General: School fees are payable, per term, in advance. NO discount is offered for early settlement. Payment may be made by either cash or cheque. We cannot accept payment by Credit or Debit cards. You may also pay by electronic transfer through your bank. Our account details are available on request. A deposit will be required before the close of each term to secure placement for the subsequent term. The balance of fees must be settled, in full, by the first day of each term unless a monthly payment option has been requested. Penalties will be charged for late payment of fees. Payments Monthly:The option to pay fees over 12 months is available. No extra charge is levied for this option. Payment period is from October – September which will ensure that fees are always paid by the due date. Monthly payments are due by the last working day of each month. Penalties may be levied on persistent late payers. Should this option be required, see payment schedule on page 3.
New Students:
When a place is offered to a new student, a non-refundable once-off Enrolment Fee will be required
immediately to secure the place. A non-refundable deposit towards the first term school fees will be
required. The payment of this deposit is taken as your commitment to accepting the place. Under no
circumstances will refunds be considered. The balance of the term fee is due before the child is admitted
to class.
Where an offer of placement is made after the start of term, all fees must be paid before the child will be
admitted to class. Fees for the subsequent terms may be paid in accordance with the monthly schedule.
Full details of payments required will be communicated in the letter of offer.
Pro-Rata Fees:
Where a child joins school during the term, a reduction may be offered on the term fee.
This is at the sole discretion of the Headteacher.
Notice of Withdrawal from School:
We require one full term’s notice of withdrawal of a child from school.
All notices of withdrawal are required to be in writing, addressed to the Head Teacher.
The School reserves the right to charge one term’s fee in lieu of notice if the correct procedure is not
Returned Cheques:Any cheques returned unpaid by your bank, for any reason, will attract an administration fee.
Post-dated Cheques:We DO NOT ACCEPT post-dated cheques in settlement of current term fees.
Should further clarification be required, please contact any member of Management or Finance Dept.
Late Payments Penalties will be imposed on all unpaid balances after the first day of each term. Subsequent penalties will be levied on the 1st of each month until balance is cleared.
The school reserves the right to increase penalties charged to persistent late payers.
If you have elected to pay fees monthly, the amounts due will be as follows. Please note that the payment period is from October 13 until September 14:- 2014 Fees – Pula 13,750.00 per term for 3 terms Please note:- All payments are due by the last working day of each month.
Penalties will be imposed on persistent late payers.
Parents are encouraged to budget for annual fee increases.

Headteacher: Mr Ivor J Greaves – email: [email protected] Deputy Head: Mrs Angela Warwick – email: [email protected] Foundation Head: Mrs Yasmin Stuart – email: [email protected] Please feel free to contact a member of management should you require any further information.


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