and Skate, Milltown Nails, Museum of Flight, Museum of History and Industry, Northwest Puppet Center, Olympic Ballet, Pacific Science Center, QFC, Seattle Art Museum, Seattle Children’s Theater, Seattle Mariners’ Baseball, Seattle Seahawks, Seattle Sounders, Spin Alley, Spiro’s, The Keg Steakhouse and Bar, The Summit at Snoqualmie Pass, Third Place Books, Top Ten Toys, Taproot Theater, AMC Theater, Local’s Gym Cross fit, Wapato Point Condos, Hill’s Restaurant, Chili’s, Scott’s Bar and Grill, Starbucks, and the Spaghetti Factory. Thank your for supporting our school! The first camp payment is due February 26th. You should have received a green note with this information, in your student’s backpack before mid-winter break. The last payment is May 1st. Please call 206-393-4341, ext. 4 or email [email protected] if you have any questions. Checks should be made payable to Highland Terrace Elementary. POPCORN WEDNESDAYS substitute Parent Volunteers are needed Your popcorn loving kids need your help (and so does Student Council and Sandi in the school front office). We are looking for a few more volunteers to help out on Popcorn Wednesdays from 10:55am – 1:10pm on Wednesdays. This position would be for when the regular popcorn volunteers are not available. Here’s an overview of the job: • Arrive in the school cafeteria at 10:55am to set up the popcorn machine & start popping • At 11:35am, the first round of kids arrives. Student Council reps will exchange money and hand • At around 12:45, the kids have all had lunch and purchased their $.25 bag of popcorn. • Clean up begins and by 1:10pm, popcorn duty is finished! This is a great opportunity to meet other parents, spend time with your kids, and help out the school. It’s a really terrific Highland Terrace tradition too. NOTE: No experience necessary – training is provided. If you’re interested in helping, please email or call Sandi Severtsen in the school office at [email protected] or 206.393.4341 extension 4. Highland Terrace staff were treated to a Fiesta luncheon in keeping with our Open House/Pancake Breakfast/Bookfair. We enjoyed the fixings for tacos and salads, and fabulous desserts! It wouldn’t have happened without our great parents: Linda Crowe, Abigail Rogers, Christine Pinto, Kerry Mazengia, Nina Shoop, Cari Noren, Megan Bang, Renee Shea, Judy Charbonneaux, Anne Alonz-Aw, Denise Shafer, Neil Krantz, Lynda Bartsch, Sheri Rice, Kim Anderson, Kaaren Johnston, Naomi Maxey, Stacy Batterson, Mary Bonar, Shelly Griner, Erika Steele, Debbie Casselman, Erin Norgaard, Vivian Hall, and Heather Falkin. Thank you for these wonderful treats! Be prepared for schedule changes due to winter weather. Shoreline Schools participate in the FlashAlert/ Public Schools Emergency Communications System Web site to notify families of a school closure or delayed start due to adverse weather conditions or other emergency situations. FlashAlert conveys the information to television and radio stations for broadcast. To receive an email notification alert to your computer, mobile phone or pager, visit FlashAlert.net. The District will also post the information on our District Web site at www.shorelineschools.org, individual school sites, Facebook, Twitter and on the Shoreline Education Access Channel 26 (Comcast) or 36 (Frontier). FOOD SERVICE AND CAMP PAYMENTS ONLINE PAYMENTS Highland Terrace families may now go “online” to make food service payments to their child’s lunch account. There is a $3.00 processing fee for each time you make a payment. If you have more than one student attending a school in Shoreline, you can save on fee charges by making payments to both students at the same time. There would be only one fee of $3.00 for the total transaction. The link is: touchbase.shorelineschools.org. This link is on Highland Terrace school website, under the “Family Links” tab. Your user name in “Family Access” is the same for the Online Payment “Touchbase”. The password is your last name with the first letter Capitalized, and the following letters small case i.e. “Smith”. Online payments may be made with Visa, MasterCard, or Discover Cards. You can use credit or debit cards. Congratulations to Highland Terrace Orca Excellence Award Recipients Aidan Caceres demonstrated responsibility by working hard in math and increasing his math scores. This last test was your best. Keep up the hard work! Layla Slinning demonstrated kindness by being a great friend to everyone in room 8. Layla always has a kind word for her classmates, is willing to help, and makes sure to include everyone in her activities. Presley Kao demonstrated kindness by always using kind words and a kind body toward others!. Thank you for being a super star role model in our classroom. Cael Cunningham demonstrated resect and responsibility by always starting on his work right away with a big smile! Thank you for working so hard on your letters and numbers. Nikolay McGlashan demonstrated respect and responsibility by working hard in class, completing work in a careful manner, and being a leader in listening and following directions. You are a kind a polite student! Joe Frye demonstrated responsibility by always being ready to go in class, paying attention, sharing your good thinking, and completing your work so neatly and thoughtfully. Emma Helstad demonstrated responsibility by writing neat and thoughtful journal entry every day. We love hearing your great ideas during share time!! Joseph Schrader demonstrated kindness by always using kind words and being a super-sharer during choice time. Your smile is contagious! Emily Chace demonstrated kindness and respect by working well with others, helping classmates, and being a positive role model. William Conchi demonstrated responsibility by demonstrating excellent work in his wonderful artwork and his very descriptive creative writing. Hannah Craft demonstrated kindness by always including others at recess and showing empathy to others. We’re so lucky to have you in our class. Owen Mulder demonstrated responsibility by working hard at school and home on your reading. You are making great improvements! Keep up the hard work! Madison Hernandez demonstrated responsibility by participating in class and being an on-task focused learner! Great job sharing your thinking. Theo Huggins demonstrated responsibility by making responsible choices, such as choosing a good spot on the carpet, and completing work on time! Keep up all your hard work! Lucian Borchers demonstrated his ability to follow routines, daily schedule, and completing work. Arley Bonar demonstrated safety by keeping hands and objects to self both in the classroom and at recess! Lucy Wright demonstrated kindness by including others, helping those around her, and being a caring friend to all. Joy Saleska demonstrared responsibility by improving her classroom behavior! Joy is haring more and becoming an active part of the class! Calan Sporn demonstrated respect by always following classroom rules! By being a caring friend and excited to learn. Vivian Blair demonstrated responsibility by taking our work seriously, giving your best effort, and challenging yourself in becoming a reader and writer. Konnor Han demonstrated responsibility by asking for help with our math lesson. You are making good decisions. Wyatt Siler demonstrated responsibility by listening and participating in discussions, attending to work and giving his best effort! Kayla Simerson demonstrated responsibility and kindness by offering to help students complete a project and by taking the initiative to clean the classroom. Kade Schneider demonstrated responsibility by putting away things in the classroom without being asked. Shoreline School District #412 does not discriminate against any protected classes. For further information on notice of nondiscrimination, including the address and phone number of the Title IX officer, visit: http://www.shorelineschools.org/info/title_ix.php.

Source: http://schools.shorelineschools.org/highlandterrace/files/2014/02/2_25_14_ht_bulletin.pdf


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