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Surgical Procedures: Rabbits cannot vomit.
Teeth: Rabbits can develop molar spurs (sharp
P.O. Box 903, Stn. B
Therefore, they do not need to be fasted overnight edges) that may cause painful abrasions to the Finding a vet
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before surgery. Some veterinarians like to remove cheek or tongue. If your rabbit's eating habits London, Ontario N6A 4Z3
food from the rabbit’s cage an hour before change, it may be a sign that the rabbit has (416) 929-1918, Ext. 2
surgery, and this is acceptable. Because rabbits for your rabbit
are not fasted, their mouths should be rinsed of all food debris before being anesthetized.
speculum to check the molars, which are deep Veterinarians who primarily examine and treat chances are that you will feel more at ease taking Rabbit Safe Antibiotics: Before prescribing
inside a rabbit's mouth. If molar spurs have cats and dogs may not be adequately trained and antibiotics, a culture and sensitivity test should be formed, they need to be clipped or ground experienced in rabbit health issues or rabbit It is important to take an active role in your performed to determine which bacteria, if any, is down (performed under a general anesthetic) medicine to properly treat your pet. Rabbits have rabbit’s health by being familiar with rabbit causing the illness. Giving an antibiotic, such as or filed. Rabbits with maloccluded or mis- some unique characteristics and bodily processes, health issues and knowing the basics about rabbit Baytril, for all ailments before investigating the aligned incisors need to have their teeth cause contributes to the existence of resistant trimmed regularly or the incisors removed. Teeth knowledgeable in these areas is crucial to your bacteria. Sometimes a veterinarian may start a should be checked during each bunny wellness pet's health and well being. In addition, it is KNOW THE FACTS
rabbit on an antibiotic while waiting for the culture visit. A rabbit with a history of tooth problems important to build a rapport with your veterinarian Indoor or companion rabbits vs livestock
should be checked more frequently to catch through regular bunny wellness check ups even rabbits: There is no right numerical answer to
Antibiotics from the penicillin family, including the question 'how many indoor or companion Amoxicillin and Clavamox, should never be Weekly maintenance checks: Even if you
rabbits do you have as patients', but obviously, given orally to a rabbit. These antibiotics can take your rabbit to the veterinarian regularly for WHERE TO START?
destroy the beneficial intestinal flora, possibly check ups, it is important to perform regular The first step to finding a suitable veterinarian for veterinarian sees during the year, the better. Don't causing death. Some forms of Penicillin can be “maintenance” checks at home. Because your rabbit is to decide what characteristics you assume that just because the veterinarian treats used on rabbits if given as an injection, but this rabbits hide symptoms of illness, these checks consider to be important in a veterinarian. Of livestock rabbits that he or she would be a good is usually considered more of a 'second line' will help you catch problems early on. You course, up-to-date knowledge about rabbit health choice for your pet. Livestock rabbits are a should check your rabbit's ears, eyes and issues is very important, but there are also other business: companion rabbits are family members. GI Stasis: Avoid a doctor who suggests surgery
incisors, as well as feel for lumps and bumps, equally important qualities to look for when Spaying and Neutering: Even a really
to treat gastrointestinal (GI) stasis, unless all other choosing a veterinarian. A veterinarian should be qualified veterinarian will occasionally lose a options have been exhausted. Motility drugs, Continuing Education: Rabbit medicine is an
able and willing to learn, should be willing to listen patient, usually because of an undiagnosed such as Reglan (Metoclopramide) or Propulsid ever-changing, evolving field. It is important that to you when you describe symptoms, should problem, but veterinarians should have high (Cisapride) can be used to help get the gut veterinarians continue to learn about the latest suggest treatment options, and should allow you to success rates (very close to 100%) with spay and moving again treatments either by reading, consulting with if there isn't other veterinarians or by attending conferences.
knowledge of your pet’s personality and behaviour.
Other facts about spaying and neutering that an obstruction. Remember that rabbits have traditionally been After all, you know better than anyone what is If there is thought of as “disposable pets.” This attitude is 1. Both the ovaries and the uterus should be
changing and, as we take more of an active You also have to be able to communicate with removed during the spay to prevent ovarian and interest in our pets’ health, more rabbits are your veterinarian. Knowing you and your rabbit uterine cancers and to decrease negative, reaching a ripe old age. Nonetheless, rabbit will help your veterinarian decide which treatment medicine continues to change and evolve, and options are best when your rabbit is ill.
2. Closed neuters are preferable to open neuters.
there is still so much we do not know about our After you decide what qualities you consider to 3. Pain medication should be given after
be important in a veterinarian, you should to set up spays/neuters and other major surgeries.
a consultation with several veterinarians. Check Rabbits that are in pain recover much slower THINGS TO REMEMBER
your local yellow pages for veterinarians who than those that have been given pain medication If you do not feel comfortable with a particular mention "exotics" in their advertisement. Phone veterinarian, continue your search. Do not them and arrange to speak to them at their Keeping the rabbit well hydrated with sub- choose a veterinarian based on the cost of convenience or make an appointment with the derivatives [i.e., butorphanol (torbugesic) or cutaneous fluids is also very important in treating a treatment or the proximity of the clinic to your veterinarian in person. You may even want to take GI slowdown. Some veterinarians will also choose house. Although a recommendation from another your rabbit in for a bunny wellness check up and inflammatory drugs [NSAIDs; i.e., aspirin, to use enzymes, such as Papain and Bromelain, person is helpful, do not base your opinion solely speak to the veterinarian at that time. This will give flunixin (banamine) or ketoprofen (anafen)]. which may help break down mucus binding the on their recommendation. This is an important you an opportunity to see how the veterinarian and Anesthetic: Isoflurane gas is the safest
obstruction, or more powerful, animal-derived decision. You need to choose a veterinarian who clinic staff interact with you and your rabbit before anesthetic for rabbits. The rabbit should be is right for you and, of course, for your bunny.
an emergency happens. If you are comfortable masked unless the veterinarian has a lot of You can find a list of Ontario veterinarians that with the veterinarian and clinic, and have been experience with intubating. Intubating is more veterinarians feel there is no real evidence that the are known to treat rabbits on our web site at able to "screen" them during a regular check up, difficult because rabbits have small tracheas.
use of enzymes will help to break up these masses.
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