January 17, 2010
Second Sunday after the Epiphany
9:30 am – Choir Practice
10:30 am – Holy Eucharist, with Child Care and Church School during
the service and Coffee Hour afterwards
7:00 pm – Night Song (see announcement)
6:30 pm – Yoga (in the Parish Hall)
8:00 pm – AA Women’s Step Group (in the Guild Room)
10:30 am – Support Group for Young Mothers with Newborns, a.k.a.
“J.P. Moms” (in the Guild Room)
8:30 am – Distribution of Angel Food Ministries January Food Boxes
(see announcement)
7:30 pm – JP Concerts Presents a Classical Experimental Concert by
the Inter-NEC Collective (in the Sanctuary, see
9:30 am – Choir Practice
10:30 am – Holy Eucharist, with Child Care during the service and
Coffee Hour afterwards
7:00 pm – Night Song
The Parish Annual Meeting Will Take Place on Sunday, January 31st, starting after the
morning service. All members of the St. John’s community are encouraged to attend. We will be discussing plans and programs for the new year, electing officers, and finalizing the budget. A buffet lunch will be provided. If you can bring something (salads and desserts are specially needed), please contact Georgia Buck at [email protected] or Tom Ward at We Welcome Visitors: If you are new to the community or just visiting the neighborhood,
please join us after the service for refreshments and conversation. If you would like to get more information about St. John’s or to be in touch with a priest, please fill out a visitor’s card. Cards can be located in the seatbacks of most pews. For more information about the St. John’s community and planned events, also visit our website:
We Welcome Children: Child care and church school are provided downstairs. Visitors
with children are encouraged to check out the classrooms and meet the teachers and
caregivers. Children and caregivers come upstairs to join the service at the Peace so they can fully participate in the Eucharist. If you prefer to keep your children upstairs for the entire Night Song is at 7:00 p.m- A benefit to aid the people of Haiti. There will be prayers
for the people of Haiti and those who are assisting them in this time of disaster. The
small ensemble of women and men will sing:
Lord, For Thy Tender Mercies Sake by Richard Farrant (c. 1530-1580)
Alma Redemptoris Mater by Francisco Guerrero (1528-1599)
Tribulus Miraculus by Luca Marenzio (1553-1599)
Hostis Herodes Impie by Tomás Luis de Victoria (c. 1548-1611)
The Compline service is an occasion for contemplation, meditation and great music.
JP Concerts Presents a Classical Experimental Concert by the Inter-NEC Collective
in the Sanctuary on Saturday, January 23rd at 7:30 p.m.
The Inter-NEC Collective is a
group of students from the New England Conservatory of Music who are dedicated to inter-departmental collaborations. Our goal is to present performances where students from NEC's many different programs of study come together to contribute to the same works, producing sounds that blur the line between departments, and musical styles. Saturday’s Pieces on Short Lines by Jason Belcher (b. 1982)
Living Room Music by John Cage (1912-1992)
Art by Steve Lacy (1934-2004)
New Work by Neal Markowski (b. 1986)
San Francisco Counterpoint by John Mehrmann (b. 1985)
In C by Terry Riley (b. 1935)
Les Moutons de Panurge by Frederic Rzewski (b. 1938)
SyndaKit by Elliott Sharp (b. 1951)
Seeking a house share or room for rent in the JP/Roslindale/West Roxbury area. I
am a female professional (40 something) who is quiet, responsible and clean. Need to be accessible to public transportation and shopping. Please feel free to contact me, Carole, at [email protected] if you can assist me in this matter.
The Coffee Hour Rota NEEDS More Volunteers. It is almost time for the next Coffee
Hour Rota. It starts on February 21, 2010. There are currently 34 families/persons who have agreed to participate. So our current system of 2 co-hosts per Sunday results in a 17- week repeat interval. If we could enlist the aid of 18 more folks, the interval would stretch to 26 weeks and no one would be tasked more than 2 times per year. If you are not on the present list and would be willing to participate, please call or email Dick Laton-Taylor with your contact information: (617) 522 9482 (H) or (617) 817-7149 (Cell). Dick’s e-mail (preferred to avoid losing notes on a scrap of paper!) is [email protected] Please Help with Collection and Distribution of Angel Food Ministries (AFM)
Boxes. The food ministry at St. John’s is taking off! In the past four months, we have
distributed over 400 AFM boxes. As a result of the tough economic times and the value of
the food provided by AFM, we expect the number to keep on growing. Next distribution
of boxes is this coming Saturday, January 23rd.
Please consider assisting us any way that
you can: We have had some interest in donating food for those in need. From time to time there are inquires from those unable to pay for a box. Please consider making a donation.
 We are looking for additional volunteers to take special orders once a month on a Wednesday evening at the church. We have these hours for taking orders in person for people who are not able to place orders online or who are using food stamps.
 We now want to spread the word about Angel Food to the greater community. Let us know if you have ideas about how to get the word out or contacts for media coverage.
To follow up, see Rob Watters or send an email to [email protected] Thanks!  Our Stewardship Campaign Continues: If you have not turned in a pledge to support St.
Thanks to Joan & Jim Hamilton and Chuck Pratt & Alexandra England for providing
Coffee Hour refreshments for our enjoyment.
Prayers are requested for John Goodman, a friend of Natasha and Jenna Callender-Wilsey,
who was recently diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.
Please pray for Erskine Callender, Natasha’s father, who has early stage kidney disease.
Please pray for Joanne Haskell Katz, friend of John Travers.
Please pray for Bill Dykes, a friend of Dick and Claire Laton-Taylor, who was recently
diagnosed with an advanced form of cancer.
Please pray for Joanne, friend of Lee Haller, whose breast cancer has recurred and who is
facing more surgery and chemotherapy. Prayers also for her husband Ariel and son Daniel.
Please pray for Carol Lyon, friend of Rebecca Young and Liz Pauslon, while she is
Prayers are requested for Helen Percy, who is battling throat cancer.
Please pray for Sister Carolyn Darr of the Sisters of St. Margaret, our partner in the Night
Song ministry, who is recovering from back surgery.
Please pray for Linda Campbell, Rodney Campbell’s mother.
Please pray for Jeanne Howland, Erin Cote-Hartford’s aunt and godmother, who is being
treated for breast cancer.
Please pray for James Howard and his family, uncle of Rebecca Young, who is at home
with hospice.
Prayers are requested for Jae Saul, friend of Dawn Tesorero and Pat Race, who is suffering
from a rare blood disease.
Please sustain your prayers for Ann Davis Goodrum and David Goodrum as David
continues a renewed course of treatment for the colon cancer found in his lungs.
Continued prayers for Lloyd Dickson who continues his treatment for cancer.


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