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Post-Operative Care for Face, Neck and/or Brow Lift At Home After Procedure: • On the first night, sleep with your head elevated on 2 pillows or on a • You may climb stairs or go to the bathroom with assistance. • It is normal to be drowsy from the anesthetics. Try to eat only a light, soft meal the evening following your procedure. Avoid excessive chewing. • Swelling, and tightness of the bandage are normal complaints. Take your • Call us if your experience excessive swelling accompanied by excessive bruising and pain, especially on one side. • DO NOT TAKE vitamin E, aspirin or aspirin-like products including Ibuprofen, Advil, Aleve, Nuprin, or Motrin for 3 weeks before and one week after surgery. Please see the complete list of medications to avoid, included in your pre-operative packet. • The dressing will be changed. • Eat something light and take your pain pills if needed before coming to the office for the dressing change and other post-operative visits. Remove the second dressing when instructed to do so (typically the morning of the second day after the procedure). After the bandages are removed, you may wash your face/hair gently with a mild soap/shampoo and warm (not hot) water. Avoid vigorous scrubbing. If using a blow dryer reduce the heat as parts of your skin will have diminished sensation. • If there is any dry blood on the incisions, you may clean it using hydrogen • Apply Vaseline to your incisions 3-4 times a day • DO NOT bend over and DO NOT lift anything over 10 pounds for the first Your face will have some swelling for a number of weeks after the surgical procedure. Try not to let this upset you. Avoid sudden movements/turns of your head to either side to prevent tension on the sutures. It is best to move your shoulder along with your head. Eat a relatively soft diet and avoid excessive chewing for 2 weeks. All the sutures will be removed between the 5th and 8th day. Because alcohol can prolong swelling, avoid it for two weeks. Make-up can be applied after 1 week. Any color treatments or hair cuts should be planned at least three weeks after the procedure and your last hair treatment should be no sooner than a week before your surgical procedure. Healing Care: Rest (both physical and mental) and adequate nutrition are important factors in healing, so eat well and take it easy for a few weeks. Numbness, tingling, swelling, itching, discoloration, bumpiness, firmness, crusting, tightness, and redness around the incisions are normal complaints and should go away with full healing. Do not wear earrings for 2-3 weeks. Avoid extreme sun exposure for 3 months, as it can cause swelling or an uneven change in pigmentation. Wear a hat and sunscreen of at least 30 SPF when in the direct sun. Follow Up Appointments: • Prescription medication (please bring with you on the day of procedure) • Vaseline • Q-tips • Drinking straws • Hydrogen peroxide • DO NOT TAKE vitamin E, aspirin or aspirin-like products including Ibuprofen, Advil, Aleve, Nuprin, or Motrin for 3 weeks before and one week after surgery. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us (425.450.0880). After office hours, please contact Dr. Naficy on his mobile phone.


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Grays Harbor Panhandle 4-H Camp Medical and Insurance Information Name of 4-H member______________________________ Phone ______________ Birth date__________________ Insurance Co. Name & Address _________________________________________Policy # ____________________ REQUIRED INFORMATION FOR MEDICAL TREATMENT: Age ______ Height ______ Weight ______ Male ______ Female ______ Date of


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