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Jamaican born Sharon Ferguson enjoys a career that is as varied as are her
talents. A rare and true Triple Threat, she is an accomplished Actress, Singer, and
. She has appeared in films, T.V. shows, commercials, music videos, live stage
performances, and magazine ads and articles.
Sharon’s FILM credits include supporting acting roles in Blue Lagoon, Quarantine,
Just Go With It
and Shakespeare’s H4 as well as lead roles in The Bloody Indulgent
and The Algerian. You can also see her in Austin Powers III with Mike Meyers and
Beyonce, Shall We Dance with Jennifer Lopez and Richard Gere, Along Came Polly
with Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston, and My Life In Idlewild with Outkast. She also
won the “Best Actress in a Short Film” Award at The Action on Film Festival for her
starring role as Eve in the film Theogony.

Her TELEVISION credits include roles on Grays Anatomy, Glee, Hart of Dixie,
Suburgatory, Alias
, and The District, as well as her recurring role as Primitive, the First
Slayer on Buffy The Vampire Slayer series directed and produced by Joss Whedon.
She has been featured in MUSIC VIDEOS as a dancer with some of the world’s
greatest artists including Prince, No Doubt, Will Smith, George Michael and Rod
There is rarely a time when you can turn on your television and not see Sharon in a
COMMERCIAL. Some of these are: Chevy Auto, Tropicana, Sprite, 7-Up,
Desani Water, Viactiv, McDonalds, Coors Lite, Opel, Toyota, Kahlua, Miller Lite,
Imodium, Mercedes Benz, Minute Maid, GMC Auto, Burger King,
and Warehouse
She has PERFORMED LIVE on stage for the Grammy Awards, Motown Live,
MTV Music Awards, MTV Movie Awards, VHI Music and Fashion Awards, and the
American Music Awards with the likes of Prince, Macy Gray, Gwen Stefani, George
Clinton, and Ricky Martin.
Her talents as a HOST/SINGER/DANCER made her a favorite in the dynamic
world of Los Angeles Live Shows, from Prince’s Erotic City and the Pussy Cat Dolls to
Strutter Cabaret, Cherry Boom-Boom
and The Zodiac Party.
Her striking beauty has led to MODELING work for national magazines in print ads
for Oil of Olay and Crystal Lite, as well as featured editorials for Code and Drink
Sharon has modeled for Reebok, Adidas and was a guest model for Roberto
in a televised live fashion show in San Remo, Italy.

As a VOICEOVER artist, her distinct sultry vocals have represented Reebok,
, Sebastian,
and Obermeyer.


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